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Daily Southern Cross, 21 April 1857
Married at the North Shore on the 16th inst. by the Rev. Mr Heyward, Mr James Campbell, youngest son of the late Mr. Alexander Campbell, farmer, of Dundaree, Grandtuly,Perthshire, Scotland, to Catherine Cameron, youngest daughter of the late Mr. Ewen Cameron of Wellington. N.Z.

MARRIAGE DATE 14th April 1857
JAMES CAMPBELL Occupation; Farmer
at Church of England Chapel & School Hall,
Devonport, Auckland
BY Edward Howard Heyworth
IN THE PRESENCE OF; Duncan Campbell,
Finlay McMillan & Alex Alinson
FOLIO NUMBER 132/1857 Auckland
James and Cathrine

No. 132 1857 Marriage in the District of Auckland
When Married
and Where
Name Age Rank or
Condition Signiture of Parties Minister When Registered Registrar
14 April
1901 at
Church of
England Chapple
& School
North Shore
22 Farmer Batchelor James Campbell Edward
Edward H.
21 ---- Spinster Catherine Cameron
Married after the delivery of the Certificate reqired by The Marriage Act ,1854
by Edward Howard Heyworth Officiating minister
This marriage was solomnised between us
James Campbell
Catherine Cameron
In the Presence of
Duncan Campbell
Fidlay McMillan A. Alinson

BIRTH                   JAMES CAMPBELL
DATE                    4 June 1857 at Whagaproa
SEX                     Male
PARENTS                 James Campbell and Catherine Campbell nee Cameron
BIRTH REG BY            James Campbell Father Whangaproa, 30 June 1857
FOLIO NUMBER		1857/3080 Auckland

Tuapeka Times, 21st August 1869
I, the undersigned James Campbell, hereby make application to Register the Otago Gold Mining Co. (Registered), under the provisions of the "Mining Companies Limited Liability Act, 1865," and I do solemnly and sincerely declare that the following statement is, to the best of my belief and knowledge, true in every particular : -
1. The name and style of the Company is the Otago Gold Mining Co.
2. The place of operation is the Blue Spur, Gabriels Gully, Tuapeka, Province of Otago, Colony of New Zealand.
3. The nominal capital of the Company is four thousand eight hundred pounds sterling, in eight shares of six hundred pounds sterling each.
4. The amount already paid up is four thousand eight hundred pounds sterling.
5. The name of the manager is James Campbell.
6. The Ofiice of the Company is at the Blue Spur, Gabriels Gully.
7. The names and addresses of the Shareholders, and the number of shares held by each at this date, are as follows :-
Thomas Cousins,      Blue Spur - - 1 
James M'Kinlay,      Blue Spur - - 1 
William M'Culloch,   Blue Spur - - 1 
James Farrell,       Blue Spur - - 1 
James Campbell,      Blue Spur - - 1 
Moses Wilkinson,     Blue Spur - - 1 
Nicholas Mills, jr., Blue Spur - - 1 
John Teasdale,       Blue Spur - - 1 
Total Shares                   - - 8 
Dated this 17th August, 1869.
JAMES CAMPBELL, Manager, Witness:- W. Lawrence Simpson, Justice of the Peace.

Tuapeka Times, 9th June 1870
At Colonsay-street, Lawrence, on Tuesday, the 7th June,
the wife of Mr. James Campbell of twin daughters; all doing well.

Tuapeka Times, 29trh February 1872
BLUE SPUR from our mining correspondent
Mr Gilbert Railston, of the Great Extended Co. and Mr James Campbell of the Otago Co. are both suffering from injuries sustained by falling cement. The former had his shoulder hurt, and the latter his back. Dr.Halley has both in charge, and no doubt they will speedily recover.

Tuapeka Times, 5th November 1873
The Otago Gold Mining Company's dam, situated at the head of Gabriels Gully, which has been in course of construction for upwards of seven months, was completed on Saturday last, the 1st inst.
This is a work of considerable magnitude. The embankment or wall for retaining the water is 156 feet wide, or through, at the base, gradually tapering to 20 feet at the top, with a length of 134 feet. The perpendicular height is 41 feet 8 inches. The front of the embankment is built with stone, and the back is planted with tussocks and flax in such a way as to encourage their "growth. The outlet for the water is by a 16-inch square box, the timber being black pine, two inches thick, strapped with 3 x 4 inch quartern, which is secured by 6-inch bolts this is again encased by inch-and-half boards. All the timber was well tarred. The by- wash, which is cut out of solid rock, is 40 feet width by 4 deep, will prove amply sufficient to carry off all flood water.

We are informed that this dam will cost its owners upwards of 500; but when the great saving of water by the company is taken into consideration, we have no doubt the work will pay itself in less than twelve months, and be a great source of profit to them. The contractors for the work, Messrs. Mitchell and party, during the winter months had to contend with several heavy floods, which greatly delayed the progress of the work, and made it less remunerative to them than it otherwise would have been.

On Saturday last the work was passed by Mr. Campbell, manager, in presence of the other members of the Otago Company, all of whom expressed themselves highly satisfied with the manner in which the work had been completed. A luncheon was provided for the contractors and all present, and a pleasant afternoon was spent.

