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Georgina Eliza was born about 1891 in Collingwood, Golden Bay, a premarital birth.
source:- her age -77 at death in 1968 and age of 22, when she married in 1914.
Shortly after Georgina's birth her mother May Elizabeth Thompson gave her away for adoption by John Prebble and Florence Susan Jane nee Wells. who had married in 1886, but aparently had no children of their own.

Georgina's childhood was not was not a happy one with an abusive mother and frequent use of a horse whip. Georgina's second christian name of Eliza was likely given in deference to her natural mother, Elizabeth.

Georgina married Thomas Campbell 10th June 1914 at the Church of Epiphany, Takaka by the Rev. Francis John Daynes.

A couple of Years after the birth and Adoption of Georgina, May Elizabeth Thompson married on March 1st 1893 to John Grooby at the house of Mr Alec Thompson (uncle) in Takaka and went on to give birth to a further 9? children.


     John Prebble
     b.~1822 UK     Hawking Kent,  occupation 1851 census, Railway Porter aged 27
     |              Emigrated London-Melbourne 1852 ship Beula
     d.?1914        Aged 84
     m.1857 Victoria, Au
     Susannah elizabeth
     b.~1833 UK       Emigrated Liverpool-arrived Melbourne  dec1856, ship:- Marco Polo
     d.15sep1900      Nelson, Wakapuaka cemetery  block 06, plot 058 , NZ
     |                    christened South Yarrah, Victoria, Au
     Edward                           John   
     william                          maynard 
     b.1861,  south Yarrah            c.31jan1866 Christ Church, South Yarrah
     d.17jul1926                      d.18jul1926
    br.20jul1926  aged 64            br.22jul1926 both Edward and John buried 
                                      |             same gave as their mother.
                                      m.23aug1866 Takaka, NZ
                                      susan jane  
                                      Georgina adopted

John Maynard Prebble baptised 31 Jan 1866 Christ Church South Yarra, Victoria, Au
2nd child of
John Prebble who married 1857, Victoria, Susannah elizabeth Sharp,
Susannah arrived from Liverpool to Melbourne, Au, December 1856 on the Marco Polo
aged 23 ie born ~1833

John Maynard Prebble married Florence susan Jane Wells 23rd August 1886, Nelson, NZ.
Colonist, 16th October 1886
Prebble—Wells.— August 23, at Takaka, by the Rev. A. H. Sedgwick,
John Maynard, second son of John Prebble, of Nelson, to Florence S.J. Wells, only daughter of W. H. Wells, of Exeter/Devonshire, England.

sheet 4
Colonist, 6th July 1916
News of the day
In the Supreme Court, in chambers, at Wellington, on the 3rd inst., probate of the will of the late George Gray was, on the application of Mr E. B. Moore, granted by Sir Robert Stout, Chief Justice, to John Maynard Prebble, the executor named in the said will.

Poverty Bay Herald, 15th May 1909
A co-operative company is being formed for the purpose of acquiring that old-established butchery business of Mr J. Maynard. Mr. Maynard established, his butchery business in this district February, 1885.

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