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1841 census
source       PRO ref HO107 piece 978 / 7    folio 5    pages 4 and 5   
Place        West Bromwich, Stafford
Dwelling     Guns Lane, Turnpike Rd 
George Oakes    head   40     Pumpmaker      NO              (44 rounded down to 40)
Elizth.                45                    No              (46 rounded down to 45)
Willm                   20                    NO**
John                   15                    Yes             (15-19 rounded down)      
Ann                    14                    Yes
Matilda                11                    Yes
Harriet                 9                    Yes
Thomas                  6                    Yes
Edward                  4                    Yes

Sophia Day    Serv     15                    Yes
**Note: Parts of Oldbury were in Shopeshire untill 1844 when it became Worcestershire
* Notes
Possible other children

Harriet Oakes c.04 Oct 1824
St. Martin, Birmingham , Warwick page 82 No.649
father: George Henry Oakes,   Engraver of Winsor Street
mother: Elizabet

Also at St Martin, Birmingham
Thomas Oakes c.16jun1829
Edwin  Oakes b.10feb1829, c.16jun1829
Parents George  and Elizabeth Oakes

Have not found another George henry Oakes , is this his earlier occupation
Although these are the only  children apparently christened.
possibly they were sickly at birth and not expected to survive

1851 census 
Source           Ho107 piece 2050 folio 193 Page 17 enu 46 
Place            Smethwick
dwelling         Schedule 46, Oldbury road

George H. Oakes  head   54    Wellsink and pump maker    Tipton   Stafford
Elizabeth Oakes  wife   56                               Birmingham  Warwick
Thomas    Oakes  son    16    Wellsink and pump maker    Oldbury     Worcester
Edward    Oakes  son    14    Labourer in iron works     Oldbury     Worcester
Elizabeth Oakes  dau    10    Scholar                    West Bromwich Stafford

William aged 30 not found yet
Other Oakes births registered West Bromwich
 Thomas Jane Emma
   43    44   45

1861 census 
Source      RG 9 piece 2127 folio 39
Place       Smethwick , Harborne , Kings Norton
Dwelling    No.4 A New Street ( off Oldbury Rd.)

                 Rel    Age    Occ                       Birthplace 
George H. Oakes  head   65     pump maker                Tipton Stafford
Elizabeth Oakes  wife   67                               Birmingham , Warwick
Harriet   Mann   dau    29     seamans wife              Oldbury Worcestershire
Edward    Oakes  son    23     pump maker,               Oldbury Worcestershire
John S.Simkins?  gson   11     scholar                   Smethwick Stafford
Alice S. Oakes*  gdau    4 months                        Smethwick Satafford
*Alice is Harriets daughter so is Mann In sept 1863 Harriet, her husband christopher and 2 children emigrated to NZ

1861 census     
Source            RG9 piece 2127  folio 41 page34 
Place             Smethwick, North Harborne 
Dwelling          41 Halford Street

                           Rel      age  Occ             Birthplace
Thomas           Oakes     head     25   Pump Maker      Oldbury      Worcester
Mary             Oakes     wife     21                   Dudley Wood, Worcester  
Ann              Oakes     dau       2   Scholar         Smethwick    Stafford
Elizabeth apsey  Oakes     dau       4m                  Smethwick

sheet 3

1871 census
source            RG10 piece 3088  folio?    page 32  enu 178
Place             Smethwick    North Harbourne
Dwelling          Stoney Street

                      Rel  Mar Age  Occ                           Birthplace
Thomas        Oakes  head   M  43  Pump maker & Well sinker   Oldbury,Worcestershire
Mary          Oakes  wife   M  38                                 Dudley Wood, Worc.s
Elizabeth     Oakes  mother W  81  Annuitant                      Birmingham,Warwickshire
Ann parsons   Oakes  dau       12  Scholar                        Smethwick,Staffordshire
Harriet Oakes dau       9  Scholar                        Smethwick,Staff
William rich  Oakes  son        7  Scholar                        Smethwick
George henry  Oakes  son        5  Scholar                        Smethwick
Albert ernest Oakes son         2                                 Smethwick

1881 census
Source:	         PRO Ref RG11    Piece 2963      Folio 8    Page 9
Place:           Harborne, Stafford
Dwelling:        52 Queen St 

