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Evelyn Mary MacMahon - Goodyer, b.1892, was the Grand daughter of
Bernard MacMahon and Margaret (Maggie) Callaghan.
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  b.~1810  Limerick?,Ireland?
  d.21nov1889 Clover Hill, 
  |   Riwaka, Nelson, aged 79     Info1a, Margaret & Bernard in Scotland
    St Mary's Cathederal R.C.    Info1b, Emigration
     Edinburgh, Midlothian 
  | (Scotland's People)           
  |                             Info1d, Letters re survey for NelsonInfo1c, Biog by Motueka Group
  Margaret (Maggie)
  b.Steeton? 1817?Ireland          Info1d, RIP
  d.28?jan1889 Clover Hill, Riwaka, aged 72             
  |    first child born Edinburgh rest Nelson/Riwaka, Tasmann NZ          cont.
  James        James        Annie        Mary         Henry        Thomas     
  b.1840       b.1842       b.1844       b.1846       b.1848       b.1849
  d.1841       d.22jan1883  d.           d.22aug1931  d.04oct1914  d.31aug1934
  ******       |            Young?       | aged 84    | aged65     | aged 85
               m.16aug1876  *******      m.02jul1885  m.06dec1887  m.11jan1910          
               |                         |            |            |    
               Ellen                     William      Annie        Constance douglas
               Barnett                   Wastney      Black        Brown    
               b. ~1849                  b.~1831      b.~1847      b.1877
               d.19jul1923               d.1911       d.1929       d.1910    
  James & Ellen Annie RIP Henry Thomas Info2x, Motueka Directories and voters
         John         George       Kate      Francis(Frank)  Margaret     Harriet    
         b.04nov1851  b.16aug1853  b.1855       b.10nov1856  b.10jul1858  b.29jan1862
         d.07mar1879  d.15jul1935  d.08apr1937  d.10mar1941  d.15nov1914  d.1898?
         |            |            aged 82      |  aged84    | Blenhiem?  |
         m.15may1877  m.13sep1887  ******       |            m.03sep1898  |
         |            |            |            |            |            |  
         Annie        Caroline     |            |            Henry        |
         Boyce        elizabeth    |            |            Maurice      |    
         b.~1848      see          |            |            b.1853       |
         d.1929?      Hill         |            |            d.1934       |
  John and Annie George & Caroline Kate Frank Margaret and Henry Harriet

sheet 2

  George MacMahon  5th surviving son of Bernard and Margaret
  b.16aug1853 Riwaka, Nelson NZ     Info3a, Georgeand Caroline
  m.13sep1887, Christ Church Cathederal, Nelson, NZ           Info3b, Hill Origins 
  elizabeth                       Info3c, RIP
  Hill  dau of Mary Avery and Isaac mason Hill
  b.29apr1856  Nelson
  d.04jun1929  Nelson NZ aged 73
  Russell      Girl        Evelyn       Caroline     Henrietta    Eileen       Hazel
  bernard      |           mary         grace        (Tottie)     kate         doreen 
  b.092nov1888 b.11jul1890 b.13apr1892  b.19oct1893  b.11jul1896  b.28feb1898  b.05jul1899
  d.22nov1918  d.1890      d.15jun1984  d.04jul1970  d.1896       d.27feb1983  d.24jul1995
  |            ******      |            |            *********    |            |
  m.01jan1914              m.24aug1920  m.1913                    m.1927       m.20dec1921
  |                        |            |                         |            | 
  Victoria                 John(jack)   Kenneth                   Eric         Cyrill
  maud                     gordon       bryn                      randolf      griffen
  Ingledew                 Goodyer      Goodall                   Black        Dee 
  infd4a, Russell and Victoria info4b, Child died young info4c, Evelyn Mary Evelyn and Jack Goodyer info4d, Caroline and Kenneth info4e, Henrietta info4f, Eileen and Eric info4g, Hazel and Cyril

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