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George wiliam pearson Roberts
born 10 sep1893 at 64 Scholes Bank, Horwich, Manchester

1893 Birth in Registration District of Bolton

Registration in Sub-district of  Hoywick in the County of   York
No. When and
where born
Name Sex Name of
Name of
of Father
Informant When
000 10 sep 1893
64 Scholes Bank,
George william
pearson Roberts
Boy Gervase henry
formerly Murphy
Gervase Roberts
june 1894

Served in WW1

The London Gazette,2nd June 1916
The undermentioned to be temp 2nd Ltd (on prob):-
22nd May 1916
George william pearson Roberts

G W P Roberts Army Record1
G W P Roberts Army Record2

Elsie maria Shepherd b.1885 dau of
Francis Shepherd and Alice Beard
married late in life (aged35)
her first love having been killed during WW1
Elsie Shepherd George henry Roberts
Elsie maria
George william
pearson Roberts

Marriage in the Registration District of Lewisham

DEMO!!!Marriage solemnized at   Holy Trinity   in the parish of   Clapham   in the county of   Surrey
Number When Married Name and Surname Age Condition Rank or
Residence Fathers
xxx 20th Jun
George william
pearson Roberts
23 Bachelor Artillery sup Greenwich Gervice henry Roberts Engineer
Elsie Maria
35 Spinster     Francis Shepherd
Married in the   Church at Islington   According to the Rites and Ceremonies of the Established Church,     by Licence

by me xxxxxxxxxx

This Marriage
was solomnized
between us.
In the presence of:

info11 sheet2

1885 Birth in Registration District of Richmond, Surrey

Registration in Sub-district of  Westlake in the County of   Surrey
No. When and
where born
Name Sex Name of
Name of
of Father
Informant When
272 20 June 1885
2 Berverley Villas
Barnes R.Ss
Girl Francis
Alice susan
formerly Beard
Gentleman Alice S. Shepherd
2 Beverley Villas
Twenty ninth
July 1885

1855 Birth in Registration District of Islington, London

Registration in Sub-district of  East Islington in the County of   Middlesex
No. When and
where born
Name Sex Name of
Name of
of Father
Informant When
000 3rd January 1855
St Mary's Rd
Islington East
Boy Edward
Mary Jemima
formerly Stout
Edward Shepherd
Islington East
feb 1855
Info 11, sheet 3

Maternal Line

                          Forrester   Merchant
                          m.~1823    not found in igi
              children    | christened St Boltophs, Algate 
 Daniel                   Maria                  Thomas 
 george                   jane                   carter           
 b.07feb1824              b.04may1825            b.21sep1826
 c.23may1824              c. City Rd Hoxton      c.06dec1826
 d.                       d.                     d.
                          m.18oct1847 parish church , Clekenwell (St James )
                          Beard         solicitor
                          b.~1830 Plymouth   son of John Beard, Stone Mason
Sarah        Walter       Alice        Thomas       Ernest       Minnie mary  Arthur       William      Charles
letitia      james        susan        george       boleno       ann cameron  healy        |            oakley
b.junqt1850  b.MarQt1852  b.           b.1855/6     b.1857/8     b.1859       b.1860/1     b.1863/4     b.1866/7
             c.           c.24feb1854  c.                        | hackney
             d.           d.15dec1897  d.                        | 1b 304
             |            |            |                         |
             m.junQt1875  m.decQt1884? m.marQt1879               m.10oct1890 Wandsworth
             |             London 1C-6 |                         |           1d 1126
             Annie F.     Francis      Anne Kopetzkey            William norman
             West         Shepherd     Fownes                    Higgs 
             b.1856/7     b.03jan1855  b.1860/1                  b.1866/7 
             d.           d.15jul1894                            d.1939

possible GRO birth entries sarah L Junqt1850 Shorditch ( contains part of Hackney) Walter J W MarQt1852 Hackney 1b 226 Alice Thomas Ernest Minnie M A C Qt1859 Hackney 1b 304 Arthur Healy SepQt1860 Hackney 1b 324 William John DecQt1863 west Ham 4a 52 charles H. MarQt1866 pancras 1b 112 GRO Marriage entries Thomas george MarQt1879 Kingston 2a 380 Minnie M A C DecQt1890 Wandsworth 1d 1126 GRO deaths Thomas Beard death JunQt 1895 aged 67 wandsworth 1D 387 Maria jane Beard death MarQt 1910 aged 84 Kensigton 1A-101
Info 11 , sheet 4


