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Emma elizabeth Oakes born sepqt1850 Smethwick

1861 census    RG9 2127     folio        page 24,    shed131
Place          Smethwick, North Harborne
Dwelling       Spollbank  

John  Oakes   head  M  38    Lab at Glass Works         Birmingham,  Warwick
Ann   Oakes   wife  M  39                               Oldbury,     Worcester  
Emma  Oakes    dau     10    Scholar                    Smethwick,   Stafford    
John  Oakes    son      8    Scholar                    Smethwick,   Stafford  
Samuel Oakes   son      6    Scholar                    Smethwick,   Stafford
William Oakes  son      2                               Smethwick,   Stafford

Emma Oakes married 25dec1868 to William Kidd

Marriage in the Parish Church of St.Martin, Birmingham in the County of Wsrwick in the Year 18 68

1871 census
source            RG10  piece 3131     folio  84,   page 17    
Place             Birmingham Warks.
Dwelling          schedule 66, Peel Street, 2 court house 4 
Wm.  Kidd  head  23   Nut and Bolt Maker                        Coventry,    Warks.
Emma Kidd  wide  21                                             Smethwick,   Staff.
Ann maria  dau    3                                             Birmingham,  Warks.
ann maria b.junqt1868 Birmingham

The Kidd family changed their name in the next 3 census to Stanton, however they still registered their children as Kidd!
No newspaper items have been found that might explain this

1881 census
source           RG11, piece 1875,  folio 68, page 6
place            Ipswich ,district 4, St Margarets, Suffolk
dwelling         schedule 20, Britttania Road  

William  F. Stanton  head  34   Bolt and Nut Maker              Coventry 
Emma        Stanton  wife  31                                   West Bromich
Ann         Stanton  dau   13                                   Birmingham
William J.  Stanton  son    7   Scholar                         Ipswich, Sufffolk
Emma   E.   Stanton  dau    5   Scholar                         Ipswich, Sufffolk
Edith  M    Stanton  dau    3                                   Ipswich, Sufffolk
Rose(tta)   Stanton  dau    1                                   Ipswich, Sufffolk

1891 census
source          RG12, piece 1406,  folio 100, page 12 
place            Colchester, St Botolph district 6
dwelling        schedule 72, 35 Granville road  

William  F. Stanton  head  43  Smith Bolt and Nut Maker         Coventry,  
Emma        Stanton  wife  40  Shopkeeper                       Smethwick, Staff.
William     Stanton  son   17  Labourer                         Ipswich, Sufffolk
Emma        Stanton  dau   15                                   Ipswich, Sufffolk
Edith  M    Stanton  dau   13                                   Ipswich, Sufffolk
Rose        Stanton  dau   11                                   Ipswich, Sufffolk
Alfred      Stanton  son   8                                    Ipswich, Sufffolk
Alice       Stanton  dau   5                                    Colchester, Essex
May C.      Stanton  dau   4                                    Colchester, Essex
Beatrice L. Stanton  dau   2                                    Colchester, Essex

Clara may Kidd born 20jan1887, baptised 25mar1890 St Botolph, Colchester

Beatrice Lilian Kidd born 10jan1889, baptised 25mar1890 St. Botolph, Colchester

1901 census
source           RG13,  piece 1705, folio 131  page 9
place            Colchester 
dwelling         shedule 66, 35 Granville road 

William F Stanton  head  53  Black Smith                        Coventry
Emma      Stanton  wife  51  Grocer Shop                        Smethwick,  Staff.
Rose      Stanton  dau   21  Tailoress                          Ipswich,    Suffolk
Alfred    Stanton  son   18  Black Smith assitant               Ipswwich,   Suffolk 
Alice     Stanton  dau   16  Tailoress                          Colchester, Essex
May       Stanton  dau   14                                     Colchester, Essex
Beautrice Stanton  dau   12                                     Colchester, Essex
Evelyn    Stanon   dau    7                                     Colchester, Essex

1911 census 
source            RG14 piece  district 198/1 ed 4
place             Colchester
dwelling          schedule 200,  35 Granville road 

William     Kidd  head  63  mar.43yrs    Blacksmith             Coventry Warks   
Emma        Kidd  wife  60  14 children 4 dead                  Smethwick, Staff.
Mary Clara  Kidd  dau   23  Tailorist                           Colchester
Beautrice   Kidd  dau   21  Tailorist                           Colchester

Emma Kidd died marqt1916 Colchester
William Kidd died junqt 1916


Ann Maria Kidd (1868-1934) married 30oct1890 St. Botolph, Colchester
to George henry william Elliston (1868-1905)

Edith Maud Kidd (1877-1958) married decqt1897 Colchester
to Henry Garnham (1873-1932),
living 41 Granville Road Colchester in 911 census

Rosetta Kidd aged 21 (1879-1947) married 23sep1901 St. Botolph, Colchester
to Frederick Charles Howard aged 23 (1878-1960) son of Charles i Howard,
living 55 Winchester rd Colchester in 1911 census,
1939 register- Rosetta Howard b.17oct1879,- Frederick C. Howard b.19aug1878

Alice blanche Kidd aged 21 (1885- ) married 4th June 1906 St. Botolph, Colchester,
to Alfred ernest frank Appleton aged 24, son of Berther and William henry Appleton,
1939 register - Alice B. Applton b.20aug1884, - Alfred E. F. Appleton b. 06sep1881

May Clara Kidd (1887-1976) married 01Jun1914 St. Botolph, Colchester
to Alfred john Kelliker(Kelliher) (1890-1935)

Beatrice L. Kidd (1889-1964) married 02aug1915 St. Botolph, Colchester
to Robert Barker aged 33(1882-1949) son of Susannah and Charles Barker.

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