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Edgar Roberts Born junqt1873 Chadderton oldam lancs

1901 census 
Source                RG13 Piece 3809 Folio  Page 38
Place                 Chadderton, Oldham, Lancs 
Dwelling              169 Featherstall Road 

William Kendall   head  M  32    Beer seller pub         South Africa
Lillian Kendall   wife  M  30                            Oldham
Alice   Kendall   dau       2        Oldham
Edwards Roberts   FIL   W  55    Textile Machine Fitter      Oldham
Edgar Roberts     BIL   S  26    Textile Machine Fitter      Oldham 
Edward G Roberts  BIL   S  22    Textile Machine Fitter      Oldham
Wilfred  Roberts  BIL   S  18    Roller Coverer cotton      Oldham

Edgar Roberts m.sepqt1904 Sarah ellen Robertson

1911 census
Place               Oldham, lancs
dwelling            27 Tin Street, off Featherstall Road

Edgar       Roberts   head 37 M  6 years  Fitter textile machine worker    Oldham
Sarah ellen Roberts   wife 38 m  2 children cop Reeler  cotton manuf.      Oldham
James Robertson    stepson 11                                              Oldham
Jessie     Roberts   dau   6                                               Oldham
Lilian     Roberts   dau   3                                               Oldham

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