Marriage in the Registration District of Camden

Marriage solemnized at   St. James Church   in the parish of   Clerkenwell   in the county of   Middlesex
Number When Married Name and Surname Age Condition Rank or
Residence Fathers
416 18th October
Thomas Beard 17? Bachelor clerk 6 Amwell Street John Beard Stone Mason
Maria Jane
23 Spinster   7 Chapple Street Daniel Forrester Merchant
Married in the   Church at Clerkenwell   According to the Rites and Ceremonies of the Established Church,   after Banns

by me xxxxxxxxxxxx

thomas and maria signitures
This Marriage
was solomnized
between us.
In the presence of:
Caroline Forrester
Timothy Clark

1851 Census
Kingsland, Hoxton,Middlesex

1861 Census 
Place                   Islington folio 31 pages 54/5       shed 277
Appears to be a small private school at 15 Enfield Drive

                      Rel     age   Occ            Born
Susan Amelia  Beard  Boarder  11    Pupil ,        Kingsland, Middlesex
Alice Susan   Beard  Boarder   7    Pupil ,        Kingsland, Middlesex
Thomas George Beard  Boarder   5                   Kingsland, Middlesex

I couldnt find parents Thomas and Maria but I was only searching middlesex
Was there an earlier child who died circa 1848 call john or daniel after grandparents
where is Walter aged 9 and Ernest aged 3

1871 census Source RG10 piece 992, folio 7a/8, pages 14/15, enu 46 place St Marys Parish Highbury, dwelling 165 Highbury New park Thomas Beard head 42 Solictor Devon , Plymouth Maria Jane Beard wife 44 London Walter James Beard son 19 Articled clerk to Solicitor London Alice Susan Beard dau 17 Scholar London Thomas george Beard son 15 Scholar London Ernest Boleno Beard son 13 Scholar London Charles Oakley Beard son 4 London 1871 Census Margate Kent page 32 enu 115, 23 Union Cresent ( a small school) Minnie C Beard age 11 , pupil born London where are Arthur 10 and William 7

Info 11, sheet 5
Beard line cont.
1881 census
Source:	                  RG11   Piece 0631  Folio  28  Page 49
Place:                    Clapham, Surrey, England
Dwelling:	          Esselmont   (near Macauley Rd north side of the Common)

                Rel   Mar  Age  Occ                Birthplace
Thomas   BEARD  head   M   51   Solicitor          Plymouth
Maria J. BEARD	wife   M   55                      Hoxton, Middlesex
Walter                     29   see below 
Alice BEARD	dau    U   26                      Kingsland, Middlesex
Thomas George              25   see below
Ernest BEARD    son    U   23   Student            Kingsland, Middlesex
Minnie BEARD    dau    U   21 		           Kingsland, Middlesex
Arthur BEARD    son    U   20  Auctioneers Clerk   Kingsland, Middlesex
William BEARD   son    U   17  Merchants Clerk     Sw...brook, Essex 

