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Laver Origins

Charles and Caroline & dau Laura emigrated 1862 on Romulus to NZ
Daily Southern Cross 20 October 1862 p3.
The ship signalled on Saturday afternoon, and which by many was supposed to be the "Indian Empire" (now overdue), proved to be the "Romulus",
Captain Lord of Bristol, from London. She left Gravesend on June 26th, and had consequently been 113 days upon the voyage.
She brings 121 passengers and a cargo of general merchandise. While working down the Channel she experienced constantly, head winds until 12 July. Crossed the equator on August 10th, m27 W. On September she passed the meridian of the Cape m 42 S. On Tuesday 14th inst, made the Three Kings, and came to an anchor in the Waitemata on Saturday evening at 8pm.
The Romulus experienced fine weather all the voyage out. Mr D Nathan is her agent. Total 97 adults, 20 children between 1 and 12, and 6 infants.
Passengers... Charles Laver- Carpenter, Mrs. Caroline Laver and Laura M. Laver.

    Laver  son of Robert Laver bootmaker and Charlotte Smith
    b.marqt1840 Halstead - Gt Yeldham Essex
    m.decqt1859 Halstead
    Harrington       dau of Joseph Poulter and Harriet Harrington
    |                                                                           cont.
    Laura        Harriet      Harry        Minnie       Mary         Robert   
    maria        jessie       charles      caroline     jane         charles       
    b.nov1860    b.~1863      b.1864       b.1866       b.1868       b.20nov1870   

            children of Charles and Caroline Continued
           Alice        Ernest       Ethel        Mabel        Minnie       Frank
           blanche      william      may          florence     edith        oliver
           |            (sandy)     (May)        (Flossie)     raglan       noel      
           b.1872       b.1875       1877         b.1880       b.1883       b.1884 

    Robert charles Laver  6th child of Caroline and Charles Laver                   
    b.27nov1870 Auckland
    d.1958 aged 85
    Frank              Ada may
    b.20nov1896        b.
    d.1954             d.
    |                  |
    m.1919             m.1922
    |                  |
    Violet             George
    alice              edward
    Clarke             Reed

William Howith Hitchcock (26 Nov 1844 - )
By Mary aileen White (gdau of Ada may Laver and George Reed
Her trees =
William was born in Orchard Street, Nicholas Parish the sub district of Castle in the town of Nottingham. His second name has been spelt differently in different places (sometimes Howarth, Howitt, Howorth) but I think he was named after his grandmother Ann Howett. His first job was in a cotton factory as a child but another story has him as a human scarecrow. He became apprenticed as a tailor (and these apprenticeship papers were with a settlers museum which stood somewhere next door to where the current Auckland Public Library stands).
William married Clara Dunn and they had a son and daughter born in England before deciding to emigrate to New Zealand on the Warwick in 1874.

William and Clara lived in Baker St, Auckland for some time but shifted to Glasgow Terrace near what is now the University of Auckland, School of Medicine. William was a keen gardener and had a partierre garden.
He was accidently shot when out rabbit shooting with a friend and received pellets in his face and in his throat. This was believed to have caused the cancer of the tongue that he was later to die from. Even when he was very ill he would stagger down a flight of stairs to get outside and stop to pull a weed in his much loved garden.
    Frederick Hitchcock (changed his surname to Nicholson by deedpoll) (10 Sep 1870 - ?)
    Margaret Hitchcock (26 Apr 1873 - 31 Aug 1958) - Married Frank Laver
    Frank Hitchcock (6 May 1878 - 3 Aug 1949)
    Clara Hitchcock (9 May 1875 - 22 Apr 1877) 

New Zealand Herald, 7th January 1956
Diamond Wedding Anniversary
8 Jan 1896 at Brides residence, Reverend Mann married Margaret daughter of late Mr and Mrs W Hitchcock to Robert Charles eldest son of late Mr and Mrs C. Laver. Present address 14 Kakariki Avenue, Mt Eden.

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