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Blanche Vine m marqt1894 Wakefield 9c 73
James thomas Cleminson

1901 census 
Place:                      North Westgate, wakefield 
Dwelling:                   Henry Street    

James T   Cleminson   head M 32  engine Maker              Leeds  
Blanche   Clemindson  wife m 34  fitter                   Wakefield
Herbert A Cleminson   dau     4                           Wakefield
Clarice   Clemindson  dau     2                           Wakefield

1911 census
source             RG14; Piece: 27399 district 504
place;             Wakefield
Dwelling;          22 Manor Road

James Thos Cleminson  42 head M 17yrs  Engineer (Fitter)           Leeds
Blanche    Cleminson  44 wife m children 2 , 1 living              Wakefield
Clarice    Cleminson  12 dau   School                              Wakefield 

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