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Nelson Examiner, 7th May 1873
Serious Accident to Mr. William Wastney, M. P.C.
We regret much to learn that Mr. Wastney, while recently engaged in superintending the erection of a sluice in the main drain between his property and Mr. Mackay's, at Wakapuaka, was jammed against the bank by the framework of the sluice accidentally swinging round on him. It struck heavily first one shoulder and then the other, inflicting very severe contusions, though, fortunately, no bones were broken.
Mr. Wastney is progressing favourably under Dr. Farrelle's care, but it will be some time before he will be able to resume his usual active life.

William first marriage 1855 was to the widow Mary Georgina Fowler with whom he had children;
 George       Alice       Ada         Amy         Annie       Henry       Lucy
 edmond       |           |           |           |           |           emma 
 14may1856,   1859        1860,       1862,       1864,       1865,       1867
His first wife died Georgina died 1884

Colonist 21 april 1884
Wastney; April 19th, at Neudorf, Mary georgina, wife of William Wastney, of Wakapuaka, aged 55 years.

in 1885 Widower William Wastney re-married to Mary MacMahon
William Wastney   Mary MacMahon-Wastney

The Colonist, 4th July 1885
WASTNEY - MACMAHON;- On July 2nd, at the registrar's office, Motueka,
Mr. W. Wastney, of Wakapuaka,
to Mary second daughter of Mr. B. MacMahon, of Riwaka.

WHo's Who - New Zealand and Western Pacific, 1908

William Wastney; born at Shefield, Yorks,1831; Emigrated to New Zealand in 1842;
Married 1855 Mrs Fowler; who died 1884
1885 Married Miss McMahon of Riwaka;
Settled ar Wakapuaka; taking over farm on death of farther;
Member of the Provincial council,
Twice contested Waimea seat in House of Representatives;
Member and Chairman Waimea County council, Member Education Board;
Address; The Port Nelson

Kathleen M. Wastney Mary and William had one child
Kathleen margaret Wastney, (right)
born june-september qt 1886,
Nelson, folio 2765

Wakapuaka Cemetery
Kathleen margaret Wastney buried 26th may 1923
Mary Wastney (MacMahon) buried 22nd August 1931

Cemetery Record 5064
Anglican Block 29 plots 30 & 32
WakaPuaka Burial record
29/ Wastney Kathleen margaret 26 may 1923 aged 37yrs
30/ Wastney Mary - 22 Aug 1931, aged 84 yrs.

Colonist 15th November 1911 Wastney; - At "Danescombe" The Port, on November 15th, William Wastney, in his 81st year. (Private interment. No Flowers by request.)

Bell Wastney:-
On April 25th, at the residence of the bride's father, Wakapuaka,
R.J.Bell to Amy, third Daughter of William Wastney.

Nelson Evening Mail, 13th November 1911
Deaths, WASTNEY,
At "Danescombe" The Port, on November 13th,
William Wastney, in his 81st Year.
(Private Internment)

The Colonist, 15th November 1911
We have to record the death of a very old settler-in the person of Mr William Wastney, which occurred at his residence, the. Port, early yesterday morning. Mr Wastney was born at Sheffield in 1831, and came out to Nelson in 1842 by the ship Lloyds, accompanied by his mother. His father was one of the early pioneers, and helped to found the settlement of Nelson.
As a boy, Mr Wastney helped to make roads, and did his share of the rough work necessary in a new country, and afterwards joined his father in the building trade.
He then moved with his parents to Wakapuaka, where they had bought land, and on the death of his father Mr Wastney took charge of the farm.
The deceased took a keen interest in local and general politics in his younger days, and was a.member of tho Waimea County CSuncil for two years (being for some time chairman). He was also a member of the Provincial Council, and served on Road Boards, the Education Board, and the Suburban North School Committee. He twice contested the Waimea district seat in the House of Representatives, but was defeated on both occasions.

In 1900 Mr Wastney retired from active life, and bought a property at the Port, where he resided until his death. Deceased was twice married, and leaves a widow, who is a sister of Mr George Macmahon, of Tapawera. By his first marriage deceased had a family of five daughters and three sons, and by his second marriage one daughter.
General sympathy will be felt for the family in their bereavement.

Probate value of William Wastney 22,901

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