Children of James Campbell

Family Tree

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James and Catherine Charles 1858 Alexander 1862 Margaret 1865
Catherine 1866 Anne 1870 Maria 1873 Sarah 1875

Jane Campbell 1870

     Jane Campbell 8th child of Cathrine Cameron and James Campbell
     b.07jun1870  Blue Spur, Otago. Twin of Anne
     d.08may1923  Dunedin, Otago
     m.05mar1900                         Vernon
     Andrew .............m2.~1925..... Jesie 
     McGregor                          Smith 
     d.22nov1930 age 59
     Cathrine      Rose(daisy)   Jessie        Nora          Hugh          Jean   
     b.1899        b.10aug1900   b.01dec1901   b.01dec1901   b.30apr1903   b.09jun1904
     d.            d.            d.            d.            d.            d.

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