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1851 census  possible john not proved
source           Smethwick     page 252  enu 117
Place            Oldbury Road

                 Rel   Age    Occ                       Birthplace
John Oakes       head  28     Tisure                    Birmingham
Ann  Oakes       wife  29                               West Bromwich
Mary ann  Oakes  dau    7                               Smethwick
Henry     Oakes  son    5                               Smethwick
Emma      Oakes  dau    8m                              Smethwick

1861 census    RG9 2127     folio        page 24,    shed131
Place          Smethwick, North Harborne
Dwelling       Spollbank  

John  Oakes   head  M  38    Lab at Glass Works         Birmingham,  Warwick
Ann   Oakes   wife  M  39                               Oldbury,     Worcester
Emma  Oakes    dau     10    Scholar                    Smethwick,   Stafford  
John  Oakes    son      8    Scholar                    Smethwick,   Stafford
Samuel Oakes   son      6    Scholar                    Smethwick,   Stafford
William Oakes  son      2                               Smethwick,   Stafford

1871 census
source         RG10  piece 3086     folio 80       page 20,    shed155
Place          Smethwick,  Harborne, ecc St Mathews
Dwelling       Lower Crop Street 
John  Oakes   head  M   49    Well Sinker               Birmingham,  Warwick
Ann   Oakes   wife  M   49                              Oldbury,     Worcester
John  Oakes    son      18    Well Sinker               Harbourne,   Stafford
Samuel Oakes   son      15    Oliver Mann               Harbourne,   Stafford
William Oakes  son      13    Oliver Mann               Harbourne,   Stafford

1881 census
Source:	          PRO Ref RG11    Piece 2961    Folio 52    Page 4
Place:	          Harborne, Stafford, England
Dwelling:	       108 Baldwin St Pt H 
John OAKS    head   M   58    Well Sinker &c            Birmingham,  Warwick
Ann OAKS     wife   M   58                              Smethwick,   Stafford
John OAKS    son    U   28    Iron worker               Smethwick,   Stafford

sandwell ref
John oakes to mary Standley st pauls smethwick 9/1/390

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