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        George henry Oakes                         Info 1a Wilkes origins
        b.~1795/6 Tipton
        d.JunQt1864 Kings Norton 6c 299                    
        m.25 oct 1819 St Thomas, Dudley Worcester           Info 1b, Census
        Elizabeth Wilkes probably dau of Benjamin and Hannah  
        c.29sep1794  St Martin, Birmingham                  
        d.06feb1887  aged 93  GRO marqt1887 King's N. 6c 316,    aged 103   
        |                                                                     cont
William      John         Harriot      Thomas       Ann           Edwin         Matilda  
b.abt1820    b.abt1822    c.04oct1824  b.14mar1825  b.1826/7      b.10feb1829   b.~1830 Oldbury
d.1840+      d.          br.17jan1825  c.16jun1829  d.junQt79?    c.16jun1829   c.10feb1833 Oldbury
|            |            St Mary      died young?  |             died young?   |                  |                 
m.           m.18sep1842  Birmingham                m.decqt1846                 m.decQt1848        
|            |                                      |                           WestBrom 
?            Ann                                    John                        Benjamin 
?            Harvey                                 Nixon                       Simkins     
b.           b.abt1825                              b.abt1824                   b.1828/9 Hill Top
d.           d.                                     d.                          d.1881+
|            |                                      |                           |
  see below sheet 2 see below sheet 3 see below sheet 4  

     children of George henry and Elizabeth christened Oldbury except Elizabeth West Brom.
      Harriet             Thomas            Edward          Absel           Elizabeth  
      b.1831/2            c.01mar1835       c.01jan1837     c.08apr1838     b.decqt1842 
      d.08may1902   NZ    d.                d.              d.young         d.
      |                   |                 |               *********       |
      m.03nov1856         m.decQt1859       m.sepQt1864                     m.decQt1863 
      | Birmingham        | West Brom       | West Brom                     |  West Brom 
 Christopher frederick    Mary              Eliza                           John?
      Mann                Parsons?          Partridge?                      Smith?  
      b. about1830        b.abt1840         |                               d.
      d.10jan1885         d.                d.                              |
      |                   |                 |                               |    
  see below sheet 5 see below sheet 6 see below sheet 7 see below sheet 8

Sheet 2

      John  Oakes  2rd child of Elizabeth Wilkes and George henry Oakes
      b.abt1822/3 Birmingham   
      d. 1881+
      m.18sep1842  St. Thomas, Dudley, worcs.    Info 2a,  Ann and John Nixon 
  1851,61,71,81 Census
      b.abt 1822 Olbury or Smethwick
      |            Oakes line   born Smethwick              
      Mary        Henry        Emma         John         Samuel       William    
      b.1843/4    b.marQt1846  b.sepQt1850  b.sepqt1852  b.junqt1855  b.sepqt1858

Sheet 3

         Ann  Oakes  3rd child of Elizabeth Wilkes and George henry Oakes
         b.1826/7 Oldbury    
         d. 1879?
         m.decQt1846 West Bromwich      Info 3a,  Ann and John Nixon 
  1851,71,81 Census
         b.abt 1824 
         |            Nixon line                 
         no children found

Sheet 4

         Matilda  Oakes  4th? child of Elizabeth Wilkes and George henry Oakes
         b.1829/30 Oldbury    
         m.decQt1848 West Bromwich 18 773     Info 4a,  Matilda 
  1861,81 Census
         b.1828/9 Hill Top 
         |            Simkins line                 
 John        Harriet?     Louisa      Elizabeth   Mary       Edward      George 
 S           oakes?       |           ann         alice      frederick   henry    
 b.1849/50   b.decQt1851  b.1853/4    b.1855/6    b.1857/8   b.may1860   b.sepQt1864

