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DUNCAN Campbell 1818-1875
Duncan Campbell of Dundavie, Grandtuly, Perthshire,
NZ family records suggest he was born 1821,
however Dull parish records suggest 12 march 1818,
and his age at death 56, suggest 1819

It is not clear when Duncan came to NZ, but he is not at Dundavie farm in the 1841 census
An obit puts his arrival in Auckland circa 1839-1841. info 1a
Emigration Records show he arrive 1841 in Sydney.
Duncan married on 29 Aug 1851 Auckland NZ to Sarah Cameron born 1824 Kilmallie, Argyl

Duncan is listed as a Master Mariner on the birth cert for his first daughter Margaret in 1852 Auckland also in the electorial roll for Auckland 1854-58 lists him as Master Mariner.

There seems no evidence of how and when obtained a Master Mariner's cert. however he is clearly recorded several occasions as being involved in coastal shipping in NZ.

sheet 2
        Duncan Campbell                        info 2a
        b.~1818 Grandtuly, Perthshire Scotland
        d.~nov1875 found drowned river Molyneux. Otago     
        |                                                  info 2c  info 2b
        m.29aug1851 Auckland NZ
        Sarah                                              info 2e  info 2d
        Cameron dau of Ewen Cameron
        b._1824 Kilmallie, Argyl, scotland
        d.24feb1863 Lawrence Otago ( source southern cross)
  Margaret     Maria        Donald       Duncan       Euphemia     Sarah        Mary
  b.27aug1852  b.08aug1854  b.28dec1855  b.01sep1857  b.1860?      b.1862       b.06feb1863
  d.13apr1917  d.02sep1949  d?1881/98    d.18may1938  d.01oct1942  d.20jan1862  d.29aug1944 
  |            |                         |            |            age 7m       | aged 81
  m.14mar1871  m.19may1875               m.08jun1885  m.20feb1879  **********   m.15apr1884
  | Gabriels   | Roxburgh                | fortrose   |                         | Waiuku 
  |            |                         |            |                         |  
  John         Andrew                    Mary         George anderson      William rainsford
  Glass        McBeath                   McFadzien    Laidlaw                   Bennett  
  b.~1841      b.                        b.           b.                        b.
  d.1917       d.1929                    d.           d.                        d.
               aged 87 

Sarah Cameron probably died from child birth of Mary 2 week previous.
obit states she left 6 children, according to my father, Douglas Glass, it fell mainly to Margaret (his grandmother) to raise the family after her mothers death 24 feb 1863.

sheet 3

James Campbell & Catherine Cameron

Some Time after May 1854 James abandoned his studies and set out to join his brother Duncan in New Zealand.
It is not clear if James spent some time in Australia or just stopped off in transit to NZ, but from a letter (dated about feb 1855) to James from his cousin John Scott who was gold mining at Fiery Creek (Ballarat) we know they met in Melbourne in December 1855.

It Appears James left Melbourne for Auckland on the Flying Cloud 3rd Dec 1855, arriving Auckland 23 dec 1855 , the ships passenger manifest lists a "T" Cambell which is thought to be our James.
John Scott's letter refers to looking for James' ship departing but not a "cloud" in sight.

He first appears as a voter in August 1856 Auckland Northern Division
James Campbell, Wangaparoa, Settler, lease hold.
In 1857 Devonport, he married Catherine Cameron (Sarah's youngest sister).
He registered at Wangaparoa in 1857 and 1858
and his first 3 children were born 1857/58/62 at Whangaparoa.

As yet the later voter registration lists for 1859/60/61/62 have not been found .

sheet 4

          James Campbell  (Duncans half brother)                        info 4a
          b.09jan1835 Dundavie , Grandtuly Perthshire Scotland
          d.24oct1898 Blue Spur, Otago NZ aged 63                
          |                                                                info 4b
          m.16apr1857 North Shore Devonport NZ
          Catherine (Kate) sister of Sarah who married his brother Duncan Campbell info4c
          c.15jan1836 Kilmallie, Scotland
          d.26feb1896 Blue Spur Otago
          |                                                                       cont.
   James         Charles       Alexander     Margaret      Catherine     Archibald   
   |             |             |             |             |             (Archie)    
   b.04jun1857   b.18nov1858   b.02jan1862   b.09mar1865   b.29jun1866   b.~ jul1868 
   d.26jun1882   d.09jan1941   d.13feb1922   d.10jul1934   d.1946        d.17mar1869 
   aged 25       |             |             |             |             aged 8 months
   **********    m.30mar1884   m.21apr1901   m.02nov1907   m.22jul1903    *************
                 |             |             | Roxburgh    |
                 |             |             |             |                     
                 Issobel       Emma          Samuel edward |                 
                 patterson     ida           portman       Andrew               
                 Cousins       Daniels       Vernon        Barr 
                 b. 1858       b.07jan1873   b.19aug1880   b.~1866               
                               d.07aug1959   d.21jun1916   d.              

          Anne           Jane(Jeanie)   Maria         Sarah         Isabella   
          (annie)        |              |             (Ted)         |        info 4d
          b.08jun1870    b.08jun1870    b.08jun1873   b.27jun1875   b.1877 
          d.08nov1943    d.             d.            d.17nov1955   d.19dec1882
          |              |              Dunedin       |                aged 5
          m.1903         m.05mar1900    m.14apr1897   m.21sep1898   ***********  info 4e
          |              |              |             | 
          |              |              |             Robert
          John           Andrew         Albert        henry
          McDonald       McGregor       Swanwick      Ledlie   

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