1881 census Source: Ref RG11 Piece 0631 Folio 53 Page 36 Place: Clapham, Surrey, England Dwelling: Fern Holme (Olando Road ajacent to Macauley Rd) Rel Mar Age Occ Birthplace Thomas G. BEARD head M 25 Solicitor Kingsland, Anne K. BEARD wife M 20 Bromley,kent Mountjoy BEARD son 1 Twickenham Gladys Anne BEARD dau 4m Clapham Thomas George Beard married Anne Kopetzkey, MarQt 1875 Kingston
1881 census Source: Ref RG11 Piece 0604 Folio 85 Page 47 Place: Lambeth, Surrey, England Dwelling: 108 Lansdowne Rd Rel Mar Age Occ Birthplace Walter J.W. BEARD head M 29 Solr Kingsland, Middlesex Annie F. BEARD wife M 24 Kingsland, Middlesex Balfour W. BEARD son 5 Islington, Middlesex Walter James W. Beard married Annie florence West, JunQt 1875 Islington 1B-339 Balfour west Beard born MarQt 1876 Islington 1B-394
1891 census Source RG12/445 Folio 106a page 28 enu 110, Place Wandsworth St Stevens parish Dwelling 20 Upper Richmond Rd. Rel Age Occ Born Thomas Beard head 61 solicitor Devon plymouth Mary Beard wife 65 London Charles Beard son 24 Iron Brokers Clerk London Alice susan has married Shepherd see next sheet Susan amelia Beard may have married Jno Crowhust also born kingsland
1901 census Thomas aged 45 born Kingsland Maidenhead Solicitor Walter aged 49 born Kingsland Bloomsbury Solicitor Ernest aged 43 born Kingsland Kensington Barrister at Law Maria aged 75 born brixton Kensington Living own means Arthur aged 40 born Essex Brook Buckland-entire living own means

Info 11, sheet 6


1881 census
Source:	             Ref RG11    Piece 0340    Folio 104    Page 7
Place:	             Grays Inn & Staple Inn, London, Middlesex
Dwelling:	     2 Verulam Bldgs

                   Rel   Mar  Age  Occ            Birthplace
William B.M. BIRD  head   U   26  Solicitor       Grays Inn, Middlesex   
Francis SHEPHERD  lodger  U   26  Merchant        Highbury, Middlesex,  

1891 census Source RG12/450 folio 120 page 19, Place St Mary magdelen parish, Wandsworth Dwelling Holmwood , Routh Rd. Francis Shepherd 36 living on own means Highbury London Alice Shepherd 36 Islington London Elsie Shepherd 5 Barnes, Surrey
Edward John Shepherd Grocer Stout Lieutenant Easty India Co. b. b. d. d.1823 Bassadore Island | | Persion Gulf m. m. | | unknown jane jemima ? ? b. b. d. d.1838 | | ========== ================== Edward timber merchant Mary jemima b.1805? b.Bombay before 1823 d.1877 d. | | m.09jun1846 St John the Baptist Shorditch IGI batch M040371 | |================================================ Francis Shepherd b.03jan1855 at St Mary's Rd Islington east d.15jul1894 at 10 Routh Rd, Wandsworth | m.decQt1884? london city 1C-6 | Alice Beard c.24feb1854 at St John the Baptist, Shorditch d.15dec1897 at 3 York Villas, Brighton | |==========================================|==========================|| Elsie Kathleen maria daisy b.20jun1885 Barnes GRO Richmond 2a384 b.MarQt1893 Wandsworth 1D 776a d.29apr1968 d. | | m.SepQt1920 Lewisham 1D 2839 m.decqt1916 lewisham 1d 2045 | | George henry Philip L Roberts Lincoln Air commador b.Howick,GRO 1894 bolton SepQt 8c 387 | d. d. | | |================|| |================|==========|| Elizabeth Aubrey Guy joan | P b.junqt1921 lewisham
Info 11, sheet 7

Higgs LINE

Following their parents deaths it appears Elsie and Kathleen Shepherd were "adopted" abt 1897 by Aunt Minnie Beard about 1897
Her husband William norman Higgs family seem to have been very prosperous. did Alice Shepherd and her 2 daughters stay in the family home following her husbands death in 1894 or ha she been staying with her sister Minnie

1901 census 
Source:                 RG13/3387 ED10 folio147 page49 enu 273
                        Hoylake cum Kirby, Cheshire
                        District Wirral, sub-district Woodchurch, St Bridget parish

                     Rel    Age    Occ                                Birthplace
Wm. T.       Higgs   head   34  Grocery Store manager and Director    Islington
Minnie M.A.  Higgs   wife   41                                        Kingsland
Jon M N      Higgs   dau     9                                        New Barnet
Dorothy N    Higgs   dau     7                                        Highbury
Vera N       Higgs   dau     6                                        Highbury

