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Otago Gold Rush
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Otago Witness

July 6 1861 page 4
Gold, Gold, Gold,
is the universal subject of conversation.
The number of persons leaving town each morning is quite surprising. The fever is running to such a height that, if it continue, there will be scarcely a man left in town.
On the last Sunday, the congregation at church consisted of the minister and precentor. In Dunedin, everything is rising in price - that is to say, everything in demand or which involves the employment of labour.
About three weeks since there appeared in our columns a letter from Mr Gabriel Read, addressed to the Superintendent, informing him of the discovery of a paying gold field in the neighbourhood of the Tokomairiro. Mr Read stated he obtained, in ten hours, seven ounces of gold, working with inferior tools. Mr Read stated a party of three, who worked with proper tools, that Mr Read's party (Read, Brookes, and Hardy) had obtained seven pounds weight of gold in eleven or twelve days.

The Gold has chiefly been worked in a small creek or rivulet falling into the Tuapeka, which latter stream is a tributary of the Clutha. and all of the adjoining small creeks and gullies of a similar character, are found to yield Gold in equally paying quantities.
The spot is on Run 137 near the station of Davy and Bowler. This is about 20 miles from the Tokomairiro Plain in a straight line, but 30 miles have to be traversed to reach the place. From Dunedin the shortest road to the Diggings is by the range at the back of the West Taieri, and Waihola.
No person should start for the Diggings without taking supplies with him.
Gabriel's Gully, August 3 1861
On the 4th June, Mr Gabriel Read [Mr Thos. G. Read], a miner of considerable experience in Australia, wrote to the Superintendent, informing him of the discovery of a paying gold field at Tuapeka, about 30 miles from the Tokomairiro, but about 50 by the West Taieri.
Mr Read reported that he had, with a butcher's knife and a tin dish, obtained 7 ounces of gold by ten hours; work. [Gold Mining Towns]

BDM,s 10 Aug 1861

An inquest was held in the tent of John Chaplin, Tuakeka Gold Fields, on the 30th ult., before Edward Croker, Esq., J.P. and 20 Jurors, on view of the body of William Henry Dowbiggen, who was found dead in his tent. The Acting Coroner present.
James Campbell and Edward Boyd came to Mr Dowbiggen's tent to get some cheese on Sunday night 28th July. Mr Dowbiggen was sleeping. Mr Lambert (constable, attached to the Gold Escort) was in the tent on the other side. There was spirits in the tent. All partook of it except Mr Lambert. Charles Moxon in neighbouring tent view deceased. About 8 o'clock in the morning Mr Lambert called James Shirlew, M.D. Deceased had been dead three to four hours from an attack of apoplexy. ...Verdict. Died from excessive drinking and exposure.

Province of Otago
Roll of Electors in the District of Goldfields Towns

NAME             ABODE       QUALIFICATION  PROPERTY                     Freeholder attesting
                                                                         Cliaments rights    
Campbell Duncan, Gabriels Gully, Miner, Right dated 16th sept.1861 Tuapeka,john Graham Housholder

Electorial Roll 1865/66
Duncan CAMPBELL....Freehold. Iron house, Colonsay St, Lawrence Campbell James Lawrence 1867-8 Gabriels, Bruce Electorate 1868 Lawrence Tuapeka District 1869-70,71,72,73,74,75,76 Gabriels

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