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Baptism in the Parish of Oldbury in the County of Salop in the Year 18 62
No Image - Baptised 15th May 1864 Smethwick lds film 6085662

Harriet elizabeth birth registered sepqt1862 King's N 6c 418

1871 census
source               RG10 piece 3088  folio?    page 32  enu 178
Place                Smethwick    North Harbourne
Dwelling             Stoney Street  

Thomas        Oakes  head   M  43  Pump maker & Well sinker      Oldbury,Worcestershire
Mary          Oakes  wife   M  38                                Dudley Wood, Worc.s
Elizabeth     Oakes  mother W  81  Annuitant                     Birmingham,Warwickshire
Ann parsons   Oakes  dau       12  Scholar                       Smethwick,Staffordshire
Harriet Oakes dau       9  Scholar                       Smethwick,Staff        
William rich  Oakes  son        7  Scholar                       Smethwick
George henry  Oakes  son        5  Scholar                       Smethwick
Albert ernest Oakes  son        2                                Smethwick

1881 census
source            RG11, Piece 3562, folio 14, page 24 
Place:            Plemondstall/ Chester, Cheshire
dwelling          schedule 122, 3 Hamilton Terrace, Falkner Street 

John  E.  Williams  head   39  Civil Engineer                 Wellingdon, Shrop.
Elizabeth Williams  sister 36  House Keeper                   Wellingdon, Shrop.
Anne Phillips       sister 33  married  Farmers wife          Wellingdon, Shrop.
Ethel M Phillips    niece   3                                 Stirchley,  Shrop.
Georg R Phillips   nephew   1                                 Stirchley,  shrop.
Elizabeth Oakes    serv    19        general Servant          Smethwick, Staff.   

sheet 2


Harriet Elizabeth Oakes Died 23jan1884,
at which time she was resident in Bridge Street, Chester.

  Overleigh Old Cemetery, Chester, Cheshire
Harriet Elizabeth Oakes
Died 23rd January 1884
Aged 20-21
Buried in unmarked grave

Plot G10219

graveCemetery Plan
graveCemetery Plan

Plan of Grave, Plot 10219

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