Children of James Campbell

Family Tree

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James and Catherine Charles 1858 Alexander 1862 Margaret 1865
Catherine 1866 Anne 1870 Jane 1870 Maria 1873

Sarah Campbell 1875 - 1955

     Sarah Campbell 10th child of Cathrine Cameron and James Campbell
     b.27jun1875 Blue Spur             Info 1a, sarah Campbell
     d.17nov1955 Dunedin aged 80
     m.21sep1898   In the house of Mr James Campbell, Blue Spur, Lawrence, Otago                     Info 1b, Ledlie family Photos
     Ledlie                Info 1c, Robert henry Ledlie
     b.02jul1875 Blue Spur Otago
     Isabella (Molly) ** Adopted dau of Sarah's sister Ann Campbell
     b.16aug1895  Adam Street Dunedin           Info 2a, Isabella (Molly) and Alexander (Sandy)
     m.30apr1919 St James Presbyterian Church, Dunedin
     Alexander son of Mary jane Henderson and Bannaman Stuart
     b.30sep1895 Clifton Otago Penisular
     d.12aug1979 aged 83
     Doreen                                          Ledlie
     ledlie                                          alexander  
     b.27jul1920                                     b.oct1927
     d.                                              d.
     |                                               |
     m.13nov1945 First Church, Dunedin               m.
     Douglas  son of Daisy and Alexander 
     b.19dec1918  Dunedin
     d.2005  Christchurch
     |   children born UK
     Graham                 Lynn                    Jillian
     stuart **              elizabeth
**   Author of much of this Cameron / Campbell tree

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