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Thomas Ritchie Simpson was born ~ 1819. Glasgow?
immigrated from SCT to NZ on the Bengal Merchant
arriving Wellington NZ either 20th Feb 1840
He was a farm servant aged 21

Thomas married Flora Cameron 1844
Right: An Ambrotype photo,
which were common from 1851-1885.
Looking at the children it is circa 1863.
David henry, Flora, Thomas Richie and Charles
Simson Family

New Zealand Spectator and Cook Strait Gardian, 9th January 1850
A FREEHOLD PROPERTY situated in Watle's Town, consisting of two acres of Land, substantially fenced and cleared, with House thereon.
Immediate possession will be given by applying to;
Thomas Ritchie Simson, Highlander Inn, Kaiwarra.Road. Wellington.

Wellington Independant, 21 August 1850
T. R. STMSON begs leave to return thanks to his numerous Friends and the Public for the liberal support which he has hitherto received during the time he has earned on business in fhe above Inn, and begs to announce that considerable additions and improvements have been made to the Premises, which enables him to give good accommodation, and trusts, by attention to his customers, to merit a continuance of their favors.
T. R. S. has received a good supply of the very best Wines, Spirits, and Malt liquors.
Good Stabling

Wellington Independant, 22nd January 1851
To be Sold
A House on the road side, containg 4 rooms with stabling and out-buildings, and about a 1/4 acre of Garden ground attached, within 3 minutes walk of Hutt Bridge.
These premises are in complete repair having been recently lined and papered.
Apply to; T.R. SIMSON
Highland Inn, Kia Warra
(september 6 1850)

Otago Witness, 10th March 1860
PARTIES who object to the granting of a Bush License to Thomas Ritchie Simson (mentioned in the subjoined certificate), to sell Spirituous liquors, are requested to lodge their Objections at this Office, within six weeks from this date.
By Order, JOHN LOGAN, Clerk to Superintendent.
Ist March 1860. Certificate above referred to:-
We the Undersigned Settlers in the East Taieri District, recommend Mr. Thomas Ritchie Simson as a proper person to keep the Licensed Accommodation House as mentioned in his application.
Robert Cramond, John Kirkland, W. Blackie, James Brown, John Brown, James Aitken, James Todd, John Sutherland, Thomas Harrison, Alexander G. Allan - traveller, Robert Dodd, David Gardyne - traveller, Edwin Palmer, Peter M'Laren, Harold Clements, John Hunter, Frederick Chittock, William Younger, John Law, Robert Marshall, George Cowper, John Docherty, Andrew Chirnside -jnr. John Gray Robert, Blair Hugh Murray - traveller, Robert Stevenson, A. M'Kay, George Murray Thomas, Christie Niel, B. M'Gregor .

Tuapeka Times, 30th October 1873
Robert Craig applied for an agricultural lease of sections 12, 13, and 16, block IV., Waitahuna East.
Objected to by T. R. Simson, he having buildings erected on part of the ground applied for.
The Warden^ quoted a " Gazettee " notice conveying the information that the lease of sections 12 and 13, which were applied for by Mr. Simson, had been cancelled.
Mr. Simson stated in evidence that the buildings and other improvements erected on part of the land applied for had cost him 300.

Tuapeka Times, 30th October 1873
Application for an Agricultural Lease.
I HEREBY give notice that I have applied to the Warden for lease of unsurveyed land for agricultural purposes, situate at block IV., Waitahuna East, adjoining the land applied for by Robert Craig, comprising 3 acres, or thereabouts ; and that the said application will be heard at the Warden's Office, Lawrence, on November 19.
Persons objecting to the granting of such lease must lodge the same with the Warden before 24 hours of the day of hearing.

Tuapeka Times, 15th December 1877
Local Inteligence
A great curiosity was exhibited the other day in the shop of Mr Mercer, grocer, Eattray street Dunedin.
It is a piece of petrified wood about two feet long and one foot in thickness, and was found by Mr. Thomas Ritchie Simson, of Waitahuna, seven feet below the surface, and three feet above the bed rock, on what is called the Waitahuna heights.
It resembles somewhat a piece of waterworn greenstone, and is almost as hard as flint. The grain of the timber is plainly discernible.

That part of the Waihuna Gully then became known as Simson Reef.
Wanganui Herald, 27th March 1902
A Miscellaneous swag
John Frederick Lund was before the Court this (Thursday) morning, charged that on the 23rd of Match he stole 2 shirt, 2 pairs drawers, and one singlet, the value being 15s 6d, and the property of Thomas Simson; also that on the 19th of March he stole a toilet cover and a towel, the property of W. S. Dustin.-
The presiding justices were Messrs J. Paul and J. Thain, and the case for the police was conducted by Sergeant Norwood.
The accused pleaded not guilty to the first charge.
Thomas R. Simeon stated:- The accused had no right to take anything out of the portmanteau. John Anderson, boardinghouse-keeper, Stated that the last witness and accused were boarders, their rooms adjoining.
After the complaint had been made by Simson, witness went into accused's room with Constable Campbell, and saw the latter pull the swag ont from under the bed; also saw Simson recognise the things as his property.
The accused had denied having the swag in his possession. After the swag had been pulled ont, accused said that the string around it belonged to him, but not the swag or its contents.
Accused had two keys of the boardinghouse in his possession, which he had no right to.

Taranaki Herald, 7th February 1887.
Opunaki 3rd feb (from our corespondent)

Simson v. Simson. This was a claim for cattle wrongfully held.
Thomas Richie Simson deposed:
I bought a cow from Simson Bros. They gave me two other cows for it. With increase they now number ten head of cattle, I have applied to them, but have had no answer. I remember lending them 18, for which they were to pay me 10 per cent. I have not received notice of confession. I also lent them 20 to be secured by mortgage, but they have not paid the costs, 5 15s.
David Simson:
I received a letter from Mr. Hutchinsou demanding delivery of cattle. I refused to deliver them. By Mr. Caplin: I have no cattle of T. R. Simson's. He sold my mother a beast, and we sold it for her, giving her another cow and calf for it. Six or nine months before she died, she called my brother and I, and gave us the cow and her increase, as she said she knew defendant would sell them and drink the money. There was only the calf now with the cow as the other was killed in falling over the cliff.
My mother's money bought the cow. It came through the Bank of Australasia. The defendant did no work. We never agreed to pay interest for the 10. The signature to the receipt for 20 is mine. The mortgage was signed by my brother. Defendant was to pay costs by agreement. Only one of the cow's progeny is alive. The cow is worth 6, calf 10s. or 1.

Mother told me the money was hers. I have lent defendaut money, and have always treated him kindly. He did not help to build our house. There is a prohibition order against him, and we have had to protect our mother against his violence. Thomas Simson corroborated his brother. D. Simson: Defendant wanted a mortgage. He could have had his money had he wanted it. Judgment for plaintiff:
Cow and calf, 6 10s.; loan, 10; mortgage costs, 3 15s,

Thomas died 1907
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