Info 3g. Marie evelyn and Brian Henry Campbell
By their son Charles cameron Campbell

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Charles cameron Campbell
son of
Brian henry Campbell and
Marie evelyn Goodyer,
author of theses pages

Register of Birth in the district of NELSON

Brian Campbell was born 27 July at Tahunanui the 5th child of Thomas & Georgina.
He lived in Murutai St in Tahunanui and started school there on Feb 1930. In 1932 he went to Wensely Rd Richmond with the rest of the family going to Richmond school leaving there in 1939.
During his years in Richmond he played primary representative rugby (left wing) running and tennis, delivered milk and bread and was the lollie boy at the pictures.

He spent 1 yr at Nelson College again playing rugby, running and swimming, studying engineering. During a rugby game at college he was kicked in the face and had the bone in his nose removed.

He left after 1 yr starting work at the Tahunanui service station, but in 1941 the japanese came into the war and motorists were rationed petrol to 4 gallons per month so he left there and started as an apprentice baker & pastry cook at H Croucher & Sons in Richmond. During that time he learned ballroom dancing.
Brian henry Campbell

In 1944 he was accepted in to the Royal NZ Navy but the navy considered his job as an essential service so he was made to stay there until 1946 when he took up naval training being there for 6 yrs and rose to the rank of petty officer. He served on several ships and establishments pursuing his career. On leaving the navy he returned to Nelson, worked for AJ Bradshaw who wholesaled Reid-Rubber tyres, Castrol oil and Vestor batteries. He worked there for 1 yr and in 1953 met Marie Goodyer and married her in 1954. Brian henry Campbell


Marie evelyn Goodyer


sheet 2
At the time of Brian's marriage, to Marie, he was fitter for J B McEwan who sold water pumps, milking machines, seperaters and ancillary equipment.
He started in 1953 under Doug Brinsdon as a fitter then when Doug left
Brian became salesman-fitter.
When a branch was opened in Nelson in 1965 he became the 1st manager. Also in these days he was a member of several school and
college committees and taught sea scouts.
In 1969 he was transferred to Hawera, Taranaki followed on by moves to several other towns until retiring to Nelson in 13 Nov 1985.

Brian & Marie wedding 1954

Marriage Brian Marie

Brian Campbell and Marie Goodyer, with Florence Campbell and husband Ian Wilson

sheet 3

Brian henry was a member of the rotary, ex-Royal Naval men's association and Probus.
He did not believe in life insurance, pressure groups, religious organizations or political parties.

After having had a small heart attack he later died instantly of a massive one at home on Dec 3 1996.

Mary Evelyn Goodyer - Origins

  b?12mar1797 Bulkington son of? Mary and Eli
  m.29nov1919 Bulkington, Warwickshire
  Wrickett Ribbon Weaver
  |             children born Bulkington (4  miles NE  from Coventry)
  William      Eli           John          Thomas        Joseph       Lucy    
  b.~1819      b.~1822       b.~1824       b.~1829       b.~1832      b.~1837
  d.           d.            d.            d.            d.           d.
                                                         m.31jan1853 Nuneaton uk
   William                 Esther         John
   henry                   jane           charles         
   b.~1853 UK              b.1869 nz      b.1870 nz
   d.1929 aged 79?
   m.1879 NZ
   Sarah ann
   d.1939 aged 77
   |                    chgildren born NZ                                cont.
   William         Arthur         Charles       william       Sarah     
   thomas          john           edward        henry         lucinda   
   b.1881          b.1882         b.1884        b.1886        b.1888 
   d.              d.1939         d.1967        d.1920        d.

             Agness         John           Ivy           James
             |              |              isabella      alfred  
             b.1890         b.1892         b.1894        b.1897
             d.             d.             d.            d.
                            Evelyn mary
                            Brian henry 


Marsden Valley Cemetery, Stoke, Nelson

In Remembrance

RNZN 31177.     27-7-1926  -  13-12-1996
Loved Husband, Dad, Grandad


Note; Inscription error - Death date was actually 3rd December
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