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The 1841/51 census puts Thomas birth between july 1834 and mar1835 in Oldbury
His age of 25 in 1861 suggests the mar1835 is the nearer and following in his farthers trade as Well sink and Pump maker.

Free BMD suggests he married a
Mary Parsons DecQt1859 West Bromwich
Sandwell ref 22/8/395 All Saints
Their daughter Ann parsons oakes aged 2 in 1861 and 12 in 1871 would appear to have been born Before the wedding, was Mary a Widow with daughter.
Ann married as Ann oakes Parsons.

1861 census     
Source            RG9 piece 2127  folio 41 page 34 
Place             Smethwick, North Harborne 
Dwelling          23 Halford Street shed 168 

Thomas           Oakes     head     25   Pump Maker          Oldbury      Worcester
Mary             Oakes     wife     21                       Dudley Wood, Worcester  
Ann              Oakes     dau       2   Scholar             Smethwick    Stafford
Elizabeth apsey  Oakes     dau       4m                      Smethwick

Post office Directory Birmingham Suberban section Ward End
Also in Tades Section Pump makers
Thomas Oakes; Pump maker Halford street, Smethwick

sheet 2

1871 census
source               PRO ref RG10 piece 3088  folio?    page 32  enu 178
Place                Smethwick    North Harbourne
Dwelling             Stoney Street  

Thomas        Oakes  head   M  43  Pump maker & Well sinker      Oldbury,Worcestershire
Mary          Oakes  wife   M  38                                Dudley Wood, Worc.s
Elizabeth     Oakes  mother W  81  Annuitant                     Birmingham,Warwickshire
Ann parsons    Oakes  dau      12  Scholar                       Smethwick,Staffordshire
Harriet Oakes dau       9  Scholar                       Smethwick,Staff
William rich  Oakes  son        7  Scholar                       Smethwick
George henry  Oakes  son        5  Scholar                       Smethwick
Albert ernest Oakes  son        2                                Smethwick

1881 census
Dwelling:	 Stoney Street
Place:           Harborne, Stafford, England
Source:          PRO Ref RG11  Piece 2962  Folio 13  Page 19 

Thomas           OAKES	Head   M   50   Pump maker (E M)   Oldbury, Worcester
Mary             OAKES  wife   M   41                      Dudley Wood, Worcester
William          OAKES	son 	   17   Pump Maker (E M )  Smethwick, Stafford
George Henry     OAKES  son        15   Pump maker (E M )  Smethwick, Stafford
Albert Ernest    OAKES  son        12   scholar            Smethwick, Stafford
Mary Alice       OAKES  dau         7   Scholar            Smethwick, Stafford
Thomas Frederick OAKES  son         5   Scholar            Smethwick, Stafford
Charles Knight   OAKES  son         3                      Smethwick, Stafford
Gertrude May     OAKES              2                      Smethwick, Stafford

1891 census 
source                       RG12; Piece: 2366; Folio 27; Page 13
Place                        Smethwick , Harbourn district 35
Dwelling                    1 Stoney Street 

Thomas    Oakes  head M 57   Well sinker & Pump maker     Oldbury Worcestershire
Mary      Oakes  wife M 50                                    Oldbury Worcestershire
George Hy Oakes  son  U 26   Brass Caster                     Smethwick Staffordshire
Albert E  Oakes  son  U 22   Brass Caster                     Smethwick Staffordshire
Mary A    Oakes  dau  U 18                                    Smethwick Staffordshire
Thomas    Oakes  son  u 16                                    Smethwick Staffordshire
Charles K Oakes  son  u 14   Boots domestic serv              Smethwick Staffordshire
Gertrude  Oakes  dau  u  12  Scholar                          Smethwick Staffordshire        
Lillian A Oakes  dau  u  8   Scholar                          Smethwick Staffordshire   

1901 census
source          RG13 piece 148 folio 92 page 53
place             St Pancras, schedule 346
Dwelling          Gt Northern  Hotel, Kings Cross, Pancras Rd 

Lillian Oakes serv S 18  House maid    domestic       smethwick Staffordshire

sheet 3

Ann parsons       possibly born before marriage
Elizabeth aspey   marqt1861 King's N  6c 459   died dec1861
Harriet elizabeth sepqt1862 King's N  6c 418
William richard   junqt1864 King's N  6c 299
George henry      marqt1866 King's N  6c 478
Albert ernest     marqt1869 King's N  6c 484
susan?  ?         marqt1870 King's N  6c 489   died age 0  marQt1870 6c 346
Mary alice        marqt1874 King's N  6c 498
Thomas frederick  junqt1875 King's N  6c 471
Charles knight    decqt1877 King's N  6c 498    
Gertrude may      sepqt1879 King's N  6c 489

The 1871/81 seem to have Thomas and Mary's ages wrong
Free BMD
Thomas Oakes death aged 58
1893 Kings Norton 6c 277 

Ann oakes Parsons
m. decqt1882 King's N ? 6c 872    
Daniel Whitehouse or
Frederick Mowlam

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