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ENTRY OF BIRTH, 1858   District of Auckland
No. When Born Name sex Father Mother Profession
of Father
Informant When
3849 18th
Charles Male James
Farmer James
John B.
Depy. Regr.

Time Line

Timeline Charles Campbell
1858 Nov 18    Birth at Whangaparaoa, at the family  farm some 10 mile north of Auckland.  
1864           Family move to Blue Spur, Lawrence,  age 6

1884 30 April  Charles married  Isabella Paterson Cousins daughter of Thomas Cousins who 
               also live at Blue spur and was a founder shareholder (along with Charles'
               father James) in the Otago Gold Mining Company.

No. 6 1884. Marriage in the District of Gabriels
When Married
and Where
Name Age Rank or
Condition Birth Place Father
Maiden name
30th April
Residence of
25 Miner Batchelor New Zealand James
25 ---- Spinster Victoria Thomas
Married after the delivery of the Certificate reqired by The Marriage Act ,1880
by J. M. Frazer Officiating minister
This marriage was solomnised between us
Charles Campbell
Isabella Patterson Cousins
In the Presence of
Annie Cousins, Blue Spur
Alex Campbell, Blue Spur

sheet 2
Isabella & Charles circa 1884
Isabella and Charles circa 1884.
  Charles Campbell Home at Blue Spur
Above their home at Blue Spur
Originally settlements were on the flats just below Gabriels Gully, which soon became untenable and by 1864 the settlements had move to the nearby ridge of Blue Spur. During the following 4 years this became a thriving town with every type of store, however with the building of the top road to Lawrence most of the store relocated to Lawrence, leaving mostly miners at Blue Spur. A School was opened in 1867 and by the Eighties the population was 500 and the school had over 200 pupils and five teachers. The Consolidated Company employed 80 - 100 miners. By 1902 the population was down to 200 servicing just 40 miners.

1885 June 25   Birth of Donald Cumming, Blue Spur
1887 May 25    Birth Thomas,            Blue Spur
1889 Oct 31    Birth Margaret Isabella, Blue Spur
1891 dec 7     Birth James              Blue Spur
1893 Apr 9     Birth Charles Cameron,   Blue Spur
1896 feb 7     Birth Jonh Alexander,    Blue Spur
1896 Aug 19    Death John Alexander,    Blue spur, Eczema of the heart 
1898 July 7    Birth Hilda May,         Blue Spur
1900 July 26   Birth Elsie Catherine,   Blue Spur

Electorial Roll for Tuapeka Otago,1890
193, Campbell Charles, freehold, Gabriels Gully, miner, sec 49, block 19, Tuapeka east

Electorial Roll for Tuapeka Otago,1896
139, Campbell Isabella, Blue Spur, Domestic duties, Residential
140, Campbell Charles , Gabriels Gully, miner, freehold, sec.49,block 29, Tuapeka east

Tuapeka Roll, 22nd February 1900
444, Campbell Isabella, Blue Spur, Domestic duties, Residential
no sign of Charles anywhere for 1900 was he travelling to Takaka?

sheet 3

School Admission Records for Blue Spur

Pupil Birthdate Parent School Admission date Departure date Destination
Donald Campbell 25 Jun 1885 Charles Campbell Blue Spur 1 Dec 1890 8 Sep 1899 Lawrence DHS
Donald Campbell 25 Jun 1885 Charles Campbell Lawrence 30 Aug 1899 3 May 1901 Home
Thomas Campbell 25 May 1887 Charles Campbell Blue Spur 14 Aug 1892 4 Sep 1902 Employ [missing bit] Herb
Margaret Campbell 31 Oct 1889 Charles Campbell Blue Spur 14 Nov 1894 30 Sep 1902 Lawrence DHS
James Campbell 7 Dec 1891 Charles Campbell Blue Spur 2 Feb 1897 11 Sep 1905 Lawrence DHS
Charles Campbell 9 Apr 1893 Charles Campbell Blue Spur 11 Apr 1898 11 Sep 1905 Lawrence DHS
Charles Campbell 9 Apr 1893 Charles Campbell Blue Spur 18 Sep 1905 6 Mar 1908 Work
Hilda May Campbell 17 Aug 1903 Charles Campbell Blue Spur 7 Jul 1898 16 Dec 1908 Collingwood, Nelson
Elsie Catherine Campbell 26 Jul 1900 Charles Campbell Blue Spur 31 Jul 1905 16 Dec 1908 Collingwood, Nelson
Records from NZSG Kiwi Index 1.0

