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Family Trees of Chris Glass

Jane Richardson Douglas Glass
Alfred George

Maternal Lines from Yorkshire Paternal lines from Scotland
East Riding Lincolnshire, Shropshire Grandtully , Kilmallie , Kinross
Richardson , Brown Yorkshire
Caton Origins Caton,Bewley (Norfolk-Lincs.)
Quinchant/Kinchant  (Shropshire)
Borrell, Brown, Haigh,  (Lincs. Hull)
Campbell , Robertson, McFarlane
Scott of Borlick
Cameron , Colquhoun of Argyll
Crompton,   Elgey, Lakeland   Cranswick. Dull 1851 Census, mostly Campbells
LINK to new Crompton web site Glass of Kinross   Whyte of Kinross
Moncur of Kinross & NZ
Miller of Strathmiglo
Wakefield, Wrenthrope, Sandal Magna New Zealand
Ramsden , Helm, Colley
Roberts , Sugden , Hampshire

Oakes of Birmingham  
Glass in NZ   , Glass-Moncur
Low, Mills, Homewood  
Skipper-Fuller, McDonald   Boylan
Mann, Clarke, Waddell, Gunson,
Hayward   McClymont/Mcleaman, Jenner
Pearson, Wilson , Firth, Battye
Cameron , Campbell
Goodyer, MacMahon
Wills and Obits Maria McBeath's family albums
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Rouges Gallery ie my Pasport pics

Yorkshire tree started by John Robert Richardson abt.1910
added to by
Eileen Crompton 1935-90, Hugh Bensley 1990, Tim Pearson 2000
Elgey tree from Thomas crompton b.1867-1947 and daughter Edith
Campbell - Cameron NZ Trees, Stuart Park
Campbell-Cameron NZ trees, McBeath album photos, Charles Cameron Campbell
Glass,Moncur,Todd NZ tree, Kara Todd
Glass,Mann,Clarke, NZ tree, Julie Davis and Bob Clarke
Campbell,Cameron, NZ tree, Many thanks to Christine Sheehan
Bruce V Glass, listmaster Glass list rootsweb
Jim Glass, John Chalmers, Kinross
Maurice Wilson story, The Alpine Club and
Peter Meier-Hüsing
Shirley Hay, "Tracing your Ancestors" newspaper column
And to all who run and contribute to Genforum/Rootsweb

No claims are made as to the accuracy of this information
but it is provided in the hopes of inspiring futher research by anyone related.
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