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Winifred margaret
Jesse james

Winifred McElwain nee Campbell

Winfred margaret Campbell
Born 11th October 1918, at Takaka, Golden Bay, Nelson, NZ

Married 1948 usa 

Jesse james McElwain 
Born 20 October 1913 in Riviara, Tx USA
son of Jesse Darnell McElwain and 
Liddie Virginia Howell

sheet 2
Thanks to Billie McElwain Itz, daughter of Jesse and Winnie and Keri Lynne Itz (Armstrong now Halcom), grand-daughter of Jesse and Winnie for these photos and notes;
Jesse served in the 2nd Marine Division instrumental in the attack on Tarawa and drove amphibious invasion tractors landing soldiers on beaches around the Pacific, and was Awarded a purple heart for wounds recieved during the fighting. The battle was a huge victory for the Americans He met his wife Winifred Margaret Campbell in Wellington NZ en route to the War in the Pacific. Winifred was at the time a practicing nurse aged some 26yrs.
She later travelled to America after Jessie was discharged from the army and the two were married on 11th February 1948 in Riviera Texas.

Soon After they moved south to Harlingen, on the Mexican Border, where Jesse worked for the Government International Boundary and Water Commision, one of his jobs entailed driving the water levees checking them in case of flooding.
He was an avid hunter and fisherman, he taught his daughters Billie and Maggie to be the same, who both grew up with guns. He was a gentle man and an expert rifleman,

After the death of his wife in 1990, Jesse moved from Harlingen to Victoria some 220 miles north and bought land next to his daughter Maggie.
He loved animals and had cows, chickens and turkeys on the small farmlet.. He loved to garden and was a good mechanic.

Although Jess and Winifred have since passed away, they gave birth to 3 daughters, and now have 2 grand-children, 5 great grand-children and one great-great grandchild on the way.
Their daughters live within 2 miles of each other in Victoria Texas

Winfred margaret and Jesse james McElwain
Winifred died 6th November 1990 Harlingen, Tx USA

Jesse died 14 September 1993 Victoria, Tx, USA
He was buried beside is wife,
at Restlawn Memorial Park, Le Feria,
4 miles west of Harlingen
Their eldest daughter Lynnie is buried beside her parents.

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Winifred M. McElwain, Died 6 November 1990, Harlingen
Funeral services for Winifred (Wynn) Margaret McElwain, 72 who died Thursday in Victoria, will be conducted 10am Friday by the Rev. Dennis Moody in Buck Ashcraft Funeral home Chapel. Burial will be in Restlawn Memorial Park.

She was Born in Takaka, New Zealand, and coming from New Zealand she lived in Harlingen for 41 years.

Survivors are the husband, Jesse McElwain of Harlingen; three daughters, Mrs Billie Itzz and Maggie Meyer, both of Victoria and Miss Lynn McElwain of Harlingen; a sister, Mrs Flossie Wilson of Richmond, New Zealand; three brothers, Alan Campbell of Melbourne, Australia, Brian Campbel and David Campbell both of New Zealand; two grandchildren; and a great-grandchild.

Pall bearers will be Aubrey Grayson, Harvey Adams, Earl Adams, Keith adams, Dale Misenhimer and Ernest Garcia.

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Lynnie McElwain 1944-2016

Lynnie Lynnie
Future Plenty Bright -
Six year old Lynn McElwain, shown above in her bed at Valley Baptist Hospital, Monday was looking towards a bright and active life following a rare operation at the hospital Friday.
Gets First Tricycle -
Little Lynn McElwain, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J.J. McElwain of Harlingen, Thursday got her first tricycle as she lay in bed at the Valley Baptist Hospital. Invaled since birth by a rare heart malformation, she is looking forward to using her tricycle real soon as a result of an operation last week which will let her live a normal, active life.
Harlingen merchants donated the tricycle after learning of her illness and recent opration.

Rare Heart Operation preformed on child.
Harlingen - A very rare conjenital heart malformation operation has been performed for the first timein Valley medical history. And a small 6 year old Harlingen girl is on the road to a normal life as a result.

Six years ago on April 25th Lynn McElwain, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J.D. McElwain of Harlingen, was born in Nelson, New Zealand. But at birth the patient ductus, a small aperture between the pulmonary and aota arteries of the heart, failed to close contrary to normal reaction. As a result, blood being pumped from the heart to the lungs wa being shunted into the aorta and vice vera and prevented normal functions. This in almost all cases, is fatal before reaching adult life.

During the first two year of Lynn's life, many doctors gave her no chance to live, but, her parents never gave up hope and as one physician once told them their willpower in wanting the tiny baby to live was a major factor in keeping death away.

The very delicate operation, know as a closure of the Patent Ductus, was preformed Friday in Valley Baptist Hospital by the Harlingen Surgeon. With operative closure of the Patent Ductus, the blood now is circulating normally from the heat into the lungs and the girl is recovering satifactorily, according to the hospital arthorities.

Lynn was not a so called "Blue Baby" and she never had thecoloring of a Blue Baby. According to her mother - "Her only outward sign of the heart condition was the fact that she was somewhat smaller than a normal child her age and that she was slightly pale".

Despite her condition blod haired Lynn has always been a very active and alert child. Mrs McElwain said she did not restrain Lynn too much from normal activities before the operation. "She would play and romp with the other kiddies and when she got tired she would rest", she said never the less the watchfull parents were always keeping up with her activities.

The McElwains, who met while he was serving as a US Marine in New Zealand, have another daughter, six month old Billie Jean who is normal.

Mrs Mcelwain who incidentally, was a nurse in her native sunny Nelson said that Lynn's hearing had been slightly impaired as a result of the heart operation but otherwise she is normal. "It is wonderfull the way she has responded following the operation" the mother added

Lynn was taken to Johns Hopkins Hospital Baltimore last April to undergo a checkup. They were advised to return to Harlingen for the operation.

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