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      John Spurr
      d.before1851 possible marqt1849 Pontifract 22 364
      m.16jun1828 St John, Wakefield
      b.21nov1802 Methley        to Sarah Hollings and Joseph Archer
      c...dec1802 Methley Yorks  
      |       children c.Methley        registered pontifract
Mary          Joseph       Hannah       William      Sarah        Elizabeth**  George
ann           |            |            |            |            |            henry           
c.14dec1828   c.20apr1834  c.14feb1836  c.27may1838  b.18aug1842  c.08sep1844  c.13feb1849
|             |            |            r.junqt1838  r.sepqt1842  r.sepqt1844  r.marqt1849
d.            d.           d?1847       d.                        d.           d.
|             |            Wakefield    |                         |            |
m?marqt1843                             m?marqt1868               m.10dec1867  m.sepqt1874
|                                       |                         |            |  
John Franks                             Elizabeth                 Joe S        Sarah Hannah
George Hemmingway                       Cook                      Roberts      Taylor  
William Holmes                          b.1833/4                               1881census
                                        Selby                                  wrenthrope

**Elizabeth Spurr c.08sep1844 Methley registered junqt1844 Pontifract
1851 census
source          HO107, piece 2329, folio 7, Page 6
Place           Methley district 1a
Dwelling        Water Gate, Schedule 30

Ann          Spurr head W  48   Gardiner                       Methley
John         Spurr son  U  19   Gardiner                       Methley
William      Spurr son     12   Potter                         Methley
Sarah        Spurr dau      8   Scholar                        Methley
Elizabeth    Spurr dau      6   Scholar                        Methley 
George henry Spurr son      2                                  Methley

1861 census
source               RG9 piece 3432 folio 45 page 16
Place                Methley District 12, Yorkshire
Dwelling             Methley Lane , Schedule 82

Ann     Spurr head W 58                                 Methley
William Spurr son  U 22  Ag Lab                         Methley
Sarah   Spurr dau  U 20                                 Methley 
George H Spurr son   13  Scholar                        Methley

1861 census
Source               RG9 Piece 3423 folio 27 page 8
Place                Wakefield St John
Dwelling             Silver Street

Elizabeth Spurr age 19 servant                          Methley

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