Horace S     Higgs   brother 22                                       Highgate
Lillian B    Higgs   sister  19                                       Highgate    
Kathleen  Shepherd   niece    8                                       Wandsworth

Mary ann Macbeth     serv    56                                       Ireland
Ellen    Macbeth     serv    18                                       Manchester
Gertrude Davies      serv    25                                       Birkenhead
Kathleen is thought to have been "adopted by "bird" family a solicitor!!!!]
Is this not more probable as Beard as 2 of her mothers sibling are solicitors and a 3rd a barrister?

1901 census
Source               RG13  Piece 880, ED7, Folio 8, Page 7, schedule 31, 
                     Eastbourne, East Sussex, St Peters parish
Finishing? school    for about 40 girls
Elsie    Shepherd    boarder 15      Pupil                            Barnes Surrey

Higgs Origins
1881 census Source Ref RG11, Piece 0221, Folio 71, Page 3 Place: St Pancras, London, Middlesex, England Dwelling: Hertford House REl Mar Age Occ Birthplace William Alpheus HIGGS head M 42 Tea Dealer Luckington, Wiltshire (Employing Gardener Labourer Groom) Phoebe HIGGS wife M 35 St Lukes, Middlesex William Norman HIGGS son U 14 Scholar Islington, Middlesex Stanley HIGGS son U 13 Scholar Islington, Middlesex Edwin HIGGS son U 12 Scholar Islington, Middlesex Annie HIGGS dau U 7 Scholar Hornsey, Middlesex Herbert Alpheus HIGGS son U 6 Scholar Hornsey, Middlesex Lewis Leonard HIGGS son U 5 Scholar Hornsey, Middlesex Mabel HIGGS dau U 3 Hornsey, Middlesex Horace Sydney HIGGS son U 2 Highgate, Middlesex Granville Parkinson HIGGS son 9 m twin Highgate, Middlesex Reginald Francis HIGGS son 9 m twin Highgate, Middlesex John Edward WHITE nephew U 23 Tea dealers manager Weston Supermare, Somerset Clara Sophia PYRKE serv U 36 Governess Islington, Middlesex Sophia SPINDLE serv U 35 Nurse Wantage, Berkshire Harriet MAKINS serv U 23 2nd nurse Wendling, Norfolk Elizabeth CHURCH serv U 17 Minder nurse St Giles, Middlesex Mary Ann MANN serv U 24 Parlour maid London, Middlesex Esther WITHERS serv U 31 Cook Littlemore, Oxford Mary Ann WARD serv U 29 housemaid Littleheath, Middlesex

Info 11, sheet 8

Calender of Probates /Wills /Administration

1895  page 150
Thomas Beard of Stanley Lodge , 20 Upper Richmond Rd. Putney Surrey
Died 10th Jun 1895
Probate London 3rd Aug to
Maria Jane Beard Widow
Walter James Westcott Beard Solicitor
Ernest Beard esquire, Barrister at Law &
William John Beard , Auctioneer
Effects 50.850-6sh

Maria Jane no probate found if she is the Maria Beard who died in 1910
 in Kensington
this dosnt rule her out as all her money might be in trust from her husband
so no probate due


1894 page 61
Francis Shepherd of Holmwood, Routh Rd. Wandsworth Common Surrey
Died 16 july 1894.
Probate London 16 August to
Charles Boucher Lindsay Esq &
William Barrott Montford Bird , Solicitor
Effects 4,214-17s-8d

1897                                               (sorry forgot page number)
Alice Susan Beard of 3 York Villas, Brighton, Widow
died 15 dec 1897
Administration (Ltd) London  1st Febuary 1898  to
Ernest Beard, Barrister at Law
Effects 454-10s-10d


Application Order By Post to York Probate Registry 1st Floor Council Chambers Clifford Street York y01 9rg Give full name Date of Death Check for 5 made out to H.M.C.S.

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