Children of Duncan Campbell

Family Tree

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Duncan and Sarah Margaret 1852 Maria 1854 Euphemia 1860 Mary 1863

Duncan Campbell 1857

   Duncan Campbell   4th child of Sarah Cameron and Duncan Campbell Info 1a, 
   b.01sep1857   Whangaparaoa, Northern Province, Auckland.     
   d.18may1938   Timaru?
   m1.08jun1885 Fortrose  .....divorced 1908 ............................   m2.03nov1916                                         Info 1b, Photos
   |                                                                        |
   Mary     dau of Charlotte and James                               Bethia turnbull 
   McFadzien                                                                Findlater  Info 1c, RIP              
   b.31jul1865                                                              b.1876
   d.                                                                       d.1948
   |                                                                        |
 Andrew         Alfred         Ewen           Colin          Clive          Duncan
 james          duncan         donald         mcgregor       cameron        ewen   
 b.09mar1886    b.17dec1887    b.22mar1891    b.24mar1897    b.07aug1898    b.07may1922
 d.24jul1974    d.03jan1967    d.02oct1918    d.24jun1978    d. 1973        d.25may2001
 |              | Waimate      England        |              |              |
 m.18dec1912    m.18may1921                   m.01jun1921    m.30jun1925    m.1950
 |              |                             |              |              |
 Janette        Lesbia ann                    Florence       Elizabeth      Celia
 ferguson      (Pettie)                       winifred jane  mcdonald       may
Nobel nee Ried   Winton                       Archer         Stirling       Anderson
 b.~1878        b.06nov1893                   b.31oct1897    b.23mar1902    b.
 d.1951         d.29jun1984                   d.27jan1975    d.     1983
Info 1d, Andrew james Campbell Info 1e, Alfred duncan Campbell Info 1f,RIP Ewen donald Campbell Info 1g, Colin mcgregor Campbell Info 1h, Clive cameron Campbell Info 1i, Duncan ewen Campbell

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