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Pigots directory of 1834 Butchers Javis Roberts of westagate

1841 census  
source                  HO107 piece 1275/5  folio 19 page 30
place                   Wakefield, district 19
Dwelling                Old Crown of Northgate

Jervis Roberts      25    Butcher     Y
Jane   Robets       20                y
Mary Ann Roberts     2                Y
John   Roberts       6mnth            Y

Jevaise/Jarvis Roberts of Westgate buried 18th May 1846 St. Johns Wakefield aged 36
Jane Roberts is refered to as widow of "Gervis Roberts, Butcher" in Joseph Sugden Will but jane Robert's son Wallace is only 2!, his birth registation only lists mother

Registration also shows the family has moved to Elm St off Saville street which is nearby to Albion street where Gervice Roberts; brothers live.
by 1851 Jane has moved again

1851 census 
Source                 HO107; Piece: 2327; Folio: 85; Page: 14
place                  Wakefield district 1d All saints 
Dwelling               Tofts Yard Northgate  shed 61

                       Rel  Mar Age   Occ                             Born
Jane         Roberts   head  w  31   head Annuitant widow             Wakefield
Jo. sugden   Roberts   son      10 son  Scholar
Edward       Roberts   son       5 son  Scholar
Wallace      Roberts   son       2 son
Maria        Sugden   visitor   14
Maria is Jane's youngest sister
why was George henry sent to live with his uncles in Albion Street

1851 census
Source               HO107; Piece: 2327; Folio: 18; Page: 28
Place                Wakefield District 1a St Johns
Dwelling             Albion Street shed 114 

Joseph       Roberts  head    U   44   Farmer and Gardener emp 6 lab    Wakefield 
George       Roberts  brother U   35   farmer and Gardiner 
Matha        Roberts  sister  U   35   unmarried
George Henry Roberts  nephew  U    8   scholar 
Martha       Taylor   ser         21   gen servant 
info2b sheet 2

Jane's eldest daughter Mary Ann Roberts is working as bar maid for her maternal uncle

1851 census  
Source                 HO107; Piece: 2327; Folio: 154; Page: 44;
place                  Wakefield district 1f   all saints
Dwelling               Fleace Yard Market place shed 141

Edward W    Sugden   head   26   Inn Keeper            Wakefield 
Sarah       Sugden   wife   27                         Askern
Elenor      Sugden   dau     3                         Wakefield
William  H  Sugden   son     1                         Wakefield
Maria       Sugden   ser    14                         Wakefield
Mary Ann    Roberts  niece  12  bar maid               Wakefield
Thomas      Drury     ser   41  Breace
Marther     Jackson   ser   18  manse servant
George      Buckett   ser   43  Ostler 
Thomas      Ellis  visitor  21  Accountant

Although Edward waterworth Sugden's age donsn't match igi christening in 13feb1828,
but there are no other edward sugdens born wakefield about this time The Fleace Inn was originally Willed to all the children as Tennant in common
See Sugden Wills

Jane has stopped moving and is again in Tofts yard

1861 census
source             RG9, piece 3422, folio 92, page 22/23
Place              Wakefield, district 4
Dwelling           Tofts Yard Northgate  schedule 113

                    Rel  Mar Age  Occ                    Born
Jane     Roberts    head  W  41   House Keeper           Wakefield
Joe      Roberts    son   u  20   Whitesmith             Wakefield   
Edward   Roberts    son      15   WhiteSmith             Wakefield
Wallace  Roberts    son      12   Errand Boy             Wakefield

Jane's son Joseph is now head of the family

1871 census
Source             RG10; Piece: 4628; Folio: 20; Page: 10; 
Place             Wakefield district 2, Alverthorpe with thorns
Dwelling          Kays Buildings schedule 44

Joe S.  Roberts head   M  30  Whitesmith                       Wakefield
Jane A. Roberts dau        2                                   Wakefield  
Jane    Roberts mother W  50   Nurse                           Wakefield  

1871 census
source               RG10; Piece: 4562; Folio: 132; Page: 25;
place                 West Leeds
dwelling              Bridge Monsat Villa

Elizabeth Roberts serv M 26      charwoman                     Methley

The 1881 census finds the Widow Jane visiting her sister Eliza also a widow

1881 census
place                      Leeds west leeds
Dwelling                   47 Stanhope St. ed51

Eliza      Walker  head    W  66             b. wakefield
Jane       Roberts visitor W  61  sister     b. wakefield

1891 census 
source         RG12 piece 3748 folio 40 page 35
Place          Wakefield district 2 St Johns
Dwelling       6 Rishworth street, enu 220 

Joe Sugden  Roberts head M  50                           Wakefield, Yorkshire
Elizabeth   Roberts wife M  46                           Methley
Jane Ann    Roberts dau u   22 Dress Maker                
George hy   Roberts son     17  Solicitors Clerk         
Jane        Roberts         71  Mother  

possible Jane Roberts Death junqt1894 aged 74 GRO Wakefield 9c 30

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