sheet 4

Charles Campbell and family circa 1899

Charles Campbell family at Blue Spur
             Thomas                         Donald                     Margaret     
          Isabella                          Charles snr.        
Charles jnr.                            Hilda may                            James
Note:although the photo has 1900 written on its' reverse, the last child Elsie is not there and Isabell does not look pregnant, also Hilda looks about 18 months, so a date of late 1899 or very early 1900 would seem about right
sheet 5
1901        Charles to Takaka with sons Donald & Thomas  began work at the Takaka 
            Sluicing Co. as manager, age 43. Given that Takaka is on the northern tip 
            of south Island some 500 miles away its seems unlikely he got back to see 
            his wife and younger childen in the following years. 

1902-1908   Isabella appears in the Electorial Roll taken 22nd November 1905.
            From School records we know the rest the family didn't leave Blue Spur untill
            after 16th December 1908 (last day of School)and had arrive at Takaka by 
            4th January 1909 in time to enroll the Hilda and Eslie in school. 
            When they moved to Takaka the house at Blue spur was sold to Isabell's parents, 
            who died in 1908. For the first 6 months after the move to Takaka the family 
            lived in large 2 storey house on  Waitapu Rd, then moved to Pupu.

1909        The Takaka Sluicing Co. sold out its claim to Charles who was employing 
            8 men at the time, age 51
1909        Charles took out the 100yr lease in perpetuity on the Pu Pu Springs

1913        31st Aug:   Charles, aged 55, applied and was granted the position as manager of 
            of the Thompson Hydraulic Sluicing mine,at Maruia Salary for 6 pounds/wk 

1913        25th Oct: Charles left Maruia age 55,  Margaret Isabella sick

1914        9th December;  Death at Pupu of Margaret Isabella, aged 25, Tuberculosis.

1921        13th June;  Death Elsie Catherine,   aged 20, Tuberculosis and Exhaustion

1932        10th May;       Death Isabella Campbell (Cousins), aged  74 senile decay, 
                                        coroner considered inquest unnecessary.

1938        Electorial Roll Charles Campbell, PuPu , Miner and Farmer

1941        9th January;    Death Charles Campbell, at Takaka ( poss TB)

1945        24th December;  Death Charles Cameron,  at Tahuna Nelson aged 52 

1945        29th November; 2 Death Donald Cumming,   at Tahuna Nelson aged 60 

1973        Dec 21   Death Thomas,  at Wakatu Lodge Nelson, Terminal bronchopneumonia 
                                   11 days Obstructive Respiratory disease,   age 86.
1995        Aug  2  Death of Hilda May, at Joan Whiting  rest home Collingwood of old age 97.

Charles continued his work in the Gully while daughter Margaret kept house in their modest home at Blue Spur. Charles and Isabella had 7 children over 16 yrs. The details of the children can be seen on Charles Campbell’s timeline on his info page Charles and the 2 older sons Donald and Thomas moved to Takaka, Golden Bay in the province of Nelson in 1901 to take up management of the Takaka Sluicing Company’s mine at the Pupu valley.

Advert for Manager
Charles Campbell
Charles campbell circa 1883
sheet 6
Isabella and her family lived in their house in the Pupu valley, Isabella for 23 yrs and Charles for 41, as he’d moved earlier. She and Charles suffered the loss of 2 children there (Elsie Catherine & Margaret Isabella) who were taken by tuberculosis Isabella passed away on 10th May 1932 in her 75th year. Charles remained on his Pupu property for the next eight & a half years until his passing on 9th January 1941 aged 83 yrs.

Their 2nd to youngest daughter Hilda’s ashes were interred in her parents grave at Rototai Cemetary, after her death in 1995. Hilda was aged 97 and the oldest resident of Golden Bay at the time.

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