Children of James Campbell

Family Tree

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James and Cathrine Charles 1858 Alexander 1862 Margaret 1865
Catherine 1866 Anne 1870 Jane 1870 Sarah 1875

Maria Campbell 1873-

     Maria Campbell 9th child of Cathrine Cameron and James Campbell  Info 1a, Swanwick origins
     b.07may1873        registered as 20jun1873 Blue Spur, Gabriels, Otago           
     d.14nov1950 aged 77
     |                                                 Info 1b, Swanwick Photos
     m.14apr1897    Lawrence, Otago                     
     Albert,                         Info 1c, Albert and Maria
     d.22may1935 aged 64              Info 1d, RIP Albert 
     Catherine            Verona             Doris             Myra
     jane(jean)           |                  may               isobell  
     b.1898               b.11nov1899        b.08oct1903       b.1909
     d.1969 aged 71       d.1973             d.1973            d.
     |                    |                  |                 |
     m.1922               m.1920             m.1935            m.28jun1938
     |                    |                  |                 |  
     Hugh                 |                  |                 Albert henry
     andrew               David              William           bishop
     Barr                 Christie           Gray              Wilson  
     b.1888               b?1893             b.                b.09aug1911
     d?1923 aged34        d.                 d.                d.08aug1973

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