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Following the death of his father circa 1847 george is sent to live with his paternal uncles.

1851 census
Source               HO107; Piece: 2327; Folio: 18; Page: 28
Place                Wakefield District 1a St Johns
Dwelling             Albion Street shed 114 

Joseph       Roberts  head    U   44   Farmer and Gardener emp 6 lab    Wakefield 
George       Roberts  brother U   35   farmer and Gardiner 
Martha       Roberts  sister  U   35   unmarried
George Henry Roberts  nephew  U    8   scholar 
Martha       Taylor   ser         21   gen servant 

1861 census 
Source             RG9; Piece: 3422; Folio: 29; Page: 51;
Place              Wakefield district 1 St Johns
Dwelling           Albion Street shed 212

Joseph   Roberts  head    U  54   Farmer occ 95 acres              Wakefield
George   Roberts  brother u  46   Farmer                           Wakefield
George H Roberts  nephew  u  18   Farmer                           Wakefield
Sarah Armistead    ser    u  55   general servant                  Wakefield

George henry Roberts ,married 14 oct 1870
to Ellen Pearson
1871 census       
Source            RG10; Piece: 4623; Folio: 53; Page: 35;
Place             Wakefield district 2 St Johns
Dwelling          Northgate, schedule 192     

George H  Roberts head M   28     Market Gardener                Wakefield
Ellen     Roberts wife M   22
Gervase H Roberts son       4months

1881 census      Wakefield, York, England
Source:	         RG11  Piece 4576    Folio 63    Page 50
Place            Horbury Rd Gosney Row, Alverthorpe
Dwelling:        Northgate
George H.  ROBERTS   head   M    38   Markt Gdnr and Farmer  Wakefield
Ellen      ROBERTS   wife   M    32                          Wrenthorpe
Gervase H. ROBERTS   son         10   Scholar                Wakefield
Annie E.   ROBERTS   dau          5   Scholar                Wakefield
Louisa E.  ROBERTS   dau          4   Scholar                Wakefield
Martha E.  ROBERTS   dau          1                          Wakefield

Sarah J. WAINWRIGHT  ser          17  Gen Domestic Serv      Ardsley

1891 census
Source                   RG12 Piece 3748, Folio 25, Page 6
Place                    Wakefield, St Johns
Dwelling                 1 Wentworth Terrace, Shedule 35
	                 Rel   Mar  Age  Occ                               Birthplace
George Henry   Roberts   head  M    48   Living on own means               Wakefield
Ellen          Roberts   wife  M    42                                     Wrenthorpe
Gervase Henry  Roberts   son   s    20   Mechanical apprentice student     Wakefield
Louisa Ellen   Roberts   dau        14   Scholar                           Wakefield
Martha Eveline Roberts   dau        11   Scholar                           Wakefield
Mary           Roberts   dau         9   Scholar                           Wakefield
Sarah Ann Goodair        ser        40   Gen Domestic Serv                 Wakefield

George Henry Rolberts died 16sep1900

1901 Census
Source                   RG13/4284  folio 38 page31 Shedule 217
place                    Wakefield,  district 2, St Johns parish
Dwelling                 1 Wentworth Terrace
Ellen   Roberts    Head  W   52    living on own means   
Mary    Roberts    dau   s   19
No servants listed?

Martha not at home
possible visitor in Hessle where her brother George lives 

Hessle without E yorks
RG13/4474 ed4 folio 72 page 10 enu 54

Martha Roberts visitor aged 20 born Wakefield 
however head is Charles Stephan from Scotland 
and wife Ada from Fleetwood Lancs neither any obvious family connections
might have something to do with Lewis Dixon whom she married in Scarbrough 1908

Kelly's Directory 1901 Wrenthrope

Henry   Roberts     Bragg lane End     Private resident
Joseph  Roberts     Commercial         Farmer
George  Roberts     Brandy Carr        Market Gardener

Gervase born 1870/1 is listed in the funeral of his father in 1900 as of Horwich also in probate and Will

1901 census 
source               RG13/4284 ed2 folio 38 page 31 enu 217
place                Horwich Lancs, Holy Trinity

Gervase Roberts  head     30    Mechanical Engineer and Gas Manager   Wakefield
Martha  Roberts  wife     40                                          Derbyshire
George Henry Roberts aged  7                                          Horwich 
Gladys M Murphy  Stepdau  17                                          Derby

Free BMD has 
marriage marQt 1893 Bolton
Gervase Henry Roberts
Matilda Murphy
George H. Roberts (Bolton GRO 8c)

1911 census
Source              RG14; Piece: 28944. district 527 sub 2, ed 20
Place               Scarborough
Dwelling            16 Grosvenor Road 

Ellen Roberts head w 62          Private means              Wakefield

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