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Wilfred Roberts born marqt1883 Chadderton, Oldham, Lancs

1901 census 
Source                RG13 Piece 3809 Folio  Page 38
Place                 Chadderton, Oldham, Lancs 
Dwelling              169 Featherstall Road 

William Kendall   head  M  32    Beer seller pub         South Africa
Lillian Kendall   wife  M  30                            Oldham
Alice   Kendall   dau       2        Oldham
Edwards Roberts   FIL   W  55    Textile Machine Fitter      Oldham
Edgar Roberts     BIL   S  26    Textile Machine Fitter      Oldham 
Edward G Roberts  BIL   S  22    Textile Machine Fitter      Oldham 
Wilfred  Roberts  BIL   S  18    Roller Coverer cotton      Oldham 

1911 census
Source              RG14PN24477 RG78PN1404 RD469 SD2 district7, Schedule 413 
Place               Oldham Lancs
Dwelling             63 Sylvan St, Oldham Lane

William Kendall  head  42 M Iron Turner  textile trade          Portsmouth Hants
Lillian Kendall  wife  40 M 15yrs 5children 3 living
Jenny   Kendall   dau  14
Alice   Kendall   dau  12    School
Annie    Kendall  dau   9 
George  Kendall   son   6 
William Kendall   son   2

Wilfred Roberts B.I.L. 27 S  Roller Coverer  Textile trade 

Wilfred Roberts married 3rd April 1920 at St Andrews Church, Oldham
to Sarah Ellen Rumney nee Leach

1911 census
source                  RG14; Piece: 24473, district 469, ed 3, 
place                   Oldham Central
dwelling                41 Cottam Street 

James        Leach   head  m  51   Carter   L.Y.R.               Oldham Lancs.
Emma         Leach   wife  m  47  9 children  4 living           Oldham
Sarah  Ellen Leach   dau      18  Card Loom   Fernhurst Mill     Oldham 
Elsie        Leach   dau      15  Card loom   Fernhurst mill     Oldham
James Edwin  Leach   son       9  Scholar                        Oldham 

Although Sarah is recorded as a spinster she first married sepqt 1912 Oldham to Joe J Rumney who was killed in WW1

Driver; RUMNEY, J J;   Service Number 10166
Died 20/07/1917;   Aged 23
30th Div. Ammunition Col.   Royal Field Artillery
Husband of Mrs. S. E. Rumney (formerly Leach),
of 181, Featherstall Rd. North, Oldham.

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