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Baptism all saints wakefield
31dec1825 Charles Roberts born 9 march 1825
son of Elizabeth and Charles Roberts a Cooper of Cross Square

1841 census 
source              HO107 piece 1272 folio 9 district 18 page 29
Place               Wakefield   
Dwelling            Cross Street 

Charles   Roberts  55  Cooper              Y
Charles   Roberts  15  Cooper              Y

Charles Roberts married 12 january 1851 at Leeds parish church
to Jane Talbot dau of William Talbot Farmer
Witness Edwin and Martha Roberts

Witnesses; Edwin Roberts and Martha Roberts -Her Mark X

1851 census
Source             HO107; Piece: 2327; Folio: 39; Page: 14    
Place              Wakefield
Dwelling           schedule 59,   Elm Street

Charles Roberts head m 26       Cooper                 Wakefield
Jane    Roberts wife m 28                              Flocton

1861 census
source                RG 9; Piece: 3422; Folio: 54; Page: 35
Place                 Wakefield
Dwelling              Elm Street

Charles Roberts head m 36     Cooper                 Wakefield
Jane    Roberts wife m 46     Cooper's ewife         Flockton

1871 census          
source                  RG10; Piece: 4623; Folio: 64; Page: 57
Place                   Wakefield
Dwelling                Shedule 306, Elm Street 

Charles Roberts  head m 46  Wharehouse man                 Wakefield
Jane    Roberts  wife m 56                                 Flockton


Wakefield Charities, Coroner's Note Book

At the house of Thomas Seller,
the Butchers Arms Inn, Stanley,
cum Wrenthrope, On Monday
the 26th Day of January 1880,
On view of the body of  

Jane Roberts Deceased.

Maria Louisa Talbot of Stanley, nurse at the W.R.P. Lunatic Asylum says, Deceased was my Aunt and living with my father at Mount Pleasant, Eastmoor, Stanley. She was 65 years old and the widow of Charles Roberts a Cooper. He died 5 years ago.
Mr. Thos Walker attended her in her husbands life time for Bronchitus. She seemed to have asthema and Bronchitus every winter, but she has appeared to be much better this winter than she has previously been. She seemed to be chearfull yesterday . She ate her meals heartily.
She had a good supper last night ansd I went to bed about half past 10 o'clock. She slept in a room by herself. I heard her cough slightly about half past 5 o'clock this morning. I got up about 1/2 past 7 o'clock this morning to look at her and thought she was sleeping in a sitting position as she often was. However as I could not hear her breath I Raised her head and saw she was dead.
She was not in the habit of of taking anything except a drink of cold water occasionally at night.

Maria louisa Talbot

Elizabeth Talbot of Jacob's Well Lane, Wakefield, Widow, Sworn-says;
Deceaced was my sister in law, and very quiet. I have known her for many years and I have seen her 3 or 4 times a week. I was with her from 6 to 9 o'clock last night. I left before she got supper. About 1/2 past 8 o'clock this morning I went to the house and found her lying dead on the bed. The body was not quite cold. I helped to was and lay out the body which was thin.
It always was thin but swollen now.
Elizabeth Talbot

Verdict Found dead from natural causes.
Paid. Joe Wright B.S. 15/6 Persl Expenses.

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