The Star, 4th January 1877
A mysterious case of shooting occurred at Blue Spur last night. Three children of Jas. Campbell, miner, aged 13, 10, and 8, were wounded while seated at supper. Some miscreant, who is unknown, fired through the front window, seriously wounding the eldest in the left hand, and injuring the other two children. The eldest was at the time nursing an infant, which escaped.
A neighbour, hearing the report and screams, ran to the house, but could not find the offender.

Otago Witness, 6th January 1877
Our Tuapeka correspondent telegraphed to us on Wednesday as follows;-
A mysterious case of shooting at Blue Spur occurred last night, when three children of Jas. Campbell, miner, aged thirteen, ten, and eight respectively, were wounded while seated at supper. The gun was fired through the front window. The eldest was seriously, wounded in the left hand, and the other two were more or less injured. The eldest was at the time nursing an infant, which escaped without injury. A neighbour hearing the report and scream, hurried to the house, and made a search, but could not trace the offender. The Police are making enquiries.

Otago Daily Times, 6th January 1877
The mysterious shooting case at Blue Spur is still a puzzle to the Police. The eldest girl is suffering very much with the wound in the hand. It is expected that some of the fingers will have to be taken off.

Tuapeka Times & Goldfields Reporter & Advertiser. Saturday, Jan. 20, 1877.
Local Intelligence.
We are pleased to state that the Blue Spur shooting mystery is solved, and the whole matter thoroughly cleared up, to, the evident satisfaction of all parties. The manner in which Mr Campbell was able to trace out the cause of the accident was very singular. It appears that he was travelling by the coach the other day, when the conversation turned on this case, and the gentleman he was speaking to happened to remark that he once knew some children who were badly injured by the bursting of a detonating cap, or patent self-igniting fuse for exploding dynamite. This reminded Mr Campbell that he had a cap of a similar character at home.

On arriving at his house he asked Mrs Campbell where the cap was, and she referred him to a drawer in the bedroom. As it could not be found, the children were questioned when of course the whole secret of the accident was discovered. The eldest girl informed her father that she was holding the cap in her hand and pushing a pencil into it, when it exploded and blew off the ends of two of her fingers. So the mystery was explained, and the theory about a man having fired through the window was of course a myth, as we imagined it was all along.

The Star, 31st January 1877
The Blue Spur Shooting Case;
It was reported a short time ago that some children, belonging to Mr Campbell, a resident at Blue Spur, had bean mysteriously shot at, and much ingenuity was shown in conjecturing as to who did it, and why it was done. The puzzle is now explained by tbe discovery that the children were playing with a detonating cap, or patent self-igniting fuse for exploding dynamite. One of them held the cap in her hand, and pushed a pencil into it, when it exploded and blew off the ends of her two fingers.
Not withstanding the last-named circumstance, the explanation is stated by the Tuapeka Times to give "evident satisfaction to all parties."

Tuapeka Times, 15th March 1879
James Campbell called attention to a portion of the road between Hales' and Johnston's (at the top of; Gabriels Gully) about l8 chains required to be formed, a few pipes put in, and some gravel put on. -The necessary pipes have been on the spot since last winter, when there was so much mud on the road that nothing could be done with it. About 5 should complete it. The overseer (Mr Wilson) knew the spot. As an inducement to get it done, Mr Campbell offered to get, one or two men to help (loading gravel) for a day free of expense to the Board. Resolved That Mr Campbell be asked to have the, road-line surveyed, and then the Board will be able to attend to it."

Tuapeka Times, 28th January 1885
Eleven gentlemen were proposed as members of the Blue Spur Committee, with the result that Messrs J. Campbell, S. Johnston, J. Harris, E. Varcoe, W. Peters, J. M'Hattie, and J. Uren were declared duly elected. An extended report of the proceedings will appear in our next issue.

Tuapeka Times, 4th February 1885
Blue Spur.
All the members were in their seats at the appointed hour. Mr E. Varcoe was elected Chairman for the year 1885-6, and Mr James Campbell was re-elected Secretary.

Tuapeka Times, 23rd January 1886
The Blue Spur School will RE-OPEN on MONDAY, 25th INSTANT.
JAMES CAMPBELL, Hon. Secretary.

Tuapeka Times, 30th December 1891
The Sewing of the above School will be Exhibited on New Year's Day from 11.30 a.m. till 1.30 p.m., after which the Presentation to Miss Pope will be made. All concerned cordially invited.
JAS. CAMPBELL, Hon. Secretary.

Tuapeka Times, 25th April 1888
A meeting of the friends and well wishers of Mr Jas. Campbell was held on Saturday evening in Beaton's Hotel, Blue Spur. Mr Neill having been called to the chair, explained that the object of the meeting was to present Mr and Mrs Campbell with a token of their respect and esteem. He enumerated the many services rendered gratuitously by the recipient, and hoped he would not weary in well-doing, but live to see more good done through his influence. The gifts were from the establishment of Mr Urquhart, watchmaker, etc., Lawrence, and consisted of a handsome gold albert and locket (on one side of which waa a diamond and on the other a very suitable inscription) and a massive marble clock, which waa also suitably inscribed. A social hour was afterwards spent by those present, and Mr Campbell having replied on behalf of Mrs Campbell and himself, the meeting broke up in reasonable time. Correspondent. J

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