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Baptism 13th February 1843, All Saints, Wakefield

Baptism of George Henry Roberts

George henry's start in life was modest, a son of Jervis Roberts a Butcher and Jane Sugden daughter of Joseph Sugden an Inn Keeper at the Fleece Inn, Market place wakefield.

George's father - Joseph Roberts died 15th May 1846.
George's youngest brother Wallace was born marqt1849 confirmed by his age of 2 in 1851 census which initially suggests his father died at later date, however the will of Joseph Sugden feb 1847 names George's mother Jane Roberts as a widow of Joseph Roberts; suggesting the 1846 date is correct.
Wallace's birth cert in 1849 only lists mother Jane, so who was Wallace's father?

By 1851 his widowed mother Jane has moved to Tofts Yard Northgate
with 3 of the children , Jane's eldest daughter Mary Roberts aged 12 is working as barmaid for Jane's brother, Edward Sugden , at the Fleece Inn
and George henry, aged 8, is living in Albion St with his paternal uncles, who were market gardeners
The 1861 census shows George henry aged 18 a farmer is now working with his uncles and still in Albion St

George married in 1870 to Ellen Pearson daughter of Timothy Pearson farmer of Snow Hill Wrenthrope,
and by 1871 census George henry is a market gardener in his own right
did he get a helping hand from his wife's family

Marriage in the Registration District of Wakefield

Marriage solemnized at   St Pauls Church   in the parish of   Alverthorpe   in the county of   York
Number When Married Name and Surname Age Condition Rank or
Residence Fathers
416 October 14th
George Henry Roberts 27 Bachelor Gardener Wakefield Gervice Roberts Gardener
22 Spinster   Alverthorpe Timothy Pearson Gardener
Married in the Church at Alverthorpe According to the Rites and Ceremonies of the Established Church,
by Banns / Licence    by me W.Stevenson, Curate   
signiture This Marriage
was solomnized
between us.
In the presence of:
Timothy Pearson,
W. Pearson and
Mary Ann Briggs

Witness Mary Ann Briggs married Ellen's brother William Pearson in 1871
sheet 2

In 1882 George Henry Roberts inherited money from his late uncle Joseph Roberts for whom he had work for some 20 years He was made Executor along with John Beeford Boston who had married his Aunt Martha Roberts

The 1881 census shows he is still a market gardener but
In 1885 builds himself a new home on land he had bought the previous year The land was described in deeds as "used as garden ground in the occupation of John Briggs". the land was owned by the Heywood family. who live opposite in Wentworth house. For years the land was not built on to ensure their view was unrestricted. Around 1885 George henry became an Alderman and a member of Wakefield lodge of FreeMasons In 1898 was made Mayor of Wakefield, sadly he died in 1900 .
His widow Ellen Roberts seem to have sold Avenue house shortly after as her 2 youngest daughters where married in Scarborough 1904 and 1908 where Ellen lived for several years before moving to wales where she died in 1941

In 1909, when Canon E A Welch was inducted as the vicar of Wakefield, Avenue house became the new vicarage. But not everyone thought it was suitable when the Rev Noel T Hopkins became the city's vicar in 1933, he thought the house was too big because of its many cellars and attics. He and his family moved to 11 South Parade before settling in the cathedral vicarage in Margaret Street.

It was the council's decision to buy the house at this point that saved it from being turned into business premises and its grounds into garages, and it proved to be the perfect building for an Art gallery when it opened in 1934.

sheet 3

Avenue House, Wentworth Terrace
now Wakefield's ART GALLERY

The spacious reception rooms and bedrooms, designed for the family, all open on to large hallways.

The servants quarters had their own back staircase

Over the years Avenue House has been very little altered. Its fine stonework, floor tiles and decorative glass door panels with Temporial symbols of power, peace and plenty remain characteristic of Victorian middle-class taste.
There is a possibility that his widow Ellen Roberts may have vacated the house and gone to live with her son Joseph prior to selling Avenue house and moving to Scarbrough with her youngest daughter Mary
In 1909 the house became the new vicarage for the vicar of Wakefield and when the Rev Noel T Hopkens became Wakefield's vicar in 1933 he found the vast house with its many cellars as well as attics unsuitable.

Avenhue house
Front of Avenue house

Avenue House
Side showing servants entrance

Roberts,info8 sheet3
Ellen Roberts
    LEFT:- Ellen Roberts
(nee Pearson) with
son Gervase henry / grandson /George henry
and Gtgrand dau Elizabeth joan
Ellen Pearson
Eventually Ellen moved to Wales
where she died in 1941 see Wills

Family listed at funeral of
George Henry Roberts  16 sep 1900 St Johns Wakefield

Mrs Roberts, Mr Gervase H Roberts, Horwich(son)
Miss Roberts, Misses Mary and Patti Roberts(daughters)
Mr Edward Roberts(brother), Mr G H Roberts(newphew)
Mr Vine (brother in-law), and Mr J R  Richardson.

see Wills section for full Obit and WILL

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