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1891 census
source                RG12; Piece: 2366; Folio 27; Page 13
Place                 Smethwick , Harbourn district 35
Dwelling              schedule 67, 1 Stoney Street 

Thomas    Oakes  head M 57   Well sinker & Pump maker     Oldbury Worcestershire
Mary      Oakes  wife M 50                                    Oldbury Worcestershire
George Hy Oakes  son  U 26   Brass Caster                     Smethwick Staffordshire
Albert E  Oakes  son  U 22   Brass Caster                     Smethwick Staffordshire
Mary A    Oakes  dau  U 18                                    Smethwick Staffordshire
Thomas    Oakes  son  u 16                                    Smethwick Staffordshire
Charles   Oakes  son  u 14   Boots domestic serv              Smethwick Staffordshire
Gertrude  Oakes  dau  u  12  Scholar                          Smethwick Staffordshire      
Lillian A Oakes  dau  u  8   Scholar                          Smethwick Staffordshire   

1901 census
source                  RG13; Piece: 148; Folio: 91/2; Page: 57/8
Place                   Camden Town -  District 8, St. Pancras, London 
dwelling                schedule 346,  Gt Northern Hotel  

Gertude M Oakes     servant  U 21    house maid dom.           Smethwick, Staffs.
Lilian    Oakes     Servant  u 18    house maid Dom.           Smethwick, Staffs.

1911 census
Place               Smethwick
Dwelling            3 Stoney Sreet  

Mary         Oakes      head  w  70                           Dudley Wood, Worc.
Gertrude may Alexander  dau   m  31                           Smethwick,   Staffs.
Gertrude maud Howlett  gdau      15       clerk jewelers      Smethwick,   Staffs.  

Free BMD has
Gertrude M. Oakes married
marQt 1911 Kings Norton 6c 471 to Harry P Alexander

1901 census
source                 RG13 piece 2720 folio 7, pages 5/6 
place                  West Bromwich
dwelling               schedule 32, 3 St.Michael  Street.  

Thomas      Alexander head 57   Stone Mason                           Jenny compton Warwick
Mary ann    Alexander wife 51                                         Hardwick, Warwick?
Elizabeth E Alexander dau  23                                       West Brom
Mary A.     Alexander dau  21   Bookshop asst.                      West Brom
Tom         Alexander son  19   Stone Mason                         West Brom
Maria       Alexander dau  15   Tailoiress                          West Brom
Edward H    Alexander son  14   Apprentice to Pattern maker         West Brom.
Harry       Alexander son  11                                       West Brom.  
Mona        Alexander dau   9                                       West Brom.

1911 census
source          RG14 piece 17315 folio  page 
place           West Bromwich
dwelling        373 High Street 

Mary ann Alexander head 61  wid m.36yrs 10 children  2 dead         Hardwick
Edward   Alexander son  24    Stone Mason                           West Brom.
Harry    Alexander son  21    Pawnbroker's asst.  Jewelrey trade    West Brom.   
Mona     Alexander dau  19                                          West Brom.

GRO births 
Alexander  children, mother oakes, born Kings Norton
Minnie        Sepqt1913           m.junqt1941  smethwick  to  John V. Coyne
Lillian M.    Marqt1917        
Thomas  G.    Sepqt1918

1921 Census
place           Smethwick,  Kings Norton Staff.

Gertrude mary Alexander b.1879 smethwick
Minnie        Alexander b.1913 Smethwick
Lilliam Maude Alexander b.1917 Smethwick
Thomas george Alexander b.1918 Smethwick

West Brom
(Harry Alexander b.1890  West Brom living in West Brom)
Mary Ann   Alexander b.1849  Hardwick Northamptonshire living west brom

Henry Alexander died sepqt1937, Smethwick, aged 52 died 4th July buried 9th July. source; West midlands
1939 Pre War Register
80 Hugh Road, Smethwick, Staff.

Gertrude M. Alexander  widow b.14aug1879   House Keeper
Minnie   T. Alexander  s     b.08jul1913   Pawn Brokers Asst.        (m. Coyne)


Lilian Maud Alexander died 5th jan 1923 aged 5
Henry Alexander died sepqt1937, Smethwick, aged 52
died 4th July buried 9th July. source; West midlands

In Loving Memory

Beloved daughter of
Who was cut from this life
Jan. 3rd 1923
Aged 5 Years & 10 months

Also of
who passed away July 4th 1937,
Aged 52 Years
Requiesant in Peace.

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