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Margaret MacMahon married the widower Henry Maurice on the 3rd September 1898,

Henry's first wife, Charlotte emily, died in 1896 at the age of just 38
leaving him with three young children
Violet maud born 1890,- married Ernest Zealands
Lily florence born 11oct1893, died 1973, and
Kenneth vernon born 2nd Nov 1895, - married 23 jan 1918 Amanda Louisa Pattern

Henry (Barber) Maurice of Blenhiem by John Maurice
Henry was Born 1853 in Woolwhich, Kent, England.
He ran away to sea aged 14, worked for the Royal Navy on slave chasers. Shipwrecked on St Pauls Island (Isle St Paul) in June 1871 for 3 months, when the troopship HMS Megaera was run aground, to prevent sinking. On a visit to New Zealand, Henry jumped ship in Wellington and changed his surname from Barber to his mother's maiden name of Maurice.
and hid by working as a head shepherd at Upton Downs in the Awatere, around 1880 for a number of years.

Henry married Charlotte Emily Joyce at the house of her mother, Charlotte, and step father James (Worser Heberley) Waikawa Rd Picton in 1889. Charlotte passed away in Wairau Hospital in Blenheim in 1896 aged just 38, leaving Henry with 3 children.
Violet maud 1890, Lily florence 1894 and Kenneth vernon 1895
Henry Maurice
Henry remarried, to his housekeeper Margaret MacMahon in 1898 but she too passed away in 1914.
The photo (right) is of him in that role of Porter.
Henry passed away in Blenheim aged 91 years in 1934.
He is buried in the Omaka cemetery in Blenheim.
Henry worked as a porter for the railways at Blenheim Station, where he is shown as being employed, on his son Ken's marriage certificate in 1917 aged 64.

Marlborough Express, 16 November 1914
DEATH. MAURICE: On 15th November, 1914, at Blenheim:
Margaret, beloved wife of Henry Maurice; aged : 56-years.

Henry Maurice died 1934 aged 82

Omaka cemetery, Blenhiem

In Loving Memory of

Who passed away
5th August 1934, aged 82 Yrs.
For Ever with the Lord

Henry george Barber/Maurice ORIGINS

Henry george Barber born september quarter 1850 Greenwich vol 5 page 275
Son of Charlotte caroline Maurice who aged 19 married at
All Souls Church, 18th January 1842, Marylebone to
Arthur Barber, aged 23, Grocer, son of Arthur Barber snr. also a Grocer.

Transcript error Bachar- Barber

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