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Kate (Catherine) Nickless daughter of Sarah Ann Hadley and William Nickless
(Hadley families had been around Oldbury for some 300 years)

    Nickless son of Zipporah Darby and William Nickless
    c.12may1839  Halesowen,   Worcs. son of Zipporah and William Nickless
    d.marqt1891  West Bromwich (Oldbury)
    m.29aug1859 St. Pauls, Tipton, Staff.  bride aged 19 - father Thomas Hadley
    Sarah ann
    b.01aug1841   Rounds Green, Oldbury
    d.decqt1913   West Bromwich (Oldbury) aged 72
    Ann        Mary       Harry       Zipporah    Edward     Phoebe     Annie       Kate   
    1862       1864       1868        aug1870      1873       1875      1878        1882     
                          |                                                         |
                          m.1890                                                    m.1904

1861 census 
source            RG 9; Piece: 2023; Folio: 43; Page: 33;
place             Oldbury
dwelling          schedule 167, Dingle street 

Zipporah   Nickless head  w  53   Inspector of houses         Oldbury, Worcs.
William    Nickless son   m  22    Striker                    Oldbury, Worcs.
Sarah Anne Nickless DIL   M  20     wife                      Oldbury, Worcs. 
thomas     Nickless son   s  18    Striker                    Oldbury, Worcs.
Phebe      Nickless dau   s  15    Striker                    Oldbury, Worcs.

1871 census
source             RG10, piece 2976, folio 82 page 27   
place              Oldbury, Staffordshire  district 16
dwelling           schedule 119, 17 Dingle Street   

William    Nickless  head m  31  Coal miner      Oldbury Worcs.
Sarah Ann  Nickless  wife m  29                  Oldbury Worcs.   
Anne       Nickless  dau      9   Scholar        Oldbury Worcs.
Mary       Nickless  dau      7   Scholar        Oldbury Worcs.
Henry      Nickless  son      3   Scholar        Oldbury Worcs.
Zipporah   Nickless  dau      8mn                Oldbury Worcs.

sheet 2

1881 census
source           RG11; Piece: 2841; Folio: 80; Page: 42; 
place            Oldbury
dwelling         schedule 195, Arden Grove ( half mile south of Rounds Green)

William    Nickless  head  m 41  Labourer
Sarah Ann  Nickless  wife  m 39
Ziporah    Nickless  dau     10
Edward     Nickless  son      8
Phoebe     Nickless  dau      5
Anne       Nickless  dau      3
Henry      Hadley  lodger    32    Lodger
Mary Anne  Hadley  lodger    21
Although Henry and Mary ann Hadley are listed as lodgers they are Sarah ann's siblings. Kate was born the following year 1882
her maternal grandparents Mary ann and thomas Hadley ran the pub in Rounds Green, Oldbury

1881 census
source             RG11; Piece: 2839; Folio: 78; Page: 18;
place              oldbury
dwelling           schedule 85, 3 Rounds Green ( Bird in Hand)

Thomas    Hadley  head m 61  Licenced Victualler               Oldbury
Mary Ann  Hadley  wife m 60                                    Oldbury
Thomas    Hadley  son    24  School Master                     Oldbury
Harry     Hadley  son    13  scholar                           Oldbury
Thomas snr died decqt1881 and 2 sons took over his 2 Pubs
By 1891 Kate's family are living with her widowed grandmother

1891 census
source                 RG12; Piece: 2265; Folio: 136; Page: 18
place                  Oldbury
dwelling               schedule 99, 4 Bounds Green(next door to Bird in Hand pub)

Mary Ann   Hadley    head w  70  Living on own means            Oldbury, Worcest.
William    Nickless  SIL  m  51  General Labourer               Oldbury, Worcest.
Sarah Ann  Hadley*   dau  m  49                                 Oldbury, Worcest.
Harry      Nickless  gson    23  Insurance collector            Oldbury, Worcest.
Edward     Nickless   gson   18  General Labourer               Oldbury, Worcest.
Phoebe     Nickless   gdau   15  Dress Makers Apprentice        Oldbury, Worcest.
Annie      Nickless   gdau   13  scholar                        Oldbury, Worcest.
Kate       Nickless   gdau    9  scholar                        Oldbury, Worcest.        

sheet 3

In Mary ann Hadley's WILL her son Issac Hadley is proprietor of Bird in Hand
and son William Hadley the Bell Inn Mary ann died 23rd May 1893 leaving her 2 pubs and 50 equally to all her children

Kate's mother Sarah was widowed in 1891, and probably took over the bird in hand shortly after her mothers death in 1893

1901 census
place         Oldbury
dwelling  schedule 39, 2 Bounds Green(Bird in Hand)

Sarah A Nickless head w  59  Pub Licenced Victualler     Oldbury
Anne    Nickless dau     23                              Oldbury
Kate             dau     19                              Oldbury 
Kate's mother Sarah ann Nickless died 1913 Oldbury, aged 72
Kate died 1959

Kate (Cathrine) Nickless married 14 Nov 1904 to Alphonsus james Smith
St Francis Xavier R C church, Oldbury, Worcs
Married by father Jonathan Thompson.
Witnesses: William Smith(brother?) and Annie Nickless(sister?).
According to the Liber Matrimoniorum of the Church,

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