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The following census entry might be
Thomas & Mary's daughter "Ann parsons Oakes"

1881 census
Source:             RG11,  Piece 2959,  Folio 100,  Page 5
Place:              Harborne, Stafford, England
Dwelling:	    60 Brook St  

              Rel   Mar Age  Occ                         Birthplace
Annie OAKS    Head   U    22   Screw works (E&M) (machine)   Smethwick, Stafford
Annie OAKS    dau         11m                                    Smethwick, Stafford

GRO Marriages
Ann oakes Parsons dec1882 6c 872
Daniel Whitehouse

possible Daniel and Annie

1891 census
Source:            RG12,  Piece ,  Folio ,  Page 
Place              Smethwick, Harborne, worcestershire
Dwelling:          256 Oldbury Road

                     Rel  Mar  Age  Occ                        Birthplace
Daniel   Whitehouse  head  M   33  Engine Driver Iron Works    Tipton, Stafford
Annie    Whitehouse  wife  M   32                              Smethwick
Sarah A. Whitehouse  dau       10  Scholar                     Smethwick

Ann Whitehouse re-married sepqt1898 Kings Norton to George Fidoe

1901 census
source            RG13, piece 2823, folio 34, page 17
place             Smethwick, Staff.
dwelling          schedule 99, 1a Stoney Street 

Mary    Oakes  head wid 60                                 Dudley
Geo     Fidoe  SIL     36  Labourer for local Bro.        Bromyard, Worc.
Ann     Fidoe  dau     42                                 Smethwick Staffs.
Geo Wm. Fidoe  gson    11                                 Worcester
Mary E. Fidoe  gdau     1                                 Smethwick, Staffs.

1911 census

Sarah Ann O Whitehouse married sepqt1901 W. Ham to
Percy john B Hill

 1911 census 
source               RG14PN9621 RG78PN512 RD188 SD8 ED16 SN185 
Place                West Ham London
Dwelling             19 Cheneys Rd, south Leytonston 

Percy J B     Hill  head 31 married 10y    Waiter resturant       Bethnall Green
Sarah Ann     Hill  wife 30  5 children 2 living                  Smethwick
Percy thomas  Hill  son   8                                       Forest Gate
Gladys annie  Hill  dau   5                                       Forest gate
Amy elizabeth Hill sister 24  waitress coffee house               Plaistow      

Percy J B Hill died aged 70 Watford dec 1950 possible Sarah A Hill Watford jun1946 aged 66

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