John NIXON	head    M    56     Pensioner      Wolverhampton, Stafford 
Elizabeth OAKES	MI law  W    96                    Birmingham, Warwick 

1881 census
Dwelling:	Stoney Street
Place:          Harborne, Stafford, England
Source:	   FHL Film 1341709    PRO Ref RG11  Piece 2962  Folio 13  Page 19

                        Rel   Mar  Age                     Birthplace
Thomas           OAKES	Head   M   50   Pump maker (E M)   Oldbury, Worcester
Mary             OAKES  wife   M   41                      Dudley Wood, Worcester
William          OAKES	son 	   17   Pump Maker (E M )  Smethwick, Stafford
George Henry     OAKES  son        15   Pump maker (E M )  Smethwick, Stafford
Albert Ernest    OAKES  son        12   scholar            Smethwick, Stafford
Mary Alice       OAKES  dau         7   Scholar            Smethwick, Stafford
Thomas Frederick OAKES  son         5   Scholar            Smethwick, Stafford
Charles Knight   OAKES  son         3                      Smethwick, Stafford
Gertrude May     OAKES              2                      Smethwick, Stafford

Thomas & mary's Daughter?
Dwelling:	60 Brook St
Census Place:	Harborne, Stafford, England
Source:	FHL Film 1341708     PRO Ref RG11    Piece 2959    Folio 100    Page 5
                Rel   Mar Age  Occ                         Birthplace
Annie OAKS	Head  U	  22  Screw works (E&M) (machine)   Smethwick, Stafford
Annie OAKS	dau       11m                              Smethwick, Stafford

1881 census
Source:	          PRO Ref RG11    Piece 2961    Folio 52    Page 4
Place:	          Harborne, Stafford, England
Dwelling:	  108 Baldwin St Pt H
              Rel  Mar  Age   Occ                       Birthplace
John OAKS    head   M   58    Well Sinker &c            Bham, Warwick
Ann OAKS     wife   M   58                              Smethwick, Stafford
John OAKS    son    U   28    Iron worker               Smethwick, Stafford

1881 census
Source:         PRO Ref RG11    Piece 2960    Folio 111    Page 29
Place:          Harborne, Stafford, England
Dwelling:       No 213 Grove Lane

                  Rel   Mar Age  Occ                      Birthplace
Benjamin SIMKINS  head   M  52   Rougher Down (Iron)     Hill Top, Stafford, England
Matilda SIMKINS   wife   M  50                           Oldbury, Worcester
Edward F. SIMKINS son    U  20   General Laborer         West Bromwich, Stafford
George H. SIMKINS  son   U  16   Metal Roller            Smethwick, Stafford

FreeBMD has an Elizabeth Oakes marriage
dec1863 west Brom 6b 982 to John Smith
(or James Fletcher but 1881 suggests he married mary Ann)

1881 census
Source:         PRO Ref RG11    Piece 2839    Folio 4    Page 1
Place:          Oldbury, Worcester,
Dwelling:       4 Bridge St

John          SMITH  head  M  38   Boat Unloader Gen Lab   Liverpool, Lancashire
Elizabeth     SMITH  wife  M  39                           West Bromwich, Stafford
Catherine Ann SMITH  dau  12   Scholar                     Oldbury, Worcester
John W.       SMITH  son   4   Scholar                     Oldbury, Worcester
Alphonsus J.  SMITH  son   2                               Oldbury, Worcester

John SELLER   boarder U  28  Copper Smelter                Oldbury, Worcester

Kelly's trade  directories 

1880 Smethwick
George henry Oakes, Well Sinker & Pump Maker, Grove Lane
Thomas       Oakes, Well Sinker, Stoney Street

1880 Staffordshire, Pump Makers
George henry Oakes, Grove Lane Smethwick
1880 Birmingham,    Pump Makers
George Hy. oakes,   Grove Lane, Smethwick

1882 Birmingham,    Well Sinkers
George Hy. Oakes,   Baldwin Street, Smethwick

1888 Birmingham,    PUMP MAKERS 
George Hy. Oakes,   225 (back of Heath Street)

1890 Birmingham,    Pump Makers
George Hy. Oakes,   225 (back of) Heath Street

1896 Birminham,     Well Sinkers
George Oakes,       Stoney Street, Smethwick 

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