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      John            m.12sep1791     Faith  dau of Thomas Gill
      Sugden          |               Gill          
      c.05may1770     |               c.27nov1770
      d.              |               d.
                      Joseph                John            
                      b.20feb1792           c.01apr1793
                      d.08feb1847 Wakefield
                     br.11feb1847 in Vicar's Croft
                      m.09 feb 1812 All Saints Wakefield
                      Cardwell   dau of William Cardwell m.1789 Ann Waterworth
                      c.22jun1790 All saints Wakefield
                     br.04jan1847 All Saints
                     |                                             cont.
       Ann           Eliza         Mary          Jane          Frederick 
       |             |             |             |             cardwell       
       b.1813        b.16sep1814   b.            b.            b.09jul1822  
       c.            c.15may1815   c.27jan1817   c.24jun1820   c.30mar1823  
       d.09jul1830   d.            d.11jan1835   d.            d.marqt1887  
       ***********   |             ***********   |             | aged62    
                     m.1836                      m.13oct1838   m.27jun1846  
                     |                           |             |           
                     George                      Gearvis       Elizabeth  
                     Walker                      Roberts       Fawcett       
                     b.                          b.03sep1810   b.~           
                     d.                          d.1846        d.           

           Edward        Elizabeth     Matilda       Joseph        Maria        
           waterworth    |             |             william       |            
           b.09jan1825   b.27jun1827   b.01may1830   b.11feb1833   b.20sep1836  
           c.13feb1828   c.13feb1828   c.18mar1833   c.18mar1833   c.26oct1836  
           d.junqt1877   d.            d.01oct1876   d.            d.
           | aged52      |             | aged 46     |             |
           m.29jul1845   m.10jul1847   m.04jun1848   m.decqt1858   m.21feb1854
           |             |             |             |             |         
           Sarah         Thomas        Wallace       Jane eliza    Henry
           Herring       Sidney        Hampson       Robinson      Wainwright 
           b.            b.            b.            b.            b.25may1831
           d.            d.            d.            d.            d.

Joseph Sugden, Inn keeper, named as Executor in the will of
James HEBDEN of Snow Hill Wakefield 07 dec 1838,
In Joseph Sugden's WILL of 15th Jan 1847 children listed as:
Eliza wife of George Walker
Jane Roberts widow of Jervise Roberts, a butcher
Elizabeth Sugden
Matilda Sugden
Joe William Sugden
Maria Sugden
Frederick cardwell Sugden

sugden, info2a sheet 2

1841 census
source                HO107, Piece 1272, Book 9, Folio 5, Page 4
place                 Wakefield,    District 18
Dwelling              Market Place      
Joseph     Sugden  45        Publican           Y
Mary       Sugden  50                           y
Frederick  Sugden  18        CC                 y
Edward     Sugden  15        Lab                y
Elizabeth  Sugden  13                           y
Matilda    Sugden   8                           y
Maria      Sugden   4                           y
Both Joseph and his wife Mary died in 1847
Elizabeth Sugden married 10jun1847 Thomas Sidney
Matilda Sugden married 04jun1848 Wallace Hampson

1851 census  
Source               HO107; Piece: 2327; Folio: 154; Page: 44;
place                Wakefield, district 1f,   All Saints
Dwelling             Fleace Yard, Market Place, schedule 141

Edward W    Sugden   head   26   Inn Keeper                 Wakefield 
Sarah       Sugden   wife   27                              Askern
Elenor      Sugden   dau     3                              Wakefield
William H   Sugden   son     1                              Wakefield 
Mary Ann    Roberts  niece  12  bar maid                    Wakefield 

Thomas      Drury     ser   41  Brewer                      Bororhead
Marther     Jackson   ser   18  manse servant               Featherstone
George      Buckett   ser   43  Ostler                      Wakefield
Thomas      Ellis  visitor  21  Accountant                  Wakefield

1851 census 
Place:              Wakefield St Johns
Thomas    Sidney   head M 34 Steam Engine Smith              Horbury
Elizabeth Sidney   wife M 24                                 Wakefield 
Thomas    Sidney   son     1  At Home                        Wakefield
Maria Sugden is a visitor with her sister Jane Roberts
where is Joseph william Sugden
sugden info2a sheet 3

Pigots Directory 1834,Taverns and Public houses:
Joseph SUGDEN ,The Fleece, Market Place,
Wakefield, from 1834 to 1842

Fleece Inn Market Place

1861 census
source         RG 9; Piece: 3424; Folio: 11; Page: 16/17
place          South Westgate, Wakefield, Yorks
dwelling       schedule 77, Picadilly 

Edward Waterworth Sugden  head  m  35  Wool Sorter       Wakefield
Sarah             Sugden  wife  m  37                    Wakefield
Eleanor           Sugden  son      14  Scholar           Wakefield
William H         Sugden  son      11  Scholar           Wakefield
Mary E            Sugden  dau       9  Scholar           Wakefield
Mark H            Sugden  son       4  Scholar           Wakefield
Ernest            Sugden  son       7 months             Wakefield

1871 census
Source:                RG10 piece 404, folio 5 page 4
Place:                 Cadderton , Oldham, Lancashire
Dwelling:              Walton Street, Schedule 22

Joseph william Sugden  head M 39   Machine Fitter              Wakefield,  Yorks     
Jane eliza     Sugden  wife M 36                               Leeds,      yorks
George henry   Sugden  son    11  Scholar                      Oldham,     Lancs
Maud mary      Suden   dau     6  scholar                      Chadderton, lancs  
Annie          Sudden  dau     4  Scholar                      Chadderton, Lancs
Joseph arthur  Sugden  son     2                               Chadderton, Lancs
Gertrude       Sugden  dau     5mn                             Chadderton, Lancs

1881 census
Source:                RG11, Piece 4085, Folio 17, Page 27
Place:                 Chadderton, Oldham.  Lancs
Dwelling:              16 Walton Street 

Joseph william Sugden  head M 48  Machine fitter         Wakefield Yorks
Jane eliza     Sugden  wife M 46                         Leeds     Yorks
George Hy.     Sugden  son  u 21  Machine fitter         Oldham lancs
Maud Mary      Sugden  dau    16  Cotton Reeler          Oldham lancs       
Annie          Sugden  dau    14  Cotton Reeler          Oldham lancs
Joseph Arthur  Sugden  son    12  Iron Turner            Oldham lancs
Gertrude       Sugden  dau    10  scholar                Oldham lancs
Walter         Sugden  son     8  scholar                Oldham lancs
Jane           Sugden  dau     6  scholar                Oldham lancs
Harrold        Sugden  son     5  scholar                Oldham lancs
Matilda        Sugden  dau     1  

My thanks to Audrey Hartley Gt Gt Gdau of Joseph Sugden for much of this tree
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