Sheet 5

         Harriet  Oakes  4th? child of Elizabeth Wilkes and George henry Oakes
         b.1831/2 Oldbury    
         d.08may1902 NZ 
         m.03nov1856 St Martins, Birmingham    Info 5a,  Harriet and Christopher Mann 
  Marriage and Census
         Christopher  frederick       
         Mann                            Info 5b,  Mann Origins
         b.29jul1829 Birmingham                 
         d.10jan1885 NZ aged 54?                
         |           Mann Line                 
         Alice              Mary                 Annie        Frederick
         sophia             elizabeth            eliza        William
         b.06dec1860        b.06oct1863          b.18sep1866  b/1870/1
         Oldbury Rd         Stoney Street        NZ           NZ
         Smethwick          Smethwick

see aboveHarriet and Christopher Mann - Birmingham - to NZ
Sheet 6

         Thomas  Oakes  6th? child of Elizabeth Wilkes and George henry Oakes
         b.1834/5 Oldbury    
         d.07sep1893 stoney street aged 58  
         m.decQt1859     Info 6a, Thomas and Mary 
 1861,71,81 Census
         | west brom      
         b.abt1840 Dudley  wood     
         |              Oakes line                                                cont.
         Ann                   Elizabeth     William       George        Albert      
         parsons               aspey         richard       henry         ernest  
         b.1858/9              b.marqt1861   b.junQt1864   b.marqt1866   marqt1869      
         |                     d.decqt1861   |             |             |              
         p.......m.26nov1882   ***********   m.junQt1885   m.sep1907     m.Decqt1906  
         |       |                           |             |             |        
         unknown Daniel                      Elizabeth     alice or      Emma jane 
                 Whitehouse                  Cross?        Rose          Wheler?    
         |       |                           b.            b.            b.
         ======  =====                       |             |             |      
         Sarah                               |             |             |
         annie b.~1880                       |             |             | 
  Info 6b, Ann parsons oakes 
 1881,1901 census   Info 6c, William and Elizabeth 
 1881,1901 census Info 6d, George henry and Alice 
 1881,1901 census Info 6e, Albert enest and emma 
 1881,1901 census

   cont.               children of Mary and Thomas Oakes
      Susan?        Mary          Thomas         Charles        Gertrude     Lilian
      b.1870        alice         frederick      knight         may          agnes
      d.1870        b.MarQt1874   b.junQt1875    b.decQt1877    b.sepqt1879  b.sepqt1882
      aged 0        |             |              |              |            |
      ******        m.            m.sepqt1899    m.sep1903      m.marQt1911  m.15aug1914
                    |             |              |              |            | 
                                  Prudence       Kathleen       Henry p      George dean
                                  Caddick        Devine         Alexander    Vanhear
                                  |              |              |            |
    Info 6f, Thomas and Prudence, 
 1881,1901 Census Info 6g, Charles 
 1881, census Info 6h, Gertrude 
 1881,1901 census Info 6h, Lillian 
 1881,1901 census

Sheet 7

         Edward  Oakes  7th? child of Elizabeth Wilkes and George henry Oakes
         b.1836/7 Oldbury    
         m.sepQt1864 West Bromwich 6b 891    Info 7a, Edward and Eliza 
 81 Census
         b. b.1837/8 Bilston   
         Charlotte Partridge     

Sheet 8

   Elizabeth  Oakes  8th? child of Elizabeth Wilkes and George henry Oakes
   b.decqt1842 West Bromwich       Info 8a, Elizabeth OIakes and John Smith 
   | West Bromwich 6b 982     
   John                                Info 8b, John Smith Origins
   b. ~1843 Liverpool, lancs 
   |                     SMITH LINE                 
   Catherine             John              Alphonsus (Alphonso)
   ann                   william           james      
   b.marqt1869           b.1877            b.decqt1878   West  Bromwich
   d.                    d.                d.sepqt1962 aged 83 Oldbury
   |                     |                 |
   m.decqt1889 W.Brom    m.                m.14nov1904 West Brom                Info 8c, Catherine Nickless Origins
   |                     |                 |                                   
   Thomas                                  Catherine   
   Lewis                                   Nickless     
   b.~1867 Oldbury                         b.marqt1882   West Bromwich 6b 781 (Oldbury)
   d.                                      d.18jul1959   Oldbury, buried Rood End Cemetery
   |                                       |
   |===================                    |=============|============|============|========
   Thomas                                  Mary          Laurence     Ann          John
   |                                       winifred      james        elizabeth    Phillip 
   b.~dec1889                              b.23may1906   b.23oct1907  b.04nov1909  b.10jul1915
   Wellington st                           d.1999        d.junqt1983  d.2009       d.2001
   Oldbury                                               Birmingham

  Info 8d, Catherine ann Info 8e,Alphonsus james

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