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William frederick Oakes birth registered sepqt1858 Kings Norton
Baptised as Frederick William Oakes , 24th September 1858

1871 census
source         RG10  piece 3086     folio 80       page 20,    shed155
Place          Smethwick,  Harborne, ecc St Mathews
Dwelling       Lower Crop Street 
John  Oakes   head  M   49    Well Sinker               Birmingham,  Warwick
Ann   Oakes   wife  M   49                              Oldbury,     Worcester
John  Oakes    son      18    Well Sinker               Harbourne,   Stafford
Samuel Oakes   son      15    Oliver Mann               Harbourne,   Stafford 
William Oakes  son      13    Oliver Mann               Harbourne,   Stafford  

William married 1878 to Agnes Lines
Marriage in the Parish Church of Dudley in the County of Worcester in the Year 18 78

1881 census
source           RG11, piece 3960, folio 20, page 34
place            Smethwick,  Harbourne, Staff.
dwelling         schedule 150,   198 Cape Hill  

Samuel  Lines  head  46   Engine Driver                Chipping Norton   
Mary    Lines  wife  43                                Hastehill, Staff.
Alfred  Lines  son   17   Underhand Paddler            Smethwick, Staff.
Alice   Lines  dau   14   Dom Serv.                    Smethwick, Staff.
George  Lines  son   12   scholar                      Smethwick, Staff.
Sidney  Lines  son    9   scholar                      Smethwick, Staff.
Samuel  Lines  son    7   scholsr                      Smethwick, Staff.
Charles Lines  son    3                                Smethwick, Staff.
Agnes   Oakes  dau   21  married No Occupation         Smethwick, Staff.
George  Oakes  gson   1                                Smethwick, Staff.
Probably registered as George Henry Oakes marqt1880 Kings Norton,
1939 register gives birth 1st feb 1880

William Frederick Oakes appears to have deserted Agnes and emmigrated to USA 1881 and there remarried about 1886 to Elizabeth Kendrick. George henry Oakes only child of William frederick with Agnes Lines,
married sepqt 1907 Kings Norton ( Worcestershire)
to Rose Redfern daughter of Amos and Emily.

1901 census 
source           Rg13 piece 2820, folio 92, page  8
place            Smethwick
dwelling         schedule 42 , 37 Reynolds Street 

Amos     Redfern  head  44  Horse Keeper farm                  Handsworth Staff.
Emily    Redfern  wife  42                                     Birmingham Warks.
Kate     Redfern  dau   18  Screw /bolt Manfacturer            Birmingham Warks.
Florence Redfern  dau   14  Cutter Grinder                     Birmingham Warks. 
Rose     Redfern  dau   13  House maid Dom.                    Birmingham Warks.   
Geo      Redfern  son   11                                     Birmingham Warks.
Tom      Smith   boarder 22   Gen. Hauler                      Leeds

1911 census
source              RG14, piece 17985, District 383/4 ed 43
place               Smethwick
dwelling            schedule 141, 50 Wills Street 

Geo. Henry Oakes  head  31  mar 4 yrs  Labourer                   Smethwick
Rose       Oakes  wife  23  3 children 1 dead  Stamper            Smethwick 
Agnes      Oakes  dau    2                                        Smethqick
Rose       Oakes  dau    1                                        Smethwick

Agnes may  Oakes   marqt1909  Kings Norton (1939 reg.19dec1908) 
Rose       Oakes   junqt1910  Kings Norton
George H.  Oakes   decqt1918  Kings Norton,  (1939 reg. 01oct1918)

1939 pre War Register
125 Edith Road  Smethwick

Thomas Brace      b.04jan1904      Gear and Spline grinding 
Agnes  Brace      b.19dec1908      Screws auto Operator     (nee Oakes?)
George H. Oakes   b.01feb1880      Road contractors Navvy
George H. Oakes   b.01oct1918      Assistant in Bakery

Rose Oakes died marqt1919 Kings Norton Worcestershire aged 31
George henry Oakes died? sepqt1947 Birmingham

William frederick Oakes with new wife in USA

1892 census 16th February 
8th district of Flatbush town, in the County of  Kings, New York 

William    Oakes  34  England  Tube Maker
Elizabeth  Oakes  23  England  
John  W.   Oakes   5  USA
Samuel     Oakes   3  USA
also his brother
Samuel     Oakes  37  England  Mechanic
Sarah A.   Oakes  37  England
Albert     Oakes  15  England
Ada        Oakes  11  England
Ernest     Oakes   9  England
Frederick  Oakes   8  England
Amy        Oakes   4  England

1900 census usa
place             Brooklyn ward 29,  Kings County, New York
dwelling          30   East Third Street 
William    Oakes  head  43    b.jul1856 England,   Steam Filler        emmigrated 1881
Elizabeth  Oakes  wife  29    b.aug1870 England    mar 14 yrs          emmigrated 1880
John W     Oakes  son   12    b.jun1888 Conneticut   Scholar
Samuel     Oakes  son    8    b.apr1891 New York
William    Oakes  son    7    b.may1893 New York
Harvey     Oakes  son    4    b.sep1895 New York
George     Oakes  son    1    b.apr1899 New york

1910 census
place           Brooklyn ward 22, Kings, county, New York
dwelling        house 598 family 413,  16th Street 

William    Oakes  head  53   Steam Fitter                  b.England   Emm. 1881
Elizabeth  Oakes  wife  40   mar.22 yrs                    b. England  Emm. 1880
Samuel     Oakes  son   20   Electrician                   b. New York
William    Oakes  son   18   Butcher                       b. New York
Harvey     Oakes  son   17   Butcher                       b. New York
George     Oakes  son   12                                 b. New York
Emma       Oakes  dau    9                                 b. New York
Albert     Oakes  son    8                                 b. New York


William Frederick Oakes died 13 jul 1914 Brooklyn, New York,
buried Green Wood Cemtery plot lot 31217, section 86
husband of, Elizabeth Oakes
Emmaa Seigman
George Oakes
William F. Oakes

Elizabeth Oakes born 28aug1868 England
died 31 December 1941 Brooklyn, New York

Elizabeth Kendrick Oakes Death ; 31 Dec 1941 (aged 73) Brooklyn, Kings County (Brooklyn), New York, USA Burial; Green-Wood Cemetery, Brooklyn, Kings County (Brooklyn), New York, USA
Plot, Lot 31217, Section 86
Find a Grave; Memorial ID 58813506

The Brooklyn Daily Eagle,   3rd January 1942, Saterday , Page 7
Mrs. Elizabeth Oakes passed away on 31 Dec 1941.
She was born in England 73 years ago, and came to this country as a child of 7. She was married to William F. Oakes, also from England, who predeceased her. The couple resided in both the Flatbush or Bay Ridge sections.

She was predeceased by sons, John, 16, in 1903, and George, 19, in 1919.
She is survived by her sons, Samuel, William, Harry, Albert, and her daughter, Mrs. Emma Seigman.

She was the daughter of John and Eliza (Cook) Kendrick.

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