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Born after the june census of 1841.
best match in GRO is decqt1842,
however in these earl days of Registration it was not compulsory and several Elizabeth Oakes in the 1851 census are not in GRO.

1851 census 
Source           Ho107 piece 2050 folio 193 Page 17 enu 46 
Place            Smethwick
dwelling         Schedule 46, Oldbury road

George H. Oakes  head   54    Wellsink and pump maker    Tipton   Stafford
Elizabeth Oakes  wife   56                               Birmingham  Warwick
Thomas    Oakes  son    16    Wellsink and pump maker    Oldbury     Worcester
Edward    Oakes  son    14    Labourer in iron works     Oldbury     Worcester
Elizabeth Oakes  dau    10    Scholar                    West Bromwich Stafford 

Not at home in 1861 census, the following a possible

1861 census
Source            RG9 piece 2148
Place             Birmingham
Dwelling          38 Park Street schedule 85

John Withen      head S 23       Codwainer        St Andrews worcestershire
Elizabeth Oakes  Serv s 19                        Birmingham

1891 census source RG12; Piece: 2366; Folio: 90; Page: 20 place Smethwick, Harbourne dwelling schedule 116, 111 St. Pauls Road Edward Sinzininex head m 42 Weslyan Minister Cearly Staff. Annie Sinzininex wife m 46 Nottingham, Notts Ed Selby Sinzininex son 10 Goole Notts Mary C Sinzininex dau 9 Gool Notts Kathleen H Sinzininex dau 7 Boston Spa Notts. Elizabeth Oakes serv s 50 general serv. Domestiv Oldbury, Worcs.
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