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Some time between 1841 and 1851 census Margaret Mills and children become Cousins, no marriage has been found for Henry and Margaret. It not clear if Henry is father to more than the last 2 children.

             Miles (or Mills) Widow?                
             b.~ 1798  County Down Ireland               
             d.~ 1863  Mochrum, Wigtownshire, Scotland                     
             m.?1822 Ireland ...........................................  p? or m?
             |                                                            | 
             Mr.                                                          Henry
             Mills                                                        Cousins 
             b? Ireland                                                   b.~1798 Kilkeel Ire.
             d? before 1841                                               d.14 aug1877 NZ
             |                                                            |
             | first 4 children born Ireland rest Mochrum Sct.             |
 Jane        William     Henry       Thomas       John        Robert       Alexander  Margaret
 b.~1823     b.~1825     b.~1829     b.~1832      b.1834      b.~1837/8    young      b.~1841/2
 d.Au        d.1902      d.~1845     d.july1908   d.~1880     d.04jun1924  b.1841     d.1861+
 |           |                       |  NZ        | ballarat  | Au         d.1897
 |           |                       |            |           |
 m?29mar1843 m.~1853                 m.18dec1851  m.28nov1872 m.~1872
 |           |                       |  Mochrum   | NZ        |
 John        Mary                    Margaret     Isabella    Mary
 Dalrymple                           McCulloch    Stirling    Fowler
 |                                   |            -Cumming    |          
 |                                   b.~1822 Ire. b.~1851     b.Glenuce
 ========                            d.02nov1908  d.07jan1877 d.1912 Stanwell AU
 3 children                          | age 86 NZ  |
                                     |            ==========
                                     |            Annie   adopted by Thomas and Margaret
                                     |            b.
   first 3 children born Mochrum ,   |rest   born  Amhurst Victoria Au.
   John          child        Henry          Isabella       Thomas         Margaret 
   b.27feb1852   b.1853/4     b.08jun1855    b.1858 au      b.  mar1861    b.05feb1864
   c.17mar1852   died         c.08jul1855    c.28jun1858    c.30sep1861    c.
   d.09feb1929   1853/4       d.24feb1857    d.10may1932    d.13jun1862    d.1947  
   |                            at sea       |
   m.                                        m.30mar1884 
   |                                         |
   Margaret                                  Charles  
   Ferguson                                  Campbell

sheet 2

1841 census
Source:          Parish no 892
Place:           Mochrum, Wigtownshire, scotland
Dwelling:        High Shore of Kriocy Fery 

Henry    Cousins head 40  Ag Lab               Ireland
Margaret Miles*       40                       Ireland
Margaret Cousins      40                       Ireland
Henry    Miles        12                       Ireland
Thomas   Miles         9                       Ireland
John     Miles         7                       Mochrum
Robert   Miles         3                       Mochrum
Hannah  Cranny         2months                 Ireland
James   Kirdol         5                       Mochrum
*Margaret's surname probably Mills
William aged 14 working for local Farmer Mochrum
The family has now taken the surname Cousins.

1851 census
Source:              cssct1851-216 ED 7, parish 892, Page 25, Schedule 84
Place:               Mochrum, Wigtownshire
Dwelling:            Alticry 

Henry   Cousins  head  50  Ag Lab              Ireland
Margt.  Cousins  wife  50                      Ireland
Jane    Dalrymple dau  28
Robert  Cousins   son  13  Ag Lab
Alext   Cousins   son  11  
Margaret Cousins  dau   9
Margt.   Dalrymple gdau 16 months

1851 census
source           CSSCT1851_216, Ed 9, parish 892, page 6,  schedule 23
place            Mochrum, Wigtownshire
Dwelling         Low Glenling

Thomas Cousans serv     19  ag lab                        Mochrum, Wigtown

Thomas married about 1851/2 Margaret McCuloch

1851 census 
source          CSSCT1851_216 Ed 9, parish 892,  page 6 , schedule 24
place           Mochrum, Wigtownshire
Dwelling        Clantybey

Margaret McCulloch housekeeper 30                       Penningham, Wigtown

sheet 3
Thomas Cousins married 18 December 1851/2? at Mochrum to Margaret MacCullock.
who according to her aged at death was some 10 years older than Thomas. The 1851 census shows probable Margaret was living at the adjacent farm.
Thomas and family emmigrated to Victoria Australia on the Sabrina,
departed 20 jan 1857 arrived April.
Thomas and Mary

Cousins Family

Cousins Family
George Robert Cousins son of John & Margaret Furguson front 2nd lft, Brenda Anne to his left
sheet 4
Baptism of Isabella 1858

Cousins family gravestone    Cousins family gravestone

sheet 5

Exract from  "My Life My Children"   by Andrew Bonner

Isabella patterson Cousins was Thomas and Margaret Cousins 4th child named after Margaret's mother, Isabella McCulloch (nee Patterson. Isabella was their first child to be born in Australia after their immigration from Scotland in 1857. She was born the following year in March 1858 at a small gold minning town called Amherst, situated to the north of Ballarat, the center of the Victorian Goldfields.
Isabella thankfully survived the vacinations as a baby that took the life of her younger brother Thomas a few years later.

Isabella's first 6 years were spent in this inhospitable gold mining town, certainly not a place for a small child. Luckily for Isabella, there were many other children also living in the squalid camp conditions, so she was never lonely. Also Isabella was was dutifully watched over by her big brother John, who was 6 years older.

In 1864 Isabella was not yet 6 years old, and travelled with her mother and older brother, to Melbourne where they boarded the ship Omeo. A few days later they arrived in Port Chalmers, the port city to the north of Dunedin. This was the main port for the arrival of thousands of Prospectors to the Otago Goldfields. Isabella's father had arrived in Otago earlier that year to look for his brother John Cousins at Gabriel's Gully, a new Goldfield only recently opened.

The photograph (seen to the right) is the first picture taken of Isabella in 1870, only a few years after her arrival in New Zealand. Isabella is only 12 years old at the time. The other photgraph (seen below) was taken about 5 years later in 1875 when Isabella was 17 years old.

Isabella aged 12 years
Isabella patterson Cousins
Isabella's teenage years were spent with her family at their home in Blue Spur. Her father and brother worked the family Gold claim, while Isabella helped her mother look after the housekeeping and help tend the small farm at their land that overlooked the miners digging below at Gabriel's Gully.

On the 30th April 1884, a 26 year old Isabella Cousens married Charles Campbell, a local gold miner. The Campbel family were one of the early pioneers of the Gully area and arrived in Blue Spur around the same time as the Cousins family.

Isabella and Charles' wedding to place at her parents home in Blue Spur, and was performed by the officiating Presbyterian Minister Rev. J.M. Frazer.

sheet 6
Thomas and Margaret adopted their niece Annie Cousins,dau of Isabella Stirling who died 1877 and Thomas' brother John Cousins who died circa 1880 at Ballarat.
Tuapeka Times, 28th November 1872
Cousins - Cummings; At the house ofFrancis Nicholl,Esq, Blue Spur on the 13th November by the Revd. John Menzies, John Cousins to Isabella Stirling Cumming, both of Scotland.

Tuapeka Times, 10th January 1877
Couzens. - On the 7th January, at her parents' residence, Cumberland street,Dunedin, Isabella Stirling, the beloved wife of Mr John Couzens, of Blue Spur, aged 26 years.

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