Children of Duncan Campbell

Family Tree

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Duncan and Sarah Margaret 1852 Maria 1854 Duncan 1857 Euphemia 1860

Mary Campbell / Bennett 1863-1944

   Mary Campbell 7th child of Sarah Cameron and Duncan Campbell
   b.06feb1863 at Gabriels' Gully Otago
   d.24aug1944 aged 81
   m.15Apr1884  Waiuku, Auckland, Southern division       info 1a, Mary and William
   d.06nov1918 aged 72
   Rainsford       Evangeline      Gladys         Leonard       Kay?          Arnold
   william         |               |              wesley        |             campbell   
   b.02apr1886     b.20june1887    b.29nov1888    b.29jul1891   b.06oct1894   b.01ul1899
   d.23aug1950     d?1957          d.1976         d.1953        d.            d.1983
   |               |               |              aged 61       |             |
   m.07dec1911     m.30nov1918     m.03sep1912    *******       m.            m.
   |               |               |                            |             |
   Sarah theadora  Angus           Alfred william
   theodora        |               thomas
   Edmonds         Goodall         Hunt             
   b.04sep1877     b.~1889         b.~1886
   d.02oct1959     d.1967 age78    d.1966 age80                   
  info 1b, William jnr and Sarah info 1c, Eva and Angus info 1d, Gladys and Alfred  

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