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Joseph died decqt1900

1861 census
source             RG9, piece 3422, folio 92, page 22/23
Place              Wakefield, district 4
Dwelling           Tofts Yard Northgate  schedule 113

                    Rel  Mar Age  Occ                    Born
Jane     Roberts    head  W  41   House Keeper           Wakefield
Joe      Roberts    son   u  20   Whitesmith             Wakefield 
Edward  Roberts     son      15   WhiteSmith             Wakefield
Wallace  Roberts    son      12   Errand Boy             Wakefield

Joe Sugden Roberts whitesmith aged 27 of Wakefield
married, after Banns , 10th November 1867 St Peters, Stanley
Elizabeth Spurr spinster aged 23 of Stanley, dau of John Spurr Gardiner

Elizabeth Spurr c.08sep1844 Methley registered junqt1844 Pontifract

Baptism St Peter, Stanley


1871 census
Source               RG10 piece 4628 folio 20 page 10
Place                Alverthorpe and Thornes, district 7
Dwelling             Kays Buildings schedule 44

                 Rel   Mar Age  Occ                   born
Joe S   Roberts  head   M  30  Whitesmith             Wakefield Yorks
Jane A  Roberts  dau        2                         Wakefield Yorks
Jane    Roberts  mother W  50   Nurse                 Wakefield Yorks

is this Elizabeth
1871 census
source               RG10 piece 4562 folio 132 page
Place                West Leeds district 28
Dwelling             Bridge mount Villa, schedule 126

Elizabeth Roberts serv 26     Charwoman               Methley Yorks

Baptism St Peter, Stanley


1881 census
Source                   RG11, Piece 4582, Folio 44 page 38
Place                   Thornes, Alverthorpe cum Thornes
Dwelling                schedule 201, Gosney Row, Horbury Road 

Joe S.      Roberts   Head   40 Whitesmith and Bill Hanger    Wakefield
Elizabeth   Roberts   wife   36                               Wakefield  
Jane ann    Roberts   dau    12                               Wakefield
George Hy.  Roberts   son     7                               Wakefield

Who son is
George Henry S. Roberts
born MarQt1874 9c,90
died junQt1876 9c,48 aged 2

1891 census
source         RG12, piece 3748, folio 40, page 35
Place          Wakefield district 2 St Johns
Dwelling       schedule 22, 6 Rishworth Street 

Joe Sugden  Roberts head M  50    ~~                     Wakefield, Yorkshire
Elizabeth   Roberts wife M  46                           Methley
Jane Ann    Roberts dau u   22  Dress Maker              Wakefield     
George hy   Roberts son     17  Solicitors Clerk         Wakefield
Jane        Roberts         71  Mother                   Wakefield

Jane ann died 1894 aged 25

Joseph sugden Roberts
of 6 Rishworth Street Wakefield
died 30 January 1900
Administration 23 march 1900 wakefield to
Elizabeth Roberts widow, Effects 219 13s 4d

1901 census        RG13, Piece 4284, Folio 35 page 25/26
Place              St. John's, Wakefield
Dwelling           schedule 167, 6 Rishworth street

Elizabeth Roberts head  W 55  house keeper  domestic                Methley 
Mary     Merea    Border  22  hoesery factory                       Ireland
Margaret Molloy   Boarder 22  hoesery factory                       Ireland
Sarah Clements    Boarder 66  living on own means                   Drigg, Cumberland

possible death Elizabeth decqt1925 wakefield 9c 44 aged 81
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