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Taranaki Daily News, 28th march 1917
At the Court House New Plymouth
... Henry david cameron Simpson and Thomas cyril cameron Simson, Trading in a partnership as Simson Bros. farmers, of Whenuakura, Ajudged bancrupt.

Taranaki Daily News,15th August 1918
Application for discharge;
Henry david cameron Simson, Thomas cyril Simson.

Hawera and Normanby Star, 2nd May 1918
The Appeal of Thomas cyril cameron Simson, dairy farmer, Patea, was reviewed
Mr Powell appeared for the appeland, who stated that he and his brother Wilfred (who is married) ran the farm. His other brother Henry, who had recently returned from the front, was in Wanganui hospital, and would not be fit to do active work for some time to come.

Taranaki Daily News, 3rd May 1918
Militery Service Board, Hawera Sittings
The appeal of Thomas cyril cameron Simson, dairy farmer, Patea, was reviewed.
the appeal was adjourned untill the next sitting, and the chairman said the board relied on the appelant, a single man without dependants, to endevour to secure a man, so as to release him for the font.

Hawera and Normanby Star, 9th October 1918
Mr Powell appeared for Thomas cyril cameron Simson, farmer, Whenuakura, Whoes case was previously before the board.
To Capitain Walker; He was a single man and did not expect total excemption. He was merely asking for time to enable him to get over the flush of the season. He expected to be milking 160 cows shorly.His married brotherWilfred, had been granted Sine Die excemption and his other brother, a returned soldier, was unable to do any heavy work.
Leave was Granted untill the February Draft.


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