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Lillian was born ~ 20 March 1871 Chadderton, Oldham, Lancs

1891 census
Place             Oldham below town
Dwelling         39 Derby Street, schedule 147

Edward   Roberts  head W 45    Mechanic                    Wakefield
Lillian  Roberts  dau  s 20    apprentice                  Oldham
Edgar    Roberts  son    17    apprentice                  Oldham
Joseph   Roberts  son    14    Apprentice                  Oldham
Edward   Roberts  son    12    Scholar                     Oldham
Wilfred  Roberts  son     8    Scholar                     Oldham

Lilian Roberts m.marqt1896 Oldham William Kendall

1901 census 
Source                RG13 Piece 3809 Folio  Page 38
Place                 Chadderton, Oldham, Lancs 
Dwelling              169 Featherstall Road 

William Kendall   head  M  32    Beer seller pub             South Africa
Lillian Kendall   wife  M  30                                Oldham
Alice   Kendall   dau       2                                Oldham
Edwards Roberts   FIL   W  55    Textile Machine Fitter      Oldham
Edgar Roberts     BIL   S  26    Textile Machine Fitter      Oldham
Edward G Roberts  BIL   S  22    Textile Machine Fitter      Oldham
Wilfred  Roberts  BIL   S  18    Roller Coverer cotton       Oldham

1911 census
Source              RG14 piece 24477 RG78PN1404 RD469 SD2 district7, Schedule 413 
Place               Oldham Lancs
Dwelling            63 Sylvan St, Oldham Lane

William Kendall  head  42 M Iron Turner  textile trade       Portsmouth Hants
Lillian Kendall  wife  40 M 15yrs 5children 3 living
Jenny   Kendall   dau  14
Alice   Kendall   dau  12    School
Annie    Kendall  dau   9 
George  Kendall   son   6 
William Kendall   son   2

Wilfred Roberts B.I.L. 27 S  Roller Coverer  Textile trade

Jane  born junqt 1896  died 1897 aged 1 
Annie born decqt 1900  died 1901 aged 1

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