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1891 census 
source                  RG12; Piece: 2366; Folio 27; Page 13
Place                   Smethwick , Harbourn district 35
Dwelling                schedule 67,     1 Stoney Street 

Thomas    Oakes  head M 57   Well sinker & Pump maker         Oldbury Worcestershire
Mary      Oakes  wife M 50                                    Oldbury Worcestershire
George Hy Oakes  son  U 26   Brass Caster                     Smethwick Staffordshire
Albert E  Oakes  son  U 22   Brass Caster                     Smethwick Staffordshire
Mary A    Oakes  dau  U 18                                    Smethwick Staffordshire  
Thomas    Oakes  son  u 16                                    Smethwick Staffordshire
Charles   Oakes  son  u 14   Boots domestic serv              Smethwick Staffordshire
Gertrude  Oakes  dau  u  12  Scholar                          Smethwick Staffordshire        
Lillian A Oakes  dau  u  8   Scholar                          Smethwick Staffordshire   
Mary alice Oakes aged 21, dau of Thomas oakes, married 23rd dec1894 at
St Michael and All Angels, Walthamstow, Essex
to Joseph william fletcher Howlett, aged 27, son of Joseph Howlett

birth of Daughter Gertrude maud Howlett 2nd Oct 1895 Smethwick

1901 census
source              RG13 piece 2717 folio 83 page 7
place               Warley worc.
dwelling            schedule 40, Hagley Road 

Joseph   Howlett  head  34   Brick layers Labourer             London Middx.
Mary     Howlett  wife  27                                     Smethwick Staffs.
Gertrude Howlett  dau    6                                     Smethwick Staffs.
Lucy     Howlett  dau    3                                      Smethwick Staffs.
Gerrude maud Howlett born 2nd Oct 1895 Smethwick
Lucy Edith Howlett born junqt1898 King's Norton
Lucy edith Howlett died junqt1902 King's Norton

Joseph william fletcher Howlett died 18th September 1909 aged 47
at European Hospital ,Mobassa, Kenya
cause of Death Dysentry, Buried Mbarki Cemtery lot 75

(Gertrude aged 15 is living with her grandmother Mary Oakes in 1911

1911 census
source            RG14, didtrict 383/4  Ed 19
place             Smethwick
dwelling          schedule 221, 3 Stoney Street 

Mary            Oakes head  70 widow m.51years children 12, 3 died     Dudley Wood, Staffs.
Gertrude may Alexander dau  31 married 1 year                          Smethwick,   Staffs.
Gertrude maud Howlett gdau  15 single  Clerk Jewelers                  Smethwick,   Staffs.

Gertude maud Howlett married marqt1918, Kings Norton to
Ernest Ward Burns 1887-1955 Watford

1939 Pre War Register
2 Adrian Road, Abbotts Landley, Watford, Herts.

Paug G  Corfield  b.03mar1876   Private Means
Ernest  W  Burns  b.14mar1887   Shopkeeper, Cake maker
Gertrude M Burns  b.02oct1894   Shopkeeper, Cooked Meats , Grocery
Jeanne     Burns  b.28feb1926   At School     (born Watford)
Alfred J Hillson  b.26jan1910   Salesman
Mona    Sherread  b.21dec1876   Incapacitated

BURNES Ernest ward of 97 Abbotts Road, Abbotts langley,Hertfordshire, died 15th January 1955 at The Shrodells Hospital Watford Herfordshire.
Administration Oxford 21st February to Gertrude maud Burns, Widow.
Effects; £1021 4s 9d

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