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Russell bernard MacMahon
NZ Birth Certificate No 1888/90
Russell Bernard MacMahon,

1st child of George and Caroline,
was born in Riwaka on 2nd November 1888.
He was an old boy of Nelson College, where he had been a college cadet. Russell joined the Wakatu Mounted Rifles from the time he left college in 1905 until 1911 when he transferred to the (Nelson) Mounted Rifles, and was promoted to 2nd Lieutenant.
He was a member of the New Zealand Contingent which went to England for the coronation of King George. Russell owned a farm next to his parents and married Victoria Ingledew in Tapawera on 1st January 1914.
They had two young children, Doreen (born May 1915) and Pamala (born January 1917).
At the beginning of the war he was attached to the Nelson Defence Staff. Russell volunteered for war service in 1916, enlisted in March 1917 (service number 92978) and was finally called up in October 1918. As a private he was posted to the Special Training Unit at the Trentham Military Camp, leaving Nelson on 4 November.

Promoted to temporary sergeant, he arrived in the camp on 7 November. Tragically he arrived at the camp where a breakout of Spanish Flu occured.
During 1918, 77 men at the camp died of the flu, the vast majority of them during a 12 day period from 22 November. It is thought the sickness was brought into the camp by men returning from leave in Wellington because there were no flu cases in the camp before 4 November. In just three days, the close conditions the men living in at the camp ensured that flu admissions to the camp hospital soared from three to 137.

School Record;    scource; NZSG Nelson Branch

Name             MACMAHON Russell Bernard
School           Upper Motueka Valley
Register         No. 028
Admission Date   16th October 1895
Parent           G. MacMahon
Address          Motueka Valley
Birth date       2nd November 1888
Last School      ~~~
Last Day         17th July 1901
Destination      Stanley Brook School

Name             McMahon Russell Bernard
School           Stanley Brook
Register         No.096
Admission date   24th July 1901
Parent           Mr. G. McMahon 
Address          Motueka Valley 
Birth Date       2nd November 1888 
Last School      Motueka Valley
Last Day         13th November 1903 
Destination      Boys College Nelson

School List Nelson College
Russell bernard MacMahon, 1904-1905
Formerly Farmer Tapawera, Nelson.
died at Tentham 22nd November 1918

sheet 4

Rank / Sergeant, Service No 92978, Regiment NZ Training Unit
Sergeant, promoted 2nd Lieutenant, promoted Lieutenant 14 June 1913 
Russell Bernard MacMahon Regiment (C & D Squadrons) Motueka Nelson, 
Territorial Force 2 Reserve of Officers /10th (Nelson) 
Mounted Rifles [WW1 92978 - Army]  [R22203341] NZ Service Medal. 

Status voluntary, NZ territorial Service Medal for long and efficient service, 
NZ Service Medal, age at induction 27 yrs & 4 months, eyes grey, height 5 foot 8 inches, 
weight 147 lbs,  chest minimum 33 inches and a quarter maximum 38 inches, 
complextion dark, hair dark, religion C of E.  
Class A pass, Kings certificate of discharge.

Admitted Military Hospital Trentham 10 Nov 1918, 
Discharge from Hospital 22 Nov 1918, Died 2.30pm Wairaraka Ward 22 Nov 1918, 
Influenza (Spanish), pneumonia

Rest In Peace Great Uncle Russell,
NZ, Grave Memorial Ref. D.41.(S), Wgtn Karori Cemetary

Service Number: 92978
First Name: Russell Bernard
Surname: Macmahon
Rank: Sergeant
Date of Birth: Not known
Place of Birth: Tapawera, Nelson, N.Z.
Marital Status: Married 
Nationality of Force: New Zealand
Force: Army
Unit: New Zealand Training Unit

Casualty Details
Date of death: 22 November 1918
Age: 31
Conflict: WW1
Cause of Death: 
Died at Trentham from pneumonia
Russell bernard MacMahon

—On November 22nd, at Trentham, Russell Bernard only son of George Macmahon, of Tapawera, aged 30 yrs(Pneumonia.)
The death occurred at Trentham Camp yesterdav, from pneumonia, of Lieutenant Russell B. Macmahon, only son of Mr George Macmahon, of Tapawera. Letters received from Lieutenant .MacMahon on Monday last stated that, he was suffering from influenza. Yesterday a telegram was received stating that he was seriously ill, and this was followed bv another telegram announcing his death. Deceased, who was an officer in tho Territorial Mounted' Rifles and 30 years of age, volunteered tor active service two years ago, but was not called up till about a month ago. At the beginning of the war he was attached to the Nelson Defence Staff for about a year.

The late Lieutenant Macmahon was a member of the New Zealand Contingent that went to London for the coronation of King George V. He met the young lady who subsequently came out to New Zealand and became his wife. There were two voung children. The widow had no relatives in New Zealand. Owing to the restricted running of the steamer no member of the MacMahon family could reach Wellington in time for the funeral. Lieut. Macmahon was widely known arid very popular and was farming at Tapawera. His property ad-joined that owned by his. father. His generosity among Territorial Camps at Tapawera won golden tributes from officers and men.

children of Russle- 2 daughters
Doreen elizabeth MacMahon born 8th may 1915 - 2010
Pamela avery MacMahon born 1917
Victoria maud Maxwell nee Ingledew died 24jun1977 Auckland

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