Info 3f. Alan james Campbell and Melva mary McKenzie
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Allan James Campbell

Born 21 Sept 1922 in Takaka NZ, the fourth child of Thomas Campbell (35 yrs b Blue Spur)
and Georgina Eliza nee Prebble (31yrs of Takaka) the adopted daughter of
John Maynard Prebble and Florence Susan Jane Wells, natural daughter of
May Elizabeth Grooby.(BMD 122986)

Alan was baptized Allan but always used the shortened version.

Alan was called up to the NZ Army on 28th Sept 1940 and gave his birth date as 1921, to meet the age requirement, and was discharged on 14th Nov 1945.

His war record states that he served for 3yrs 366 days. This is an anomaly considering his enlistment and discharge dates, however because he broke his ankle while parachuting into enemy territory early in the war and was invalided out to Melbourne to recover, he rejoined with the Australian Army and the 3yrs 366 days was perhaps length of service with them?

Anecdotal evidence from his daughter Adel states that he served in the "Z" Special Unit Commando forces of the Australian Army who operated clandestine roles in the South East Asia.

The "Z" Unit was a joint allied special force (mainly Australian) which fought behind enemy lines engaged in reconnaissance, intelligence gathering, sabotage and guerilla warfare. They were inserted by parachute and submarine and carried out 81 missions mainly in Borneo and the islands of the Dutch East Indies (Indonesia)
Alan James Campbell

Alan james Campbell at training camp. 1940/41

sheet 2

When Alan was in Melbourne recuperating from his broken ankle he met his future wife Melva Mary McKenzie, they fell in love and Alan returned to war with a photo of her. They corresponded often and Alan fashioned a likeness of her from a piece of plastic used in aircraft manufacture.
On his discharge he returned to Melbourne and married Melva in 1946

  Certificate of Marriage in the State of Victoria, Australia  
Date: 25 May 1946 St Mark's Church, Fawkner, Melbourne
Name Born Age Occupation Father Mother Address
Alan James
23yrs Postal

Georgina Eliza
Sunbeam St
Melva Mary
21yrs Milliner David Martin

Gladys Irene
May Wood
We declare that the above is a true statement of the particulars relating to each of us respectively;
and that marriage by licence was solemnized between us on the date and at the place mentioned according to the rites of the Catholic Church.
David Martin McKenzie
Francis Lydia Tidswood
Charles Cerru; Catholic Priest

Alan and Melva Wedding 1946

Alan James Campbell wedding

Alan and Melva and children with brother Brian Campbell

Alan Melva and children

Melva mary McKenzie
Melva mary McKenzie circa 1944
  Melva mary McKenzie
born 27 may 1924 at
Sister Biggs private hospital Vaucluse,
100 Moreland Rd, Brunswick, Victoria
to Gladys (nee wood) and
David M McKenzie of
Murdock St, Brunswick Victoria Au.
Alan and Melva had 2 children,
a boy and a girl.
They Live in Melbourne.

Alan was pre-deceased by Melva
who died on 22 July 1984 age 60.
at Kew Hospital, Melbourne.

Alan died 15 May 2002 at
Cheltenham Hospital, Melbourne
aged 80yrs.
  Alan James Campbell

Alan James & Melva Mary Campbell (McKenzie) photos from their daughter
Adel Cowie (Campbell) in Melbourne
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