Children of James Campbell

Family Tree

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James and Catherine Charles 1858 Alexander 1862 Catherine 1866
Anne 1870 Jane 1870 Maria 1873 Sarah 1875

Margaret Campbell 1865-1941

     Mararet Campbell 4th child of Cathrine Cameron and James Campbell
     b.~1865  Blue Spur, Otago                          Flatman Origins
     d.10jul1934 at Roxburgh 
     p?.........................m.02nov1907  Roxburgh          
     |                          | 
     Henry                      Samuel edward  son of Laura emily and Edward jackson Vernon
     abel                       Portman                      info 1b, RIP Vernon
     flatman                    Vernon
     b.                         b.19aug1880 Upper Waikaia, Southland,
     d.                         d.21jun1916
     |                          |
     ==========                 ===================             info 2a, Who was  Ivy Vernon
     Magaret                        no Children

Samuel parents were goldmining and hotel keeping in the remote Whitecoomb Valley, 40kms north of Waikaia.
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