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James and Catherine Alexander 1862 Margaret 1865 Catherine 1866
Anne 1870 Jane 1870 Maria 1873 Sarah 1875
Charles Campbell Isabella Campbell
Isabella patterson

sheet 1b

     Charles Campbell 2nd child of Cathrine Cameron and James Campbell
     b.18nov1858  at Whangaparoa, Auckland, NZ              Info 1c,  Isabella origins  info 1a, Charles Campbell
     d.09jan1941  at Takaka, Golden Bay, Nelson, NZ            
     m.30mar1884  Blue Spur                            info 1b, Charles Campbell and Family
     Isabella patterson           
     Cousins                                           Info 1d, RIP Isabella and Charles
     b.20mar1858 Amherst, north of Ballarat, Vic.Australia
     d.10may1932 at PuPu springs, Takaka, Nelson, NZ
Donald      Thomas      Margaret    James       Charles     John        Hilda       Elsie
cumming     |           isabella    |           cameron     alexander   may         catherine 
b.25jun1885 b.19may1887 b.31oct1889 b.07dec1891 b.09apr1893 b.07feb1896 b.07jul1898 b.26jul1900
d.29nov1945 d.1973      d.09dec1914 d?25jul1915 d.24dec1945 d.19aug1896 d.02aug1995 d.13jun1921
*********** |           aged 25     aged 23     |            aged6 mn
            m.10jun1914 *********   **********  m.30nov1921  ***********
            |                                   |          
            Georgina                            Rose
            eliza                               agnes
            Prebble                             Fisher 
  Donald cummings Campbell Thomas & Georgina info 1e, Margaret isabella info 1f, James Charles & Rose info 1g, RIP John Alexander Hilda may Campbell info 1h, Elsie Campbell

sheet 2

       Donald cumming Campbell 1st child of Isabella and Charles Campbell
       b.25jun1885  at Blue Spur, Gabriels Gully, Lawrence, Otago, NZ,
       d.29nov1945  in Hospital, Nelson, aged 60              info 2a, Donald cumming Campbell

                                info 2b, RIP Donald cumming Campbell

sheet 3
        Thomas Campbell 2nd son of Isabella and Charles Campbell  Info 3a, Thomas Campbell birth - Marriage
        b.19may1887  at Blue Spur, Gabriels Gully, Lawrence, Otago, NZ,
        d.1973          Richmond, Nelson
        |                           Info 3b,Thomas Campbell's family photos
        m.10jun1914  Church of the Epiphany, Takaka        
        Georgina eliza  dau of Elizabeth may Thompson Info 3cx, Georgina adopted life Info 3c, Thompson/Grooby Origins
        Prebble    (adopted) 
        b.~1892 Takaka
        d.24nov1968  Nelson
 Thomas         Florence       Winifred       Alan           Brian          David       
 (colin?)       isabel(flossy) margaret       james          henry          john
 b.02apr1915    b.07feb1916    b.11oct1918    b.01sep1922    b.27jul1926    b.15mar1934  
 d.03apr1915    d.21sep2005    d.06nov1990    d.15may2002    d.03dec1996    d.14july2010
 lived 20hrs    |              |    USA       |              |              |
 ***********    m.1937         m.11feb1948    m.25may1946    m.1954         m.1969
                |              | usa          |  Au          |              |
                Hugh           Jesse          Mary           Marie          Oreen
                ian            james kleburg  melva          evelyn         mavis
                Wilson         McElwain       McKenzie       Goodyer        DeLee 
                b.02jul1911    b.20oct1913    b.27may1924    b.04may1930    b.1948
                d.18jun1986    d.14sep1993    d.22jul1884    d.22jan2019
                |              | usa          |              |              |
                |=========     |==========    |=========     |==========    ===========
                3 children     3 children     2 children     Charles cameron  2 children 
                                                             + 4 siblings
  Florence & Hugh winifred & Jess Alan & Mary Brian & Marie   Goodyer Origins David & Oreen

sheet 4
         Charles cameron Campbell 4th  child of Isabella and Charles Campbell
         b.09apr1893  at Blue Spur, Gabriels Gully, Lawrence, Otago, NZ,
         d.24dec1945           Info 4a, Charles Campbell
         Rose daughter of Delila eleanor and John Fisher
         agnes              Info 4b, RIP Charles Campbell

sheet 5
         Hilda may Campbell 6th  child of Isabella and Charles Campbell    Info 5a, Hilda may Campbell
         b.07jul1898  at Blue Spur, Gabriels Gully, Lawrence, Otago, NZ,
         d.02aug1995  at Takaka          
                                                                Info 5b, Land Transfer

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