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Alfred duncan Glass? Everlyn annie Mann

  Alfred duncan Glass   4th child of John & Margaret Glass  
  b.26apr1877 Millers Flat, Otago folio No.1866                 
  d.26jun1950 at Warwick Rd. Hastings           info 1
  m.9th feb 1901                   
  |                                                  info 1b
  Evelyn annie ...... p.1904 ...Joseph william                              
  Mann                          Hayward             
  b.02oct1881 Auckland          b.abt1865 Australia      info 2a 
  d.15oct1913                   d.26oct1928 aged 63       
  |                             |
  |                             |
  |====================/ /======|====================|===================|=============||
  Alfred george                 Leslie rupert        Reginald fernadez   Evelyn        info 3a
  douglas Glass                 oakes Glass          henry or hayward    annie 
  b. 06may1901                  b.27jul1905          b.10apr1907         b.31aug1911*
  Parnell,Auckland              Cook St. Auckland    d.04oct1910         d.18jan1912
  |                             |                      aged 3 years        aged 5 months
  Adopted  1902                 Adopted  1913
*Father not listed for Reginald's birth in 1907 but for Evelyn in 1911
father is listed as "Joseph william" Glass
sheet 2
info 4a

LEFT appears to be Douglas taken by the same photographer as took the photo of John and Margaret.

RIGHT was inscibed on the corner
"From Leslie and his Dad to his Granma" and on the back
"on his second birthday Sunday , July 27th 07"
"Grandma" I take to be Evelyn's mother, Mary elizabeth oakes Mann/Clarke
and Dad looks to be Joseph Hayward. (in this photo Leslie when he was 40 looked identical to Joseph Hayward in this photo)

info 5a
Alfred George Douglas Glass    b.  6 may 1901
shortly after this Alfred deserted Evelyn and moved to Hastings going under 
the alias Duncan Campbell. 

evelyn's son was adopted in 1902 by grandparents 
John and Margret under the name of Douglas Glass

My father remembers in his early years an "UNCLE" Alfred comming to visit
John and Margaret however this stopped around the same time (1907) as
Mildred (minnie), his parents maid, who about this time left in disgrace 
(pregnant!) however we now know Alfred was not the father.

Alfred alias Duncan Campbell next heard of in 1925 to contest the will of his 
father John Glass, when it was revealed he had been living under the name duncan Campbell
sheet 2
info 5b

DNA test show that neither Douglas Glass or Leslie Glass(Hayward) share a common father
and also that neither are the son of Alfred duncan Glass.

Leslie Rupert Oakes   Glass    b. 27 jul 1905
Leslie  adopted by Joseph Hayward 1913? after the death of Evelyn, his mother
again DNA tests show no male connection to Glass suggesting Hayward 
was actually his father; this is further reinforce by the photo taken 1906 
which show the remarkable similarity between Hayward senior and Leslie
in later life.

Alfred George Douglas Glass a photographer
b. 6 may 1901 d.25 jun 1978
1928 Roskill Auckland, voters Alfred douglas george Glass, Waikiri Rd. Salesman emigrated to England after 1928 Married in 1940 to
Audrey Josephine Richardson 3rd daughter of John Robert Richardson and Louisa Ellen Roberts children John Caton Christopher Glass b. 1941 webmaster these pages,
To Douglas Glass Photo lists
Douglas Glass

sheet 4

Following the death of Evelyn, Leslie was raised by her partner Joseph william Hayward; who it now seems may acutually have been his father
Directories of the time show they continued to live in auckland till 1916 , Leslie remembered Going to School in near Gisborne and records still existed in 1980 when he visited his old school but As yet no records of his education have been found either under Glass or Hayward. info 6a
Joseph william Hayward was said to have been born in Australia.

possible voters entry 1903-4
Lismore, county Rouse, New South Wales
Joseph william Hayward, Painter

also possible related family in 1891 census
Hayward J.M.- Limore, county Rouse, household 5 males 2 females
Death of Joseph  ( Leslie was around 23 when his "father" Died)
Auckland Star, 27 October 1928,
Hayward: On October 26, 1928, at Auckland
Joseph Hayward; aged 64 years.
Interment from C. Little and Sons, 209 Hobson Street,
at 11 a.m. Monday

Joseph was buried Waikumete in the same grave as Evelyn Cemetery record: Weslyan Internments; Joseph Wm Hayward, Plasterer, mental hospital, died 26 oct, born Australia, age 65, years in province 30 , buried 30 oct, Informant C Little, (undertaker) block D, row 5, plot 20, remarks; Reopen - Glass Oct 1913,

  Leslie Rupert Oakes                  info 6b
  Hayward a photographer
  |       2nd child of Evelyn Glass 
  |       and probably Joseph william Hayward
  b.27jul1905   registered as Glass   Leslie Hayward
  Thelma grace              dau of      
  Murrell                   Frederick charles Murrell
  b.11jun1906 Wellington    and Emma zoe Styles 
  br22dec1943 Lower Hutt    
  Rex        Darcy      Leslie  
  b.1926     b.1928     b.1930 
  d.2011     d.~2005    living

          Leslie 2nd Marriage

     Joseph Rex Hayward 1st child of Leslie rupert oakes Hayward (Glass)
     b.~1926 Gisbourn                 info 7a
     d.2011 Masterton NZ                              
     m1. 1948  ...............................................p2...m2~2006  
     |                                                        |       
     Noleen joan                                              Dorothy
     Tikey                                                    Carbin  
     Gavin       Lesley      Murray      Warren      Gillian     Deborah     Russel 
                             deceased                            lee        died young 

    Darcy  Hayward  2nd child of Leslie rupert oakes Hayward(glass)
    b.~1927/8 Napier         info 7b
    d.2005 Auckland
    m1.1948 .................................  m2.
    |                                          |
    Helen may ......m2.1956 ? Mr               Dorothy margaret
    Taucher                   Prentice         Bryce 
    b.03may1926               b.               b.
    d.2004                    d.               d.12aug2019
    |                                          |
    |==========||                              |=============|=============||
    Alan                                       Cameron       Malcolm            

    Leslie Hayward   3rd child of Leslie rupert oakes Hayward(glass)
    b.~1929/30 ormandville Waiarapa  info 7c
    p.1 ....................m.2
    |                       |    
    ?                       Ivy
    ?                       ?     
    b.                      b.
    d.                      |
    |                       |
    |================||     |=============|============|==========||
    Maureen                 Lynette       Brett        Gregory      
    adopted as a baby,      grace
    her mother died

sheet 8
doris leslie

   Leslie Rupert Oakes 
   2nd marriage may 1945
   Doris anne 
   McClymont     to McClymont Origins
   b. London 1914  Ilford, Romford  2nd daughter of Donald McClymont
   d.30jun2008   aged 94 
   |               the family emigrated to NZ 1915                 info 8a
   Douglas                                      Brian               
   b.25feb1947                                  b.30jan1950
   |                                            |                  info 8b
   |                                            |
   m1. 1969 ............... m2.1993             p. ............m.1
   |                        |                   |              |             
   Julie                    Sue                 Adrienne       Judith
   |                        |                   |              Melbourne 
   b.                       b.                  b.             b.
   |                                            |              |
   |                                            |              | Melbourne-Hayward Line
   |===============|==============|==========|| |==========||  |===========|=========||
   Simon           Anna           Dean          Hannah         Amelia      Jamie      
   b.1972          b.1974         b.1978        b.              b.          b.
   d.              d.             d.
   |               |              |
   m.              p.             p
   |               |              |
   Gabrielle       Darryl         Teresa
   (gubby)         |              |
   |               |              |
   |===========    |===========   |=========
   Audrey dee      McKenzie rose  daughter
    Henry herb rex     
     Lola belle

My thanks to Doug and Brian Hayward for the major part of this tree
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