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Baptism St Helens Sandal Magna
17 Nov 1811, Emma dau of Charles Roberts of Wakefield COOPER and Mary his wife.

Emma Roberts and Richard Stoney both of this parish
married at Holy Trinity Rothwell 27th December 1830 after Banns:
December 12th - 1st Time, december 19th - 2nd Time, decemdber 26th - 3rd Time.

Emma Roberts to Richard Stoney

Witness; Thomas Stoney (father of Richard?)
Richard and Emma Stoney were witnesses at the marriage of Edwin Roberts in 1844
Richard Stoney c.05 June 1814 St.Mary the Virgin, Hunslet
son of Jane and Thomas Stoney , Malster of Hunslet
Thomas Stoney married Jane Longley on 15 December 1806 at St Peter Leeds,

info 1d, sheet 2
     children of Emma roberts and Richard Stoney.                           cont.
    Thomas        Joseph        Edwin         Joseph        Martha                   
    charles       |             |             |             jane                
    b.12dec1831   b.25sep1833   b.19aug1835   b.26may1837   b.24dec1838            
    c.25dec1831   c.13oct1833   c.06sep1835   c.18jun1837   c.17feb1839        
                   leeds        d.1865                      d.1885
                  d.1833        |                           |
                                m.                          m.
                                |                           |
                                ?                           Thomas
                                Paget                       Hemingway

                                         Richard       Richard        John
                                         |             |              christopher  
                                         b.1840        b.06jul1842    b.18nov1847
                                         c.            c.24dec1848    c.
                                         d.sep1841     d.decqt1842    d.13feb1883    

1841 census
source             HO107; Piece: 1345; Book: 6; E.D. 15; Folio: 33; Page: 20;       
place               Hunslet, Leeds Yorks    
Dwelling            Grove Terrace,     

Richard  Stoney  head  27   Leather Dresser
Emma     Stoney  wife  29
Thomas   Stoney 9
Edwin    Stoney 5
Joseph   Stoney 4
Martha   Stoney 2
Richard  Stoney 6 Mo (died 1842)

Thomas Stoney 58 and Jane 59, parents? of Richard a couple of houses away

1851 census
source                 HO107; Piece: 2318; Folio: 535; Page: 18;
place                  Hunslet leeds yorks 
dwelling               schedule 87, Jericho Street 

Richd        Stoney  head  m  36  Leather Dresser           Hunslet
Emma         Stoney  wife  m  39                            Wakefield
Thomas Chas  Stoney  son      19  Moulder Iron              Hunslet
Edwin        Stoney  son      15  Turner  Iron              Hunslet
Joseph       Stoney  son      13  Errand Boy                Hunslet
Martha Jane  Stoney  dau      12  Scholar                   Hunslet        
John Christopher Chas son      3                            Hunslet

1861 census   
source                  RG 9; Piece: 3369; Folio: 35; Page: 18;
place                   Hunslet, Leeds, Yorks
Dwelling                schdule 100, 30 Hall Street

Richard Stoney   head  m  46   Leather Dresser             Hunslett
Emma    Stoney   wife  m  49                               Wakefield
John C  Stoney   son      13   Errand Boy                  Hunslett

1871 census
source                  RG10; Piece: 4513; Folio: 31; Page: 20;
place                   Hunslet, Leeds
dwelling                schedule 115, 28 Savage Street   

Richard  Stoney  head  m  56      Leather Dresser      Hunslet
Emma     Stoney  wife  m  59                           Wakefield

1881 census
source                    RG11; Piece: 4488; Folio: 143; Page: 20
place                   Hunslet, Leeds, Yorks
dwelling                schedule 106, 28 Savage Street 

Richard Stoney  head  W 66   Retired Leather Dresser

dwelling               schedule 107, 24 Savage Street
Thomas Hemingway      head 45   Engine Fitter
Martha jane Hemingway wife 42

Electorial Register Hunslet, Leeds Northern Division
Richard Stoney
1847  15 Savage Street, Freehold house
1858  15 Savage Street, Freehold house
1864  15 Savage Street, Freehold house
1869  15 Savage Street, Freehold house
1872  19 Savage Street, Freehold house
1880  19 Savage Street, Freehold house
1882  19 Savage Street, Freehold houses Savage St., Hall St. and Hannah St.

Emma died sepqt1880 Scarborough aged 68
Richard died Hunslet junqt1883 aged 69

PROBATE 1883; 27th June.
The Will of Richard Stoney late of 28 Savage Street Hunslet in the parish of Leeds, in the coounty of York, Gentleman who died 8th May 1883 at 28 Savage Street was Proved at Wakefield by Thomas charles Stoney of 62 Waterloo road Hunslet, Iron Moulder the Son, and Martha Jane Hemingway (wife of Thomas Hemingway) of 24 Savage Street the daughter, The Executors.
Personal Estate £ 1,979 16s 8d

PROBATE 1883,   13th February
The WILL of John Christopher Stoney late of 38 Sweet Street Holbeck Leeds in the County of York,Licenced Furniture Broker, who died 26 January 1883 at 38 Sweet Street was Proved at Wakeield by Sarah Stoney of 38 Sweet Street, Widow, The relict the sole Executrix.
Personal Estate